06 Apr 1830, Church organization at Peter Whitmer Sen. home, near Fayette, New York.
[JSP Documents 1:113-114]

            "On 6 April 1830 the Church of Christ was officially established at a meeting at Peter Whitmer Sr.'s home in Fayette Township, New York. JS's history recorded: 'Having opened the meeting by solemn prayer to our Heavenly Father we proceeded, (according to previous commandment) to call on our brethren to know whether they accepted us as their teachers in the things of the Kingdom of God, and whether they were satisfied that we should proceed and be organized as a Church according to said commandment which we had received. To these they consented by an unanimous vote.' According to JS's history, the 'said commandment' had been given in June 1829, also at the home of Peter Whitmer Sr. Obtaining consent of the believers and carrying out other procedures at this organizational meeting fulfilled specific 1829 instructions. As part of the commencement JS and Cowdery ordained each other elders and then confirmed previously baptized believers as members of the new church. The small congregation partook of the sacrament, and additional men were ordained 'to different offices of the Priesthood.' A revelation dictated just after the meeting stated that JS was to be called 'a seer & Translator & Prop[h]et an Apostle of Jesus Christ an Elder of the Church' and instructed Cowdery to ordain him. Cowdery later affirmed that on this date he ordained JS 'to be a Prophet, Seer &c., just as the revelation says.'

            JS's history noted that 'several persons' who attended the organizational meeting 'got convinced of the truth, came forward shortly after, and were received into the church, among the rest My own Father and Mother were baptized to  my great joy and consolation, and about the same time Martin Harris.' No specific dates are given for these baptisms, however, and although the reminiscent accounts of Joseph Knight Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith imply that the baptisms took place on 6 April near the Smith home in the palmyra/Manchester area, the two reminiscences are problematic.


09 Jun 1830, Conference, Peter Whitmer Sen. home, near Fayette, New York, First Church Conference.
[JSP Documents 1830, Minutes, 9 June 1830; JSP Documents 1:140-142]

            Minutes of the first Conference held in the Township of  Fayette, Senaca County, State of New York; by the Elders of the Church, June 9th. 1830, according to the Church Articles and Covenants

Elders Present:

Joseph Smith, junior.                                                                                                  David Whitmer,
Oliver Cowdery,                                                                                                           John Whitmer,
Peter Whitmer [Jr.],                                                                                                      Ziba Peterson

            Ezekiel 14th. read by br. Joseph Smith jr. and prayer by the same Articles and Covenants read by Joseph Smith jr. and received by unanimous voice of the whole congregation, which consisted of most of the male members of the Church. Samuel H. Smith was then ordained an Elder under the hand of Oliver Cowdery; Joseph Smith seignior and Hyrum Smith were ordained Priests.

            The following persons were then seated respectflly respectively & received  their licences, Viz:

Elders of this Church.                                                                                         Priests of this Church.

David Whitmer                                                                                                            Martin Harris
John Whitmer                                                                                                               Hyrum Smith
Peter Whitmer                                                                                                              Joseph Smith Sen.
Ziba Peterson                                                                                                               Teachers of this Church
Samuel H. Smith                                                                                                         Hiram Page and Christian Whitmer.

            Exhortation by Joseph Smith jr. and Oliver Cowdery, Conference adjourned to the 26th. September 1830, to be held in the same place.

            Br. Oliver Cowdery appointed to keep the Church record and Conference Minutes until the next conference. Prayer by all the Brethren present and dismissed by Br. Oliver Cowdery. The above Minutes were taken at the time of this conference by Oliver Cowdery

Clerk. [p. 1]


26 Sep 1830, Conference, Peter Whitmer Sen. home, near Fayette, New York, Second Church Conference.
[JSP Documents 1830,Minutes, 26 September 1830; JSP Documents 1:192-193]

Minutes of the second Conference held by the Elders of this Church according to adjournment. Sept. 26. 1830.


Joseph Smith jr.
Oliver Cowdery
David Whitmer                                                                                            Br. Joseph Smith jr. appointed leader of the Conference by
John Whitmer                                                                                                 Vote.
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]
Samuel H. Smith
Thomas B. Marsh.

            Brother Joseph Smith jr. was appointed by the voice of the Conference to receive and write Revelations & Commandments for this Church.

            The fifth chapter of Isaiah read by Br. Joseph Smith jr. &  prayer by the same. Articles & Covenants read by br. Oliver Cowdery and remarks by Brother Joseph Smith jr.

            No. of the several members uniting to this Church since the last Conference, thirty-five; making in whole now belonging to this Church sixty-two. Br. Newel Knight ordained a priest under the hand of brother Oliver Cowdery and prayer by the same.  Prayer by all present. Exho[r]tation by all the Elders respectively. Singing  and prayer in behalf of Br. Oliver Cowdery & Peter Whitmer jr. who were previously appointed to go to the Lamanites.

            Conference adjourned to January 1. 1831. to be held at this place. Br. David Whitmer appointed to keep the Church records until the next Conference. Prayer by br. Oliver Cowdery. The foregoing Minutes were taken at the time of this Conference by Oliver Cowdery. [p. 2]


02 Jan 1831, Revelation, Peter Whitmer Sen. home, near Fayette, New York, Third Church Conference
[JSP Documents 1:113-114]
[JSP Documents, Revelation, 2 January 1831 [D&C 38]; JSP Documents 1:230-233]

41st Commandment Jan 2nd AD 1831

            Received at farette [Fayette] Seneca County State of New york A Comandment to the Churches in New York at a conference they being Commanded to flee to Ohio &c

            Saying thus saith the Lord God even Jesus Christ  the great I am Alph & Omega the beginning & the end the same which looked upon the wide expance of eternity & all the Scerifick [seraphic] hosts of Heaven before the world was made the same which k[n]oweth all things for all things are present before mine eyes I am the same which spoke & the world was made & all things came by me I am the same which hath taken the Zion of Enoch into mine own bosom & verily I say even as many as have believed on my name for I am Christ & in mine own name by the [p. 49] Virtue of the blood which I have spilt have I pled before the Father for them but Behold the residue of the wicked have I kept in Chains of darkness untill the Judgement of the great day which shall come at the end of the Earth & even so will I cause the wicked that will not hear my voice but harden their hearts & wo, wo, is their doom But Behold Verily Verily I say unto you that mine eyes are upon you I am in your midst & ye cannot see me but the day soon cometh that ye shall see me & know that I am for the chains <vails> of vails of darkness shall soon be rent & he that is not  purified shall not abide the day wherefore gird up your loins & be prepared Behold the Kingdom is yours & the enemy shall not overcome Verily I say unto you that ye are clean but not all & there is none else with whom I am well pleased for all flesh is corruptabl before me & the powers of darkness prevail upon the Earth among the Children of  men in the presence of all the host <of> Heaven which causeth silence to reign & all eternity is pained & the Angels are waiting the great command to Reap down the Earth to gather the tears [tares] that they may be burned & Behold the enemy is combined & now I shew unto you a Mystery a thing which is had in secret Chambers to bring to pass even your distruction in process of time & ye knew it not but now I tell it <unto> you & ye are blessed not because of your iniquity neither your hearts of unbelief, for Verily <some of> ye you are guilty before me  Therefore be ye strong from henceforth fear not for the Kingdom is yours & for your Salvation I gave it unto you a commandment for I have heard your prayers & the poor have complained before me & the rich have I made & all flesh is mine & I am no respector to & I  persons & I have made the earth rich & Behold it is my footstool Wherefore again I will stand upon it & I hold forth & deign to give unto you greater [p. 50] Riches even a land of promise a land flowing with  milk & Honey upon which there shall be no curse & I will give it unto you for the land of your enheritance if you seek it with all your hearts & this shall be my covenant with you ye shall have it for the land of your inheritence & for the inheritance of your Children forever while the Earth shall stand & ye shall Possess it again in eternity no more to pass away But Verily I say unto you that in time ye shall have no King nor Ruler for I will be your King & watch over you Wherefore hear my voice & follow me & ye shall be a free People & ye shall have no laws but my laws for I am your Law giver & who can stay my hand But Verily I say unto you teach one another according to the Office wherewith I have appointed you & let evry man esteem his brother as himself  & practice Virtue & Holyness before me & again I say unto you let evry man esteem his Brother as himself for what man among you having twelve sons & is no respector to them & they Serve him obediently & he saith unto the one be thou clothed in Robes & sit thou here & to the other be thou clothed in Raggs & sit thou there & looketh upon his sons & saith I am Just Behold I have given unto you a Parable & it is even as I am I say unto you be one & if ye are not one ye are not mine & again I say unto you that the Enemy in the Secret Chambers seek<[e]th> your lives ye hear of wars in far Countries & you say in your hearts  there will soon be great wars in far Countries but ye know  not the hearts of they in your own Land I tell you these  things because of your prayers Wherefore treasure up  Wisdom in your bosoms lest the wickedness of men reveal  reveal these things in your unto you by their wicke[d]ness in a manner which shall speak in your ears with a voice louder than that which shall shake the Earth but if ye are  prepared ye need not fear & that ye might escape the power  of the enemy & be gathered unto me a Righteous people without  spot & blameless Wherefore for this cause I gave unto you [p. 51] The commandment that ye should go to the Ohio & there  I will give unto you my law & there you shall be endowed  with power from on high & from thence whomsoever I will shall go forth among all Nations & it shall be told them what  they shall do for I have a great work laid up in store for  Israel shall be saved & I will lead them whithersoever I will & no power can stay my hand And now I give unto the church in these parts a commandment that certain men among  them shall be appointed & they shall be appointed by the voice of the Church & they shall look to the poor & the needy & administer to their relief that they shall not suffer & send them forth to the place which I have commanded them & this shall be their Work to govern the affairs of the Church Property of this the Church & they that have farms that cannot be sold let them be left or rented as as seemeth them good see that all things are preserved & when men are endowed with power from on high  & are sent forth all these things shall be gathered unto the Bosom of the Church & if ye seek the riches which is the will of the Father to give unto you ye shall be  the richest of all People for ye shall have the riches of  eternity & it must needs be that the riches of the Earth is  mine to give but beware of Pride lest ye become as  the Nephites of old & again I say unto you I give unto you a commandment that evry man both Elder Priest  & Teacher & also Member go to with his might with the Labour of his hands to prepare & accomplish these things which I have commanded & let your preaching be the warning voice evry man to his Neighbour in mildness & in meekness & go ye out from among the wicked save yourselves be ye clean that bear the vesels of the Lord even so amen [p. 52]


03 Jun 1831, general Conference, Kirtland, Geauga County Ohio, Fourth Church Conference
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, circa 3-4 June 1831; JSP Documents 1:324-326]

Minutes of a general Conference held in Geauga  County Ohio June 3. 1831.

Elders Present.                                                                                                                      Elders Present.

Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                                              William Carter (denied the faith)
David Whitmer                                                                                                                Sylvester Smith
John Whitmer                                                                                                                  Simeon Carter
Samuel H. Smith                                                                                                             Calvin Bebee [Beebe]
Hyrum Smith                                                                                                                  Solomon Hancock
Joseph Smith, sen.                                                                                                          Whe[e]ler Baldwin
Parley P. Pratt                                                                                                                 Edison [Edson] Fuller (denied the faith)
Thomas B. Marsh                                                                                                           Burr Riggs (was cast out)
Sidney Rigdon                                                                                                                Ebenezer Abbott (denied the faith)
John Murdock                                                                                                                 Reynolds Cahoon
Lyman Wight                                                                                                                  Solomon Humphrey [Jr.]
Levi Hancock                                                                                                                  John Woodard (Denied the faith)
Orson Pratt                                                                                                                      Joseph Brackenberry [Brackenbury] (Died on a mission to preach)
Edward Partridge                                                                                                            Newel Knight
Ezra Thayer                                                                                                                     Joseph Coe
Northrop Sweat [Sweet] (denied the faith)                                                                      William Mitchell
Emer Harris                                                                                                                     Ebenezer Page
Joseph Wakefield                                                                                                            Alpheus Gifford
Ezra Booth (denied the faith)                                                                                                           Priests
John Corrill                                                                                                                     Martin Harris
Seymour Brunson                                                                                                           Daniel Stanton
Isaac Morley                                                                                                                   Solomon Chamberlain
Harvey Whitlock                                                                                                             Lorin Page
Zebedee Coultrin [Coltrin]                                                                                              Jacob Sherman (cut off)
Jacob Scott (denied the faith)                                                                                          Benjamin Bragg (denied the faith)
[p. 3]

Caleb Baldwin (cut off rec’d back &  reordained a Priest)                                William Smith
James Durfee                                                                                                               Stephen Burnett
Major N. Ashley                                                                                                       Isaac Bebee
                        Teachers                                                                                                Benjamin Johnson
Hezekiah Peck                                                                                                          Samuel Day
Hiram Page                                                                                                                   Thoret Parsons
Christian Whitmer                                                                                                       Jacob Chamberlain

            Conference opened by br. Joseph Smith jr. in exhortation & prayer, Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon & exhortation by the same. Exhortation by most of the Elders present.

            Brs. Lyman Wight John Murdock Reynolds Cahoon Harvey Whitlock  & Hyrum Smith were ordained to the high Priesthood under the  hand <of> br. Joseph Smith jr.

            Exhortation by brs. Lyman Wight & Harvey Whitlock

            Brs. Parley P. Pratt Thomas B. Marsh Isaac Morley Edward Partridge  Joseph Wakefield Martin Harris Ezra Thayer Ezra Booth, (denied the faith)  John Corrill Samuel H. Smith Solomon Hancock Simeon Carter  Wheeler Baldwin Jacob Scott, (denied the faith) Joseph Smith [Sr.] John Whitmer Joseph Smith jr. & Sidney Rigdon were ordained to the High Priesthood under the hand of br. Lyman Wight; The Bishop, (Edward  Partridge) then blessed those who were ordained in the name of Christ according to commandment br. John Corrill & Isaac Morley were ordained assistants to the Bishop under the hand of Lyman Wight.

            Exhortation by br. Sidney Rigdon & Joseph Smith jr. Closed by prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon.

John Whitmer Clerk [p. 4]


06 Jun 1831, general conference, Kirtland, Ohio.
[Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt p 53]

            On the sixth of June, 1831, a general conference was convened at Kirtland, consisting of all the Elders, far and near, who could be got together. In this conference much instruction was given by President Smith, who spake in great power, as he was moved by the Holy Ghost; and the spirit of power and of testimony rested down upon the Elders in a marvelous manner. Here also were some strange manifestations of false spirits, which were immediately rebuked.

            Several were then selected by revelation, through President Smith, and ordained to the High Priesthood after the order of the Son of God; which is after the order of Melchizedek. This was the first occasion in which this priesthood had been revealed and conferred upon the Elders in this dispensation, although the office of an Elder is the same in a certain degree, but not in the fulness. On this occasion I was ordained to this holy ordinance and calling by President Smith.


04 Aug 1831, Conference, Kaw Township, Jackson County, Missouri, Conference.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 4 August 1831; JSP Documents 2:22-24]

            Minutes of a special Conference held in Kaw township Jackson County Missouri by special commandment of the Lord August 4. 1831. [p. 4]

Elders Present                                                                                                                       Elders Present

Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                                              William W. Phelps
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                                              Martin Harris
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]                                                                                                          Fred[e]rick G. Williams
Ziba Peterson                                                                                                                  Newel Knight
Sidney Rigdon                                                                                                                Joseph Coe
Edward Partridge                                                                                                            Sidney Gilbert
Isaac Morley                                                                                                                   Ezra Booth (denied the faith)

            The conference opened by singing “Glorious things &c.[”] Prayer by br. Edward Partridge, Exhortation to obedience to the requisition of Heaven by delivering a charge in the name of the Lord Christ to the Bishop, Rulers & members of the Church planted in their inheritances in the land of Zion, by br. Sidney Rigdon.

            Confession of br. Ziba Peterson of his transgressions which were satisfactory to the Church as appeared by unanimous vote.

            E[x]hortation by br. Joseph Smith jr. to acts of righteousness and keeping the commandments of the Lord with promise of blessing<s>.

            Thirty-one members present, who, with the Elders partook of the sacrament

            Closed by prayer by Oliver Cowdery.

Oliver Cowdery, Clerk. [p. 5]


01 Sep 1831, Conference, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 1 September 1831; JSP Documents 2:58-59]

Minutes of a Conference held in Kirtland Geauga County Ohio, Sept. 1. 1831.

Elders Present

Joseph Smith jr.                                  Ezra Thayer                                             Emer Harris
Oliver Cowdery                                  Joseph Smith [Sr.]                                  William W. Phelps
Sidney Gilbert                                     Joseph Coe                                              Frederick G. Williams

            Br. Newel K. Whitney was ordained an agent unto the Disciples in this land under the hand of br. Oliver Cowdery. Upon testimony given satisfactory to this Conference it was voted that our brethren Edison [Edson] Fuller & William Carter be silenced from holding the office of Elders in this Church. By request of br. Lorin Page the Conference received his licence as a Priest.

Oliver Cowdery, Clerk of Con. [p. 5]


06 Sep 1831, Conference, Nelson, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 6 September 1831; JSP Documents 2:61]

Minutes of a conference held in Nelson Portage County Ohio, Sept. 6. 1831.

            Elders present:— Joseph Smith, jr. Oliver Cowdery, Christian Whitmer, Sidney Rigdon, Sylvester Parker, (denied the faith.)

            Upon testimony satisfactory to this conference it was voted that Ezra Booth be silenced from preaching as an Elder in this Church.

Oliver Cowdery Ck. of Con. [p. 6]


12 Sep 1831, Conference, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, 12 September 1831; JSP Documents 2:68]

Minutes of a Conference held in Kirtland Geauga County Ohio Sept. 12, 1831.

Elders Present.                                                                        Sidney Rigdon
Joseph Smith jr.                                                                      Frederick G. Williams
Oliver Cowdery                                                                      Ezra Thayer
John Whitmer                                                                          Sidney Gilbert.

            Upon sufficient or satisfactory testimony to this Conference, it was voted that our brethren George Miller, a Priest in the Church of Shalersville, John Woodard an Elder in the Church of Orange, and Benjamin Bragg a Priest in the Church of Warrensville, be silenced from ministering in their respective offices.

Oliver Cowdery, Clerk of Conference. [p. 6]


01 Oct 1831, Conference, Geauga County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, 1 October 1831; JSP Documents 1:71]

            Minutes of a Conference held in Geauga County Ohio, October 1. 1831.

            Nine Elders present. The duty of the Elders was declared by the Spirit to go forth and warn the inhabitants of the earth of the things known in the Church of Christ in these last days. Br Joseph Coe & William W. Ph[e]lps were ordained to the High Priesthood under the hand of Br. Joseph Smith jr.

William W. Phelps. Clerk of Conference. [p. 6]


11 Oct 1831, Conference, Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, 11 October 1831; JSP Documents 2:75-76]

Minutes of a conference held in Hiram Portage County Ohio Oct 11, 1831

                  Elders Present                                                                         Peter Whitmer Jr
Joseph Smith Jr                                                                                               Reynolds Cahoon
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                              William W Phelps
David Whitmer                                                                                                Luke Johnson
John Whitmer

            Certain points were discussed by br Joseph Smith Jr, who said that the Elders present were to tarry untill the Morrow & hold a meeting so that the members might understand the ancient manner of conducting meetings as they were led by the Holy Ghost Also said that this was not perfectly known by many of the Elders of this Church. Exhortation by br William W Phelps

            Br Oliver Cowdery then made a move that this conference take into consideration the propriety of appointing six Elders to visit the several branches of this church setting them in order and also make known the [p. 8] situation of brs Joseph Smith Jr and Sidney Rigdon And accordingly brs David Whitmer and Reynolds Cahoon were chosen appointed, the other four remain to be chosen hereafter

            It was decided by vote that the general conference meet on the 25 Inst at the dwelling house of br Serenes Burnett in orange Cuyahoga County brs David & Reynolds were then ordained to their office or appointment and br Stephen Burnett an Elder under the hands of John Whitmer conference closed in prayer by br Joseph Smith Jr

John Whitmer [p. 9]

21 Oct 1831, special conference.
[JSP Documents 1831, 21 October 1831; JSP Documents 2:77-78]

            Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram Portage co Ohio Oct 21, 1831

Elders present

Joseph Smith Jr                       Sidney Rigdon
Oliver Cowdery                      Frederick G Williams
John Whitmer                          Luke Johnson
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]                  Stephen Burnett

            Prayer by Sidney <Rigdon> who called in question <the case> of two brs William Cahoon and Peter Devolve who were accused by some of our brethren of offering abuse to br. Newel K. Whitney’s little child. Br. Frederick G. Williams arose and said that he was at a meeting with the Kirtland brethren, when br. William Cahoon was present who spoke at considerable length by the Spirit of the Lord as he supposed, and also br. Peter Devolve declared that he was filled with the Spirit of God, but had confessed previous that he did offer abuse to the child, but not to the satisfaction of her parents.
Therefore voted by this conference that it is their undoubted opinion taking into consideration the testimony before them. It is therefore voted that this conference send our beloved brethren Joseph Smith jr. and Sidney Rigdon unto the church in Kirtland to lay before them the descision of this Conference, call before them these two brethren cause them to make sufficient acknowledgement of their sins, or be dealt with according to the law of this Church.
                Closed in prayer by Joseph Smith jr.
Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference. [p. 9]

25-26 Oct 1831, general Conference, dwelling of Sirenes Burner, Orange, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes 25-26 October 1831; JSP Documents 2:80-87]

            Minutes of a general Conference held at the dwelling of br. Serenes Burnet[t] in the Town of Orange, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, October 25, 1831.

Names of those ordained to the Highpriesthood
Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                      Joseph Brackenbury (Died.)
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                      William E. Mc.lellin
John Whitmer                                                                                          Major N. Ashley (cut off.)
Hyrum Smith                                                                                          Stephen Burnett
Sidney Rigdon                                                                                        Edmund Durfee
Samuel H. Smith                                                                                     Joel Johnson
Simeon Carter                                                                                         Levi Jackman
Reynolds Cahoon                                                                                    Emer Harris
Martin Harris                                                                                          Frederick G. Williams
Joseph Smith sen.                                                                                                   Priests
Wheeler Baldwin     Lyman Johnson
John Smith (license taken)                                                                      Edward Johnson (denied the faith)
                                Elders                                                                      Benjamine Carpenter (not fellowshiped
David Whitmer        Ruggles Eames
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]                                                                                  Teachers
Silvester [Sylvester] Smith                                                                      William, Smith
Luke Johnson                                                                                          Uziel Stephens
Burr Riggs (cut off)                                                                                Hiram Griffith
Silvester Parker, (left the church)                                                                            Deacons
Orson Hyde                                                                                            Titus Billings
Daniel Stanton                                                                                         Serenes Burnett and John Burk

            Prayer by br Simeon Carter, Glorious things, were then sung

[Br. Sidney Rigdon]

Br Sidney Rigdon arose & said that he wished to make a few observations connected with the object of our assembling our selves together, When God works all may know it, for he always answers the prayers of the Savior for he makes his children one, for he by his Holy Spirit binds their hearts from Earth to Heaven; And in this thing God had taught his children to sing a new song even about Zion which David Spoke of, &c, God always bears testimony by his presence in counsil to his Elders when they assemble themselves in perfect faith and humble themselves before the Lord and their wills being swallowed up in the will of God [p. 10]

[Br. Joseph Smith Jr]

            Br Joseph Smith Jr said we have assembled together to do the business of the Lord and it is through the great mercy of our God that we are spared to assemble together, many of us have went at the command of the Lord in defience of every thing evil, and obtained blessings unspeakable in consequence of which, our names are sealed in the Lambs’ Book of life, for the Lord has spoken it. It is the privilege of every Elder to speak of the things of God &c, And could we all come together with one heart and one mind in perfect faith the vail might as well be rent to day as next week or any other time and if we will but cleanse ourselves and covenant before God, to serve him, it is our privilege to have an assurence that God will protect us at all times

            Br. John Whitmer said that a certain clause in the Church Covenants was too much neglected he feared by the brethren, read accordingly.

            Br. Frederick G. Williams enquired if it was the business of this conference to take into consideration the situation of the families of the absent Elders.

            Br. Sidney Rigdon said that he supposed that it was, saying, I bear testimony that God will have a pure people who will give up all for Christ’s sake and when this is done they will be sealed up unto eternal life.

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. said that the order of the High priesthood is that they have power given them to seal up the Saints unto eternal life. And said it was the privilege of every Elder present to be ordained to the High priesthood.

            Br. Emer Harris said that he was determined to be for God & none else & with his assistance to do his will

            Br. Orson Hyde said that he covenanted to give all to the Lord and be for his glory and as to all his works his heart responded a hearty. Amen.
Br. Hyrum Smith said that all he had was the Lord’s and he was ready to do his will continually

            Br. Frederick G. Williams said that he renewed again the covenant before the Lord to give all to him.

            Br. Wm. E. Mc.lellin said that he had the greatest reason to rejoice of any present and that he also would be subject to the will of God even unto death.

            Br. Silvester Smith said that he had the testimony that it was the will of the Lord to seal his Saints, and also covenanted to give all to the Lord.

            Br. Reynolds Cahoon said that he could not obtain to express his heart, but said that he gave all to God. Also reminded the brethren of the constant care of the Savior for them. [p. 11]

            Br. Peter Whitmer jr. said, ever since I my beloved brethren, ever since I have had an acquaintance with the writing of God I have [blank] eternity with perfect confidence

            Br. Samuel Smith said that ever since he had set out to serve the Lord, not to regard the favor of man but the favor of Heaven.

            Br. Martin Harris said that he was anxious that all should be saved &c. also read two verses in the book of Revelations, also covenanted to give all for Christ’s sake.

            Br. John Smith said that he felt through grace to do the will of the Lord notwithstanding his extreme old age, also felt to covenant to give all to the Lord.

            Br. Daniel Stanton said that he had a long time since covenanted to do the will of God in all things, and also said that it was his desire to be sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.

            Br. David Whitmer said that he felt to declare to this conference that he had consecrated all that was his to the Lord, and also was desirous to do all for the glory of God.

            Br. Simeon Carter said that he was thankful that he had been spared & preserved to go to the land of Zion according to the commandment of the Lord, for he received it as from his mouth & also thanked the Lord that his feet had troden upon the consecrated ground which was the inheritance of the Saints. Testified that the book of Mormon was true, Mourned because of the falling away since he took his journey to the Land of Zion.

            Br. Joseph Brackenberry said that he blessed the name of the Lord that he could bear testimony of the truth of the book of Mormon, and also consecrated all to God before he was baptized, he was also determined to go on to the end of his life

            Br. Levi Jackman said he gave all his ability to do the work of the Lord.

            Br. Major N. Ashley said that it was by the help of the Lord that he had been preserved, yet his greatest fear was for those who were weak in the faith.

            Br. Wheeler Baldwin said that he rejoiced while he heard those give their testimony who had been up to the land of Zion, said he had many times been directed by the Spirit of God, also felt to do the will of the Lord in all things, &c.

            Br. Joel Johnson said that he had professed religion for a number of years, also felt to bear testimony of the goodness of God, and to consecrate all to the Lord. [p. 12]

            Br. Edmund Durfee said that he had professed religion for a number of years yet now felt to bear testimony of the goodness of God, & also to consecrate all to the Lord.

            Br. Joseph Smith [Sr.] said that he had nothing to consecrate to the Lord of the things of the Earth, yet he felt to consecrate himself to and family. Was thankful that God had given him a place among his Saints, felt wiling to labor for their good.

            Br. Luke Johnson said that he was determined to be for God and none else come life or death, also remembered his covenant that he would consecrate all that he had to the Lord.

            Br. Hyrum Smith said that he thought best that the information of the coming forth of the book of Mormon be related by Joseph himself to the Elders present that all might know for themselves.

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. said that it was not intended to tell the world all the particulars of the coming forth of the book of Mormon, & also said that it was not expedient for him to relate these things &c.

            Br. Frederick G. Williams laid before the Conference the case of Sister Marsh & family who were somewhat destitute.

            Br. Titus Billings said that he was surprised that the case of Sister Marsh should be brought to this Conference, as she and her family were provided for as well as her brethren around her.

[Br. Joseph Smith Jr]

            Br Joseph Smith Jr said that he intended to do his duty before the Lord and hoped that the brethren would be patient, as they had a considerable distance. also said that the promise of God was that the greatest blessings which God had to bestow should be given to those who contributed to the support of his family while translating the fulness of the Scriptures; also said until we have perfect love we are liable to fall and when we have a testimony that our names are sealed in the Lamb’s Book of life we have perfect love & then it is impossible for false Christ’s to decieve us. also said that the Lord held the Church bound to provide for the families of the absent Elders while proclaiming the Gospel: further said that the God had often sealed up the heavens because of covetousness in the Church. Said that the Lord would cut his work short in righteousness and except the church recieve the fulness of the Scriptures that they would yet fall. [p. 13]

Adjournment moved for by the moderator until evening.

            The Clerk begged the privilege of laying before the Conference in the evening the necessity of sending certain Elders to visit the Churches and obtain means for the support of br. Joseph Smith jr. & those appointed to assist him in writing & copying the fulness of the Scriptures, as was concluded upon in a conference held in Hiram, Oct. 11, 1831. Conference adjourned, Prayer by br. Wm. E Mc.lellin.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference.

            Conference commenced according to adjournment opened by singing, prayer by br. Orson Hyde, singing again.

            Brs. Orson Hyde Simeon Carter, Emer Harris & Hyrum Smith were appointed & ordained, agreeably to a motion of the Clerk, to visit the churches agreeably to the Conference of Oct. 11. 1831.

            Br. Sidney Rigdon said it was the privilege of those Elders present to be ordained to the High Priesthood, telling them that if they then should doubt God would withdraw his Spirit from them.

            The following Elders were then called seated & ordained by the Clerk, Viz: David Whitmer Peter Whitmer jr. Silvester Smith Luke Johnson Burr Riggs, Orson Hyde, Daniel Stanton Joseph Brockenbury William E Mclellen, Major N Ashley, Stephen Burnett, Edmund Durfee, Levi Jackman, Emer Harris, Frederick G Williams, several brethren were then called by the Clerk who were desirous to preach the gospel.

            Br Joseph Smith Jr, was appointed to examine these brethren, presenting them selves for ordination, after prayer said that he had a testimony that each had one tallent and if after being ordained they should hide it God would take it from them; exhorted them to pray continually in meekness. Said that those who had been previously ordained Priests would be ordained Elders, & the others would be ordained Priests; the clerk then by appointment ordained br Lyman Johnson and brs Calvin Stod[d]ard, Ezekiel Rider, William Scobey, Uziel Stephens, William Smith, William Cahoon, Albert Jackman, Stephen Strong, Calves Willson, Lumon [Luman] Gibbs, Eleazer Willis Michael B. Welton Gideon Carter Priests.

            Conference adjourned until 8 o’clock A.M. on 26th.

Oliver Cowdery Ck. of Con.

            Conference Convened according to adjournment opened by singing “go on ye pilgrims,” prayer by br. David Whitmer [p. 14]

[Br. Sidney Rigdon]

            Br. Sidney Rigdon then made certain remarks on the privileges of the Saints in these last days. Remarks to those who were ordained to the High priest hood last evening, saying that the Lord was not well pleased with some of them because of their indifference to be ordained to that office, exhortation to faith and obedience setting forth the power of that office.

            Br. Orson Hyde said that he received the rebuke in meekness. The same by brs. Stephen Burnett, Joseph Brackenberry, Levi Jackman & Frederick G. Williams.

            The Clerk said that the directions which himself & his br. David Whitmer had recieved this morning respecting the choice of the twelve, was that they would be ordained & sent forth from the Land of Zion.

            Voted that this Conference appoint another General Conference in Amherst Lorain County on the 25th. January 1832.

            Voted that brs. Sidney Rigdon Oliver Cowdery Hyrum Smith & Orson Hyde speak this day to the congregation which shall assemble.

            Closed, Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk.

Orange Cuyahoga County Ohio, Oct. 26. 1831. [p. 15]


1-2 Nov 1831, Conference, Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes 1-2 November 1831; JSP Documents 2:97-98]

            Minutes of a conference held in Hiram, Portage Co Ohio, Nov 1 1831

Elders Present

Joseph Smith Jr                                                                                               Sidney Rigdon
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                              William E. Mc.lellin
David Whitmer                                                                                                Orson Hyde
John Whitmer                                                                                                  Luke Johnson
Peter Whitmer Jr                                                                                             Lyman Johnson

            Br Sidney Rigdon appointed moderater & Oliver Cowdery Clerk br Oliver Cowdery made a request desiring the mind of the Lord through this conference of Elders to know how many copies of the Book of commandments it was the will of the Lord should be published in the first edition of that work. Voted that there be ten thousand struck copies struck. Adjourned until after noon.

John Whitmer

            Preface received by inspiration

            Conference commenced according to adjournment br Sidney Rigdon appointed Moderater & Oliver Cowdery, Clerk [p. 15]

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. said that inasmuch as the Lord had bestowed a great blessing upon us in giving commandments and revelations, asked the conference what testimony they were willing to attach to these commandments which should shortly be sent to the world. A number of the brethren arose and said that they were willing to testify to the world that they knew that they were of the Lord.

            Revelation received relative to the same.

            Conference convened according adjourned adjourned until morning.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Con.

            Conference convened according to adjournment.

            Br. Oliver Cowdery appointed Moderator, & John Whitmer Clerk. Opened, Prayer by br. Oliver Cowdery

            Br Lyman Johnson was then ordained to the Highpriesthood under the hand of br Sidney Rigdon

            The Revelation of last evening read by the moderator the brethren then arose in turn and bore witness to the truth of the Book of Commandments. After which br. Joseph Smith jr. arose & expressed his feelings & gratitude concerning the commandment & Preface received yesterday. Conference closed. prayer by br. Oliver Cowdery.

John Whitmer [p. 16]


08 Nov 1831, special Conference, Hiram, Portage County Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 8 November 1831; JSP Documents 2:123-124]

            Minutes of a special Conference held in Hiram, Portage Co. Ohio, Nov. 8. 1831.

Elders Present.
Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                              Christian Whitmer
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                              Sidney Rigdon
John Whitmer                                                                                                  William E. Mc.lellin
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]                                                                                          Luke Johnson

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. appointed Moderator & John Whitmer Clerk. Opened, prayer by br. Joseph Smith jr.

            Remarks by br. Sidney Rigdon on the errors or mistakes which are in commandments and revelations, made either by the scribe translation in consequence of the slow way of the scribe at the time of receiving or by the scribes themselves

            Resolved by this conference that Br Joseph Smith Jr correct those errors or mistakes which he may discover by the holy Spirit while receiving the revelations reviewing reviewing the revelations & commandments & also the fulness of the scriptures.

            Resolved by this conference that br Oliver Cowdery shall all the writings which go forth to the world which go through the Printing press (except) the revelations and commandments) by the Spirit of the Lord and this according to the commandment given in Missourie [p. 16]

July 20, 1831. Closed in prayer by br Sidney Rigdon

John Whitmer [p. 17]


09 Nov 1831, special Conference, Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 9 November 1831; JSP Documents 2:125]

Minutes of a special Conference held in Hiram Nov 9 1831


Joseph Smith jr                                                                                                   Christian Whitmer
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                                  Sidney Rigdon
John Whitmer                                                                                                      William E Mclelen [McLellin]
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]                                                                                              Luke Johnson, Lyman Johnson

            Brs Oliver Cowdery appointed Moderator & John Whitmer Clerk

            Opened. prayer by br Oliver Cowdery Brs Silvester Hulett [Sylvester Hulet] and John Noah expressed desires to preach the word if thought proper by this conference Voted that these two brethren be ordained according to the voice of the church in which they live. Closed. Prayer by Peter Whitmer jr.

John Whitmer Clerk. [p. 17]


11 Nov 1831, special Conference, Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 11 November 1831; JSP Documents 2:128-129]

            Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram, Portage Co. Ohio, November 11, 1831.


Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                                  Reynolds Cahoon
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                                  William E Mclelin [McLellin]
Peter Whitmer jr.                                                                                                 Luke Johnson
Sidney Rigdon                                                                                                    Lyman Johnson

            Opened. Prayer by br Reynolds Cahoon, who then said that the question which he wanted settled was whether it was the will of the Lord that he should go to Zion in the spring. Commandments concerning the duties of the Elders, read by br. Oliver Cowdery.

            Voted that it is the mind of the conference that our br. Reynolds is not yet commanded to go to Zion in the spring by any thing yet written; Therefore, Voted that our br. Reynolds be not sent up to Zion in the coming spring.

            Commandment to br. Thomas B. Marsh read.

            Br. Harvey D. [David Harvey] Redfield ordained a priest under the hand of br. Sidney Rigdon.


Oliver Cowdery, Clerk of Conference. [p. 17]


12 Nov 1831, special Conference, Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 12 November 1831; JSP Documents 2:137-139]

            Minutes of a special conference held in Hiram Portage County Ohio, November 12. 1831.


Joseph Smith jr.                                                                                                  Peter Whitmer jr.
Oliver Cowdery                                                                                                  Sidney Rigdon
David Whitmer                                                                                                    Reynolds Cahoon
John Whitmer                              Wm. E. Mc.lellin                                             Luke Johnson

            Br. Wm. E. Mc.lellin was appointed Moderator & Oliver Cowdery Clerk. Prayer by the moderator.

[Br Joseph Smith jr.]

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. said one item he wished acted upon was that our brs. Oliver Cowdery & John Whitmer & the sacred writings which they have entrusted to them to carry to Zion be dedicated to the Lord by the prayer of faith. Secondly, Br. Oliver has labored with me from the beginning in writing &c. Br. Martin [Harris] has labored with me from the beginning, & brs. John & Sidney also for a considerable time, & as these sacred writings are now going to the Church for their benefit, that we may have claim on the Church for recompense, if this conference think these things worth prizing to be had on record to show hereafter I feel that it will be according to the mind of the Spirit for by it these things were put into my heart which I know to be the Spirit of truth &c.

            Voted that Joseph Smith jr. be appointed to dedicate & consecrate these brethren & the sacred writings & all they have entrusted to their care, to the Lord: done accordingly.

            After deliberate consideration in consequence of the book of Revelation now to be printed being the foundation of the Church & the salvation of the world & the Keys of the mysteries of the Kingdom, & the riches of Eternity to the church. Voted that they be prized by this Conference to be worth to the Church the riches of the whole Earth. Speaking temporally.

            Voted that in consequence of the dilligence of our brethren, Joseph Smith jr. Oliver Cowdery John Whitmer & Sidney Rigdon in bringing to light by the grace of God these sacred things, be appointed to manage them according to the Laws of the Church & the commandments of the Lord.

            And also that in consequence of the families of Joseph Smith [Sr.] Hiram [Hyrum] Smith Peter Whitmer [Sr.] Christian Whitmer Jacob Whitmer Hiram Page & David Whitmer in administering to their wants in temporal things, & also the labors of Samuel H. Smith Peter Whitmer jr. William Smith & Don Carlos Smith [p. 18]

            Voted by this conference that the above named brethren be rememberd to the Bishop in Zion as being worthy of inheritances among the people of the Lord according to the laws of said Church.

            Closed. prayer by br. John Whitmer.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk. [p. 19]


23 Jan 1832, General Conference, Home of Newel Knight, Kaw Township, Jackson County Missouri.

[Far West Record pp 39-40]

January 23, 1832

            Minutes of a general Conference held in the land of Zion. (Kaw Township Jackson County Missouri) at the dwelling house of Newel Knight. January 23. 1832.


            Edward Partridge  John Corrill  Isaac Morley  John Whitmer  John Murdock  William W. Phelps  Lyman Wight  Harvey Whitlock  Newel Knight  Parley P. Pratt  Oliver Cowdery  Levi Hancock  Zebedee Coultrin  Selah J. Griffin  Calvin Beebe  Joshua Fairchilds (license taken) Peter Dustin (Priest) Hezekiah Peck (Teacher)  Isaac Bebee.

            Br Edward Partridge appointed moderator & Oliver Cowdery Clerk. Prayer by br John Murdock. Various commandments read.

            Resolutions offered by br Lyman Wight to take into consideration the circumstances of two brethren present. Isaac & George Bebee who desired to preach the Gospel Commandment read by the Clerk certain remarks made by him also & br William W Phelps The duty of the Priests Teachers & Deacons read by br John Whitmer from the Articles & Covenants Remarks by br John Corrill, stating that the offices of Priests, Teachers, & Deacons, to be as important as any in the Church.

            Resolved therefore that there be no person ordained in the Land of Zion to the office of Elder Priest Teacher or Deacon without the united voice of the Churches in which such individual resides Closed. Prayer by John Corrill

Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference.


26-27 Apr 1832, Council, Independence, Jackson county, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1831, Minutes, 26-27 April 1832; JSP Documents 2:231-233]

            Independence April 26. 1832.

            Met in council

                                 Highpriests Present
Joseph Smith jr.                                                                  John Corrill
Sidney Rigdon                                                                    Isaac Morley
Jesse Gause                                                                         Elders Present
Newel K. Whitney                                                               Sidney Gilbert
Edward Partridge                                                                Joshua Fairchilds [Fairchild] (license taken at present)
William W. Phelps                                                              James Emmett
Oliver Cowdery                                                                  Sanford Porter

            First: Joseph Smith jr. acknowledged by the High priests in the land of Zion to be President of the High Priesthood, according to commandment and ordination in Ohio, at the Conference held in Amherst January 25. 1832. [p. 24]

            And the right hand of fellowship given him by the Bishop Edward Partridge in the land of Zion in the name of the church

            Br. Sidney Gilbert was ordained a Highpriest under the hand of br. Joseph Smith jr.

            Br. Sidney Rigdon then stated the items embraced in a Revelation received in Ohio & the reason why we were commanded to come to this land & sit in council with the Highpriests here, for the particulars of which read the commandment.

            Conference adjourned for one hour.

John Whitmer Clerk.

            Council convened

            Prayer by br. Edward Partridge.

            All differences settled & the hearts of all run together in love A Revelation received through him whom the Church has appointed respecting organization.

            Council adjourned until to-morrow 9 o’clock A.M.

            Prayer by Jesse Gause

John Whitmer.

            Council convened. Opened by singing “He dies the friend of sinners dies &c.” & prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon

            Resolved. that the name of the Firm mentioned in the commandments yesterday be Gilbert, Whitney & Company in Zion, And Newel K. Whitney & company in Kirtland Geauga Co. Ohio.

            Resolved that brs. William W. Phelps & Sidney Gilbert draft the bond for the above named Firm. As there was not any business of importance before the council; Brethren Sidney [Rigdon] Joseph & William gave desertations on the Gospel, its appendages &c. Council closed in prayer by br. Joseph Smith jr.

John Whitmer Clerk.

            April 27. 1832. [p. 25]


30 Apr 1832, Council of Literary Firm, Zion.
[JSP Documents 1832, Minutes, 30 April 1832; JSP Documents 2:238-240]

            Minutes of a Council of the litterary Firm, Zion April 30. 1832.


Joseph Smith jr. President,                                                             Oliver Cowdery
Sidney Rigdon                                                                                  William W. Phelps
John Whitmer                                                                                   Jesse Gause, one of the President’s counsellors.

ordered by the council that three thousand copies of the book of Commandments be printed the first edition. [p. 25]

            Secondly: Ordered by the Council that the printing of an Alminack for Zion this season be left at the option of brs. William Oliver & John.

            Thirdly: Ordered by the Council that all Revelations be limited to the parties concerned until printed.

            Fourthly: Ordered by the Council that brs. William, Oliver & John be appointed to review the Book of Commandmants & select for printing such as shall be deemed by them proper, as dictated by the spirit & make all necessary verbal corrections

            Fifthly Ordered by the Council that the Hymns selected by sister Emma [Hale Smith] be corrected by br. William W. Phelps Closed

            Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon

Oliver Cowdery Clerk. [p. 26]


~1 May 1832, United Firm meeting, [Zion?].
[JSP Documents 1832, circa 1 May 1832; JSP Documents 2:245-246]

Minutes of a meeting of the United Firm.


Joseph Smith jr. President of Conference & also of Highpriesthood
Oliver Cowdery. Clerk of Conference. and printer to the Church.
Edward Partridge Bishop
Newel K. Whitney Bishop of Kirtland
Sidney Gilbert Agent in Zion
Sidney Rigdon Counsellors of President.
John Whitmer, Lords Clerk.
William W. Phelps, printer to the Church
Jesse Gause Counsellor to the President (denied the faith)

            Resolved that A. S. Gilbert & Newel K. Whitney be appointed agents to act in the name of this Firm.

            Resolved that whenever any special business occur it shall be the duty of the United Firm by their branches at Jackson County Missiouri & Geauga County Ohio to regulate the same by special agency.

            Resolved That the Firm loan fifteen thousand dollars for five years or longer at six per cent anually or semianually as the agreement can be made, & that N. K. Whitney & co. be appointed to negotiate the same.

            Closed. Prayer by br. Sidney Rigdon.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference. [p. 26]


16 Nov 1832, Conference of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1832, Minutes, 16 November 1832; JSP Documents 2:314]

            A Conference of Elders assembled November 16th. 1832— and ordained Bro John Boyington [John F. Boynton] an Elder by Bro Joseph Smith J

F G William [Frederick G. Williams] Clk [p. 5]


03 Dec 1832, Conference of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1832, Minutes, 3 December 1832; JSP Documents 2:322]

            A conference of Elders convened in kirtland on the 3d. day of December AD 1832 for the purpose of ordained ordaining Bro Noah Packard} Present Joseph Smith Jr Sidney Rigdon Liva [Levi] Hancock Solomon Humphry [Humphrey Jr.] and F[rederick] G William<s>, then proceded to ordain brothe[r] Noah <Packard> to be a Priest in the church of Christ which was done by the hand of Bro Joseph and prayer by Brothe[r] Sidney— —

F, G, Williams Clk. of Con
Joseph Smith J[r.] Prsd [p. 1]

[JSP Journals 1:10]

3 December 1832 • Monday
                December 3d ordained Brothe[r] Packherd [Noah Packard] with my own hands7 also Brother umpry [Solomon Humphrey Jr.] came to see me from the East & brought news from Brother Lyman Johnson and Orson Pratt &c. also held a conference in the Evening Br Jese and Mogan and William Mclelen [William E. McLellin] was excommunicated from the church &c—9 [p. 3]


05 Dec 1832, Councel of high Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1832, Minutes, 5 December 1832; JSP Documents 2:323]

            A councel of high Priests held in Kirtland— December 5, AD 1832, at the request of brother Solomon Humphry [Humphrey Jr.] who desired to know the will of the Lord respe[c]ting him, the councel opened by prayer br Joseph Smith Jr. and appointed bro F[rederick] G Williams Clerk, after hearing a statement from bro Humphry of his situation, It was ordered in councel that br Humph[re]y should devote himself entirely to the work of the ministry commencing in Parkman and taking Br Noah Packard of Parkman as his companion in travel and labouring in such places and regions as the lord may direct by his spirit

            There being no further business the councel closed by prayer——

F,G, Williams Clk of Con.
Joseph Smith Jr— Prsd [p. 1]

[JSP Journals 1:11]

5 December 1832 • Wednesday
                December 5th this day wrote letters copying letters and translating and in evening held a council to advise with Brother Solomon Humphry [Humphrey Jr.] it was ordered by the council that he should be a companion with Brothe[r] Noah packard in the work of the ministry


27-28 Dec 1832, Conference of high priests, translation room, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1832, Minutes, 27-28 December 1832; JSP Documents 2:333-334]

            A conference of High Priests assembled in the translating room in Kirtland Ohio on the 27th. day of Dec. AD 1832——

            Present— Joseph Smith [Sr.],2d— Sidney Rigdon— Orson Hyde— Joseph Smith Jr.— Hyram [Hyrum] Smith— Samuel H Smith— N K Whitny [Newel K. Whitney] F[rederick] G, Williams— Ezra Thayer— & John Murdock commenced by prayer,

[Bro Joseph]

Then Bro Joseph arose and said, to receive revelation and the blessings of heaven it was necessary to have our minds in on God and exercise faith and become of one heart and of one mind therefore he recommended all present to prey seperately and vocally to the Lord for to reveal his will unto us concerning the upbuilding of Zion, & for the benifit of the sa[i]nts and for the duty and employment of the Elders— Accordingly we all bowed down before the Lord, after which each one arose and spoke [p. 3] in his turn his feelings, and determination to keep the commandments of God, And then proceded to receive a revelation concerning the subject of our above stated 9 oclock PM. the revelation not being finished the conference adjourned till tomorrow morning 9 oclock AM—.

            28th. meet according [to] adjournment and commenced by Prayer then proceded to receive the residue of the <above> revelation and it being finished and there being no further business before the conference closed the meeting by prayer in harmony with the brethren and gratitude to our heavenly Father for the great manifestation of his holy spirit during the setting of the conferenc[e]

F G Williams Clk of Con [p. 4]



13 Jan 1833, Council of high priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 13-14 January 1833; JSP Documents 2:370-371]

            This day a Conference of High Priests assembled by request of Bro Sidney Rigdon, Present S, Rigdon, J. Smith s. [Joseph Smith Sr.] J Smith Jr Hiram [Hyrum] Smith Samuel Smith E, Thayr [Ezra Thayer]— Orson Hyde Zebedee Coltrin N[ewel] K Whitney John Murdock F[rederick] G, Williams & Joseph Coe, Elders Wm Smith, John Boyington [John F. Boynton] & John Reed

            Bro Sidney arose and stated his object in calling the meeting & opened by prayer,

            The first Itim that came before the conference for their consideration, was on the subject of the Revelation given 22 & 23d Sept 1832 relative to the saints in Zion— It was resolved that Bro Orson Hyde & Hyrum Smith be a committe to write an Epistle to them <on that subject> and also on the subject of Letters wr[it]ten by Bros [William W.] Phelps & [Sidney] Gilbert in the name of the conference This conference sanctioned a letter writen to Broth Phelps of on the 11 inst. by Bro Joseph Smith J It was also resolved that the President of the High Priest hood should see to the conducting of the meetings on the sabbath days when present, & the Bishop in his absence

            Resolved also that prayer be offered up by all the members of the conference that the epistle written [p. 5] might have the desired effect, also that Bros Orson & Hyram have the prayers of the conferen[ce] for the holy spirit to direct them in writing the said Epistle to the brethren in Zion No further business the conference adjourned till Tomorrow evening, closed by prayer—

            [January] 14 meet agreeable to adjournment and after opening the meeting by Prayer the conference unanimously sanctioned the Epistle which was writen agreeable to the afforesaid resolution as presented by Bro Orson & Hyram. There being no farther business the conferenc[e] closed by Prayer—

F. G. Williams Clk— [p. 6]


22-23 Jan 1833, conference of high priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 22-23 January 1833; JSP Documents 2:380-382]

Kirtland January 2th 22d 1833

            conference of high pr[i]ests convened at <in> the coucel [council] room high pr[i]ests p[r]esent Joseph Smith Jun President Sidney Rigdon chief scribe and high counceler Frederick G. Williams assistant scribe and counceler Newel K. Whitney Bishop Hiram [Hyrum] Smith Bishops counceler [p. 6] Zebedee Coltrin Joseph Smith Sr. Samuel H Smith John Murdock Lyman Johnson Orson Hyde Ezra Thair [Thayer]; Elders, Levy [Levi] Hancock William Smith——

            Conference opened with prayer by the President, after prayer the President spake in an unknown Tongue he was followed by Br Zebedee Coltrin and he by Bro William Smith after this the gift was poured out in a miraculous manner until all the Elders obtained the gift together with several of the members of the Church both male & female Great and glorious were the divine manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Praises were sang to God & the Lamb besides much speaking & praying all in tongues. The conference adjourned at a late hour in the night to meet next morning at 9 oclock closed by with prayer by the President

            Wednesday Janry 23d Meet agreeable to adjournment. Conference opened with Prayer by the President and after much speaking praying and singing, all done in Tongues proceded to washing hands faces & feet in the name of the Lord as commanded by of God each one washing his own after which the president guirded himself with a towel and again washed the feet of all the Elders wiping them with the towel, his father presenting himself the President asked of him a blessing before he would wash his feet which he obtained by the laying on of his fathers hands, pronouncing upon his head that he should continue in his Priests office untill Christ come——

            at the close of which scene Br F G Williams being moved upon by the Holy Ghost washed the feet of the President as a token of his [p. 7] fixed determination to be with him in suff[er]ing or in rejoicing, in life or in death and to be continually on his right hand in which thing he was accepted, The President said after he had washed the feet of the Elders, as I have done so do ye wash ye therefee [therefore] one anothers feet pronouncing at the same time through the power of the Holy Ghost that the Elders were all clean from the blood of this generation but that those who among them who should sin wilfully after they were thus cleansed and sealed up unto eternal life should be given over unto the buffettings of Satan until the day of redemption Having continued all day in fasting & prayer before the Lord at the close they partook of the Lords supper which was blessed by the president in the name of the Lord all eat and drank and were filled then sang an hymn and went out—

F. G. Williams Clk— [p. 8]

15 Feb 1833, Councel of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents, Minutes 15 February 1833]

Kirtland Feby 15— 1833

            A Councel of Elders assembled in the school room and ordained Harpin Rig[g]s and Isaac MCWethy [McWithy] to be Elders in this Chur[c]h of Christ under the hand of Joseph Smit[h] J. [p. 10]


17 Feb 1833, Conference of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents, Minutes 17 February 1833]

Kirtland Feby. 17th 1833—

            A conference of Elders assembled in the school room and ordained <John> Johnson to be an Elder in this church of Christ under the hand of Joseph Smith Jr

F[rederick] G Williams Clk [p. 10]


18 Mar 1833, assembly of high Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 18 March 1833]

            Kirtland 1833 18 March 1833—

            This day an assembly of the high Priests meet at the school room of the prophets and were organized in due form by solemn prayer to the most high by sidney Rigdon then proceded to ordain Doctor [Philastus] Hurlbut to be an elder under the hand of Sidney Rigdon after which Bro Sidney arose and desired that he and Bro Frederick [G. Williams] Should be ordained to the office that they had been called Viz to the of President of the high Priesthood and to be equal in holding the keys of the Kingdom with Broth[e]r Josephs Smith J— according to a revelation given on the [8]th day of March 1833 in Kirtland sayi[ng] [p. 16] thus, and again verely I say unto thy <my> brethren Sidney and Frederick their sins are forgiven them also and they are accounted equal in holding the keys of this <last> Kingdom. and again I give unto you a commandment that you continue in this ministry and presidency and when you have finished the translating of the prophets you shall from thenceforth preside over the affairs of the Church and the school from time to time as shall be manifest by the comfo[r]ter receive revelation to unfold the mysteries of the Kingdom and set in order the church. Accordingly Bro Joseph proceded to and ordained them by the Laying on of the hands to be equal with him in holding the Keys of the Kingdom and also to the Presidency of the high Priest hood. After which several exertations were given to faithfulness and obedience to the commandments of God and much useful instruction given for the benefit of the saints with a promise that the pure in heart that were present should see a heavenly vision, and after remaining for a short time in secret prayer the promise was verified to many present having the eyes of their understanding<s> opened so as to behold many things afte[r] which the bread and wine was distributed by Bro Joseph after which many of the brethren saw a heavenly vision of the saviour and concourses of angels and many othe[r] thing of which each one has a reccord of what they saw &c——

F G Williams Ck PT. [p. 17]


23 Mar 1833, councel of High Priests & Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 23 March 1833]

Kirtland 23d of March 1833—

            A councel of High Priests & Elders assembld in the school room at 9 oclock agreeabl— to previous arangments.——

            After opening the councel by prayer by Broth Joseph it was agreed that bro Joseph Coe and brother Moses Dailey [Daley] should procede to make purchase of certain farms or to obtain, or to obtain their terms of sail [sale], and and that Bro E Thair [Ezra Thayer] be appointed to obtain the price of Pete[r] French farm and the brethren agreed to continue in prayer and fasting for the ultimate success of their mission after an absence of about three hours Bro Coe & Bro Daily returned and made report as follows. That Eligeh [Elijah] Smith would sell his farm for four thousand dollars and that Mr [Isaac] Morley would sell his farm for twenty one hundred dollars. and also bro Thair returned and reported that Peter French would sell his farm for five thousand dollars and afte[r] the report of the brethren it was put to vote whether it was the property should be purchased and deceded [decided] in the affirmative it was then agreed that bro Ezra Thair and Joseph Coe should superintend the purchasing of said farms and to have the prayer of the brethren and that they should be ordained to that office accordingly Sidney Rigdon ordained them as general agents to be set apart. [p. 18] to act as such in this eastern branch of the Church There b[e]ing no further busin[e]ss the councel closed by prayer——

F[rederick] G Williams Clk PT [p. 19]


30 Apr 1833, conference of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 30 April 1833]

Kirtland 30 of April 1833

            A conference of High Priests convened in the school room. the meeting commen[c]ed with prayer by Bro Joseph the councel being organized in due form Bro Joseph said that it was necessary that a subscription should be opened to procure money to pay for the use of the house that meetings were held in the past season. accordingly the conference appointed bro Albert Brown to circulate a subscription paper for that purpose

            next thing in question was the exped[i]ency of John P Green[e] going to parkman and to take the charge of that branch of of the Church, it was decided that [p. 19] he should have letters of reccommendation and an Epistle to that church and take the oversight thereof and as soon as is convenient move to that place

            it was also decided that Sister Vean Jaqush [Vienna Jacques] should not immediately procede on her Journey to Zion but to wait untill William Hobert gets ready and go in company with him no furthe[r] business the conference closed

F[rederick] G Williams Clk PT. [p. 20]


03 Jun 1833, Conference of high Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes , 3 June 1833]

Kirtland, 18th March 1833

Kirtland 3 June 1833——

            A Conferen[c]e of high Priests convened in Kirtland at the Translating room Bro Sidney [Rigdon] opened the conference by prayer first case before the conference was that of Doctor [Philastus] Hurlbut who was accused of unchristian conduct with the female sex while on a mission to the east it was decided that his commission be taken from him and that he be no longer a member of the Church of the Church of Christ

            The next case before the conference was to assertain what should be the dimention or size of the house that is to be built for a hou[se] of worship and the school of the prophet and received a revelation on th[e] size of the house the word of the lord was that it shall be fifty five feet wide and sixty five feet long— in the inner court and the conferen[c]e appointed Bro Joseph Smith Jr Sidney Rigdon and Frederick [G.] Williams to obtain a draft or construction of the inner court of the house

F. G. Williams Clk P T. [p. 12]


04 Jun 1833, conference of high Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 4 June 1833]

            A conference of high Priests met in Kirt land on the 4th of June 1833— in the translating room and took into consideration how the french farm should be disposed of the councel could not agree who should take the charge of it but all agreed to enquire of the lord accordinly we received a revelation which decided that broth[e]r N[ewel] K Whitney should take the charge thereof and also that brother John Johnson be admited as a member of the united firm accordingly he was ordained unto the high Priesthood and admited.

F[rederick] G Williams Clk P.T. [p. 13]


06 Jun 1833, conference of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 6 June 1833]

This, day called a conference of High priests 6th. June 1833— Bro Joseph opened by prayer. Orson Hyde being nominated a Clerk for the presidency of the High priesthood. seconded and duly chosen by vote, and took his seat to act.— The occasion of the conference being called, was this. to council the committee who were appointed to take the oversight of the building of the House of the Lord. These are the names of the committee Reynolds Cahoon Jared Carter & Hyrum Smith. It was voted by the conference that the committee proceed immediately to commence building the House or obtaining material, Stone Brick Lumber &c— [p. 21]


21 Jun 1833, council of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 21 June 1833]

            I, Doct P Hurlbert [Doctor Philastus Hurlbut], haveing been tried before the Bishops council of High Priests in a charge of Unchristian like conduct with the female sex, and myself being absent at the time and considering that strict justice was not done me. I do by these presents most solemly enter my appeal unto the Presidents council of high priests for a rehearing, according to the privilege guaranteed to me in the laws of the Church which council is now assembled in the school room in Kirtland this 21st. June 1833— It was motioned seconded and voted that Bro D. P. Hurlbut be granted a re-hearing— Bro Joseph, the President, opened the council by prayer— The council then proceeded to ordain two High Priests to make out the number, twelve, that the council or <Church> Court might be organized, Bro John [Smith] and William Smith were ordained by the hands of Bro Sidney Rigdon by the voice of the council, Bro Hurlberts case was laid before the Court & the testimony against him given in by Orson Hyde & Hyrum Smith and duly investigated. It was decided that Bro H should be forgiven because of the liberal confession which he made. This council decided that the Bishops Council decided correctly before, and that Bro H’s crime was sufficient to cut him off from the church, but on his confession, he was restored—

Joseph Smith Jr— [p. 21]


13 Jul 1833, councel of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 13 July 1833]

Kirtland 13th July 1833

            A councel of Elders was holden Present G[ideon] H, Carter Jacob Wood Dennis Lake Brigham Young James Lake Joseph Smith Jr N[ewel] K. Whitney John Smith Luke Johnson——

            Brother James Lakes case was called who desired to know the will of the Lord whether he should procede on to Zion or remain in Kirtland it was decided that he should remain in Kirtland no furth[e]r business the councel ajourned

Joseph Smith Clk PT
F[rederick] G. Williams Clk PT— [p. 23]


26 Dec 1833, Bishops Court, [Kirtland?].
[JSP Documents 1833, Minutes, 26 December 1833]

            This day at evening, a Bishops Court was called to take into consideration the case of Bro. Ezekiel Rider an Elder of the Church, who had brought said many hard things against Bro [Newel K.] Whitney, the Bishop of the church— he said that Bro. Whitney was not fit for a Bishop and that he treated the Brethren, who came into the Store, with disrespect that he was overbearing and fain would walk on the necks of the Brethren &c—— [p. 25] Bro. Story was also in a Similar transg[r]ession. They were both rebuked sharply by bro. Sidney [Rigdon] & Bro Joseph who told them that this church must feel the wrath of God except they repent of their Sins, cast away their murmurings and complainings one of another. &c. &c. Bro. Rider & Bro. Story confessed their wrongs. and all forgave one another & closed by praying to the Lord for his blessings to rest upon us

Kirtland Dec 26. 1833    Orson Hyde, Clk

[p. 26]


12 Feb 1834, Council of high Priests and Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes 12 February 1834]

            Thursday Evening, February 12. 1834. This evening the high Priests and Elders of the Church in Kirtland at the house of bro. Joseph Smith Jun. in Council for Church business. The Council was opened organized, and opened by bro. Joseph Smith Ju[n] in prayer.

[Bro Joseph]

Bro. Joseph then rose and said: I shall now endeavour to set forth before this Council, the dignity of the office which has been conferred upon me by the ministering of the Angel of God, by his own voice and by the voice of this Church. I have never set before any council in all the order in which a Council ought to be conducted, which, prehaps, has deprived the Councils of some, or many blessings.

            He said, that no man was capable of judging a matter in council without his own heart was pure; and that we frequently, are so filled with prejudice, or have a beam in our own eye, that we are not capable of passing right descissions, &c.

            But to return to the subject of the order: In ancient days councils were conducted with such strict propriety, that no one was allowed to whisper, be weary, leave the room, or get uneasy in the least, until the voice of the Lord, by revelation, or by the voice of the Council by the spirit was obtained: which has not been [p. 27] observed in this church to the present. It was understood in ancient days, that if one man could stay in Council another Could, and if the president could spend his time, the members could also. But in our Councils, generally, one would be uneasy, another asleep, one praying another not; one’s mind on the business of the Council and another thinking on something else &c. Our acts are recorded, and at a future day they will be laid before us, and if we should fail to judge right and injure our fellow beings, they may there prehaps condemn us; then, they are of great Consequence: and to me the Consequence appears to be of force beyond any thing which I am able to express &c. Ask yourselves, brethren, how much you have exercised yourselves in prayer since you heard of this Council; and if you are now prepared to sit in judgment upon the soul of your brother.— Bro Joseph then went on to give us a relation of his situation at the time he obtained the record, the persecution he met with &C. He also told us of his transgressing at the time he was translateing the Book of Mormon. He also prophecied that he should stand and shine like the sun in the firmament when his enemies and the gainsayers of his testimony should be put down and Cut off and their names blotted out from among men.

            After the Council had rec[e]ived much good instruction from Bro. Joseph. The Case of Bro. Martin Harris against whom certain Charges were preferred by bro. Sidney Rigdon. One was that he told Esqr A[lpheus] C. Russell that Joseph drank too much liquor when he was translating the Book of Mormon and that he wrestled with many men and threw them &c. Another charge was, that he exalted himself above bro. Joseph, in that he said bro. Joseph knew not the contents of the book of Mormon until it was translated. Bro. Martin but that he himself knew all about it before it was translated. Bro. Martin said he did not tell Esqr Russell that bro. Joseph drank too much liquor while translateing the book of Mormon, but this thing took place before the book of Mormon was translated. He confessed that his mind was darkened and that he had said many things inadvertently calculateing calculateid to wound the feelings of his brethren and promised to do better. The Council forgave him and gave him much [p. 28] good advice. Bro Rich was Called in question for transgressing the word of wisdom and for selling the revelations at an extortionary price while he was gone East with father Lions which thing Bro. Rich confessed before the Council and the Council forgave him upon his promiseing to do better and reform his life.—

Council then Concluded by prayer by Bro. S. Rigdon

Orson Hyde Clk [p. 29]


17 Feb 1834, Conference of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 17 February 1834]

            This day, Feb. 17 1834, a Conference of High Priests assembled at in Kirtla[n]d at the House of bro. Joseph Smith Jur. They proceeded to organize the Presidents Church Council, Consisting of twelve high priests, and this according to the law of God. The names of those who were chosen as Counsellors, were Joseph Smith Junr. Sidney Rigdon and F[rederick] G. Williams Presidents. Joseph Smith Seigr [Sr.], John Smith, Joseph Coe, John Johnson, Martin Harris, John S Carter, Jared Corter [Carter], Oliver Cowdery, Saml. H. Smith, Orson Hyde, Sylvester Smith, and Luke Johnson, Counsellors. Bro. Joseph opened the Council by solem prayer. He then arose and called upon the high priests, Elders, priests, teachers and deacons that were present who had not been nominated as Counsellors to pass their vote whether they were satisfied with the appointment or nomination of the twelve to Compose the Church Council. It was the unanimous voice of all present that those who had been nominated, as above, should compose a standing Council in Kirtland. It was also voted that when any one <or more> of the standing Counsellors was were absent, their vacancy should be filled by any high priests whom the majority of the Council should nominate or choose,

            Provideing that no Council shall be held unless seven of the above named Counsellors are present, or their successors. The above named Counsellors all manifested a willingness to act according to their appointment, the Lord being their helper. Bro Hyrum Smith acted in the place of John Smith. There were nine high priests present and acted in the appointment of the above named Counsellors, also seventeen Elders, and four priests with thirteen private members. Bro Joseph then said he would show the order of Councils in ancient days (see 27 & 28 pages) as shown to [p. 29] him by vision. The law and by which to govern the Council in the Church of Christ. Jerusalem was the seat of the Church Council in ancient days. The apostle, Peter, was the president of the Council in ancient days and held the Keys of the Kingdom of God, <on the Earth> was appointed to this office by the voice of the Saviour and confirmed <acknowledgement acknowledgemed> in it by the voice of the Church. He had two men appointed as Counsellors with him, and in case Peter was absent, his Counsellors Could transact business. <or either one of them. The President could also transact business alone.> It was not the order of heaven in ancient Councils to plead for and against the guilty as in our judicial Courts (so called) but that if every Counsellor when he arose to speak, should speak precisely according to evidence and according to the teaching of the spirit of the Lord, that no Counsellor should attempt to screen the guilty when his guilt was manifest That the person ac[c]used before the high council had a right to one half the memb[e]rs of the council to plead his cause, that is six, in order that his case might be fairly presented before the President that a descission might be rendered according to truth and righteousness. If the case was not a very difficult one to investigate, two of the Counsellors only, spoke, one for the accused and one against <on one side and one on the other> according to evidence. If the case was more difficult, according to the judgment of the Council, two were to speak on each side, and if more difficult, three might speak on each side, and three only. Those who spoke in Council were chosen by the council and that too by casting lots. Those who were thus chosen to speak, took their regular turn, in speaking. Bro Joseph said that this organization was an ensample to the high priests in their Councils abroad, and a copy of their proceedings be transmitted to the seat of the government of the Church to be recorded on the general record. In all cases, the accuser and the ac[c]used have a perfect right to speak for themselves before the Council. The Councils abroad, have a right and it is their duty to appoint a president for the time being for themselves. If in case the parties are not satisfied with the decission of the Council abroad, they have a right to an appeal to the Bishops Court, and from thence to the presidents Council which is and end of all strife [p. 30]

            The remaining six Counsellors who do not speak in Council, are to hear patiently the reasoning of the other and correct all errors which they may discover, and after decission is rendered by the president, if these remaining counsellors can throw any farther light upon the subject, so as to correct the decissi[o]n of the president, they have the liberty so to do, otherwise it stands and the majority of the Council must rule. It was then voted by all present that they desired to come under the present order of things which they all considered to be the will of God. Many questions have been asked during the time of the organization of this Council and doubtless some errors have been committed, it was, therefore, voted by all present that Bro Joseph should make all necessary corrections by the spirit of inspiration hereafter Oliver Cowdery drew no. one by lot. Joseph Coe drew No 2. Samuel H Smith drew No 3. Luke Johnson drew No 4. John S Carter drew No 5. Sylvester Smith drew No 6. Oliver Cowdery, Samuel H Smith and John S Carter speak for and on the part of the accuser. Joseph Coe, Luke Johnson and Sylvester Smith, speak for and on the part of the accused. The remaining six counsellors are to sit and hear patiently and correct errors if they discover them. The Council John Johnson drew No 7. Orson Hyde drew No 8, Jared Carter drew No 9, Joseph Smith Seignr drew No 10, John Smith drew No 11, Martin Harris drew No 12, The Council adjourned then, until wednesday at 10 oclk A.M.——

Orson Hyde Clk [p. 31]


19 Feb 1834, Council of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 19 February 1834]

Kirtland Feb. 19. 1834,

            The Council assembled pursuant to adjournment. Joseph Smith Jnr. opened the council by reading the 3rd. Chap of of Joel’s prophecy, and prayer. After which he arose before the Council, and said, that he had laboured the day before with all the strength and wisdom that he had given him in making the corrections necessary in the last council minutes which he would now read before this Council. He asked the council for their attention, that they might rightly judge upon the truth and propriety of these minutes, as all were equally interested in them &c. He als[o] urged the necessity of prayer, that the spirit might be given, that the things of the spirit might be judged thereby; because the carnal mind cannot discern the things of God &c. He then proceeded to read the minutes and afterwards made some remarks, when it was decided by the members of the council present, that it might be read a second time. Sidney Ridgon then proceeded to read the minutes or Constitution of the high Council the second time, remarking at the time, that it could not be justly urged to be read at this time, as the hour was passed which was appointed for the Council to assemble. An impropriety by some was discovered in the commencement of the minutes, as it says, a council of high priests, and afterwards says, that elders, priests and private members acted in said council. Said objections were corrected, and the minutes read the third time by Oliver Cowd[e]ry. The questions were then asked, whether the present Council acknowledged the same, and receive them for a form, and constitution of the high Council of the Church of Christ hereafter: The document was received by the unanimous voice of the Council, with this provision, that, if the president should hereafter discover any lack in the same he should be privileged to fill it up.

            The number present who received the above named document, was twenty six high priests, eighteen Elders, three priests, one teacher and fourteen private members, making in all, sixty two

            After much good instruction, Joseph, the president, laid his [hands?] [p. 36] upon the heads of the two assistant presidents and pronounced a blessing upon them, that they might have wisdom to magnify their office, and power over all the power of the adversary. He also laid his hands upon the twelve counsellors and commanded a blessing to rest upon them, that they might have wisdom and power to counsel in righteousness upon all subjects that might be laid before them. He also prayed that they might be delivered from those evils to which they were most exposed, and that their lives might be prolonged on the earth.

            Joseph Smith Sen. then laid his hands upon the head of his son, Joseph, and said: Joseph, I lay my hands upon thy head, and pronounc[e] the blessings of thy progenitors upon thee, that thou mayest hold the keys of the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven until the coming of the Lord, Amen. He, also, laid his hands upon the head of his son Samuel [Smith] and said. Saml., I lay my hands upon thy head and pronounce the blessing of thy progenitors upon thee, that thou mayest remain a priest of the most high God, and like Samuel of old, hear his voice, saying, Samuel, Samuel, Amen.

            John Johnson, also, laid his hands upon the head of his son Luke [Johnson] and said, my Father in Heaven, I ask thee to bless this my son according to the blessings of his forefathers, that he may be strengthened in his ministry according to his holy calling, Amen.

            The president then gave the assistant presidents a Solem charge to do their duty in righteousness and in the fear of God. He also charged the twelve Counsellors in a similar manner, all in the name of Jesus Christ. We then, all raised our hands to heaven in token of the everlasting Covenant, and the Lord blessed us with his spirit. He then said the Council was organized according to the ancient order, and also according to the mind of the Lord

            The Case of E[zra] Thayer, a high priest, against Curtis Hodges Sen., and elder in the Church, was laid before the council [p. 37] as contained in the following declaration.

Kirtland Feb 19. 1834.

            To the president of the high Council of the Church of Christ: The following charges, I prefer against brother Curtis Hodges Sen. an Elder in of this Church.

            First, an error in Spirit, and secondly an error in address, or communication: which was in loud speaking, and a want of clearness in articulation, which was calculated to do injury to the cause of God; and also of contending or persisting that that was a good, or propper spirit which actuated him to thus speak: all of which, I consider unbecomeing an elder in this Church and request a hearing before the high council

Signd Ezra Thayer.

            Bro. Hodges plead not guilty of the above charges.—

            Father Lions was called on for evidence to substantiate the above Charges, and his testimony was pointed against bro. Hodges. Bro. Story was then called on to tell what he knew about the case, and he said that bro. H. talked so loud, at a prayer meeting, that the neighbours came out to see if some one was not hurt. At another meeting, he said that bro. Thayer rebuked him for his error, but he did not receive the rebuke; he said also that he raised his voice so high that he could not articulate so as to be understood, and that his teaching brought a damper on the meeting, and was not edifying.

            Bro. E. Babbit [Erastus Babbitt] was then called upon, and he said that bro. Hodges was guilty of hollowing so loud that he, in a measure, lost his voice, and uttered but little else distinctly, than “Glory to heavens King”, and in fine, his testimony was pointed against bro. H. Bro. T[ruman] Wait was then called upon and he testified about the same things.— closed the examination of witnesses and bro. O. Cowdery stood up on the part of the accuser and laid open the case handsomely and clearly. Bro J[oseph] Coe stood up on the part of the accused, but could say but few words. [p. 38] The accuser and the accused then spoke for themselves, after which, the president arose and laid open the case still more plain and gave his decision; which was, that the charges in the declaration had been fairly sustained by good witnesses, also, that bro. H. ought to have confessed when rebuked by bro Thayer also that if he had the spirit of the Lord at the meetings where he hollowed, he must have abused it, and grieved it away. all the council agreed with the decision. Bro. Hodges then rose and said, that he then saw his wrong, but never saw it before and appeared to feel thankful that he saw it, he said he had learned more during this trial, than he had since he came into the Church, Confessed freely his error, and said he would attend to overcoming that evil, the Lord being his helper

            The Council then adjournd to meet again tomorrow evening 20th Inst.

Orson Hyde Clk)
<Oliver Cowdery do>) [p. 39]


24 Feb 1834, High Council minutes, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes 24 February 1834]

Kirtland, Feb.’ 24, 1834.

            The high council of the Church met this day at the house of Joseph Smith Junr. for the purpose of giving an audience or hearing to Lyman Wight and Parley [P.] Pratt, representatives from Zion, to represent to us the state of the church in that place.

            Joseph, the president, opened the council by prayer. Two of the standing counsellors were absent, namely, Joseph Coe and John Smith. Hyrum Smith was chosen to act in the place of John Smith and John P Green[e] to act in the place of Joseph Coe. Thus the high council was organiz[e]d and six of the counsellors were appointed to speak. Bro’s. P. Pratt and L. Wight, messengers from Zion, arose and laid their business before the council and delivered their message. the substance of which, was, an inquiry when, how and by what means Zion was to be redeemed from our enemies. They said that our brethren who had been driven away from their lands and scattered abroad had found so much favour in the eyes of the people that they could obtain food and raiment of them for their labour insomuch that they were comfortable. But the idea of being driven away from the land of Zion pained their very souls and they desired of God, by earnest prayer, to return with songs of everlasting joy as said Isaiah, the Prophet.

            They also said that none of their lands were sold into [p. 41] the hands of our enemies except a piece owned by bro. Wm. E. Mc.Lellin of thirty acres which he sold into the hands of the enemy, and seven acres more which he would have sold to the enemy if a brother had not come forward & purchased it and paid him his money Bro. Joseph then arose and said that he was going to Zion to assist in redeeming it. He then called for the voice of the Council to sanction his going which was given without a dissenting voice. He then called for volunteers to go with him, when some thirty or forty volunteered to go who were then present at the council. It was a question whether we should go by water or by land, and after a short investigation it was decided unanimously that we go by land. Joseph Smith Jun. was nominated and seconded to be the Commander in Chief of the Armies of Israel and the leader of those who volunteered to go and assist in the redemption of Zion, and carried by the vote of all present. Council then adjourned by prayer and thanksgiving.

Orson Hyde and)
Oliver Cowdery)

[p. 42]


16 Mar 1834, general conference, Genesco, New York.
[Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt p 90]

            At this Conference we had an interesting time; public meetings were convened; multitudes assembled to hear, and Presidents Joseph Smith and S. Rigdon addressed the crowds in great plainness of speech with mighty power. At the close of this Conference we again parted company, President Smith and most of the Elders returned home to Kirtland.

[JSP Journals 1:34]

16 March 1834 • Sunday
                Sunday 16th Brother Sidny [Sidney Rigdon] preached to a very large congregation <in Genes[e]o>86


04 Apr 1834, council of High Priests, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 4 April 1834]

Kirtland April 4, 1834.

            This evening a council of High Priests assembled at the house of Bro. Joseph Smith Junr’s. to re-consider the case of Bro. Geo. F James. Bro. Joseph Smith Junr. presiding: Bro. Geo. then said, that he had often promised to take up his cross & magnify his calling, but had failed, and ought to have written to bro. Joseph ere this time and given him the information that his pecuniary affairs called his attention at home which prevented his fulfilling the promise he made to Bro. Joseph in going out to proclaim the Gospel, and he sincerely asked pardon of the Lord and of his brethren, and particularly bro. Joseph. He also said he was willing to ask the forgiveness of this church. He said, that relative to certain charges, which were, that he had not attended meetings, and had treated lightly some of the weak &c. That he had attended meetings, generally, and as for speaking or treating lightly any brother because of of his weakness, was foreign from his mind and was that which he had never done, nor could ever find such principles in his bosome. Bro. Joseph said, he had no hardness, he only wished bro. George to consider this as a chastisement, and that the council were bound to notice his conduct heretofore; but now, if he, [bro. George,] was willing to walk according to the new covenant, he should have his hand of fellowship. The council then expressed their satisfaction with bro. George’s confession.

Oliver Cowd[e]ry Clerk of council [p. 48]


21 Apr 1834, conference of elders, Norton, Medina County, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 21 April 1834]

Norton Medina Co. Ohio April 21, 1834.

            This day a conference of the elders of the church of Christ assembled at the dwelling house of bro. Carpenters at 10 o’clock A.M.

            Opened by singing, “How firm a foundation, &c.”

[Bro. Joseph Smith Junr.]

            Bro. Joseph Smith Junr. read the 2nd. chapter of the prophecy of Joel & took the lead in prayer; after which, he commenced addressing the congregation, as follows. It is very difficult for us to communicate to the churches all that God has revealed to us, in consequence of tradition; for we are differently situated from any other people that ever existed upon this earth: Consequently [p. 43] those former revelations cannot be suited to our condition, because they were given to other people who were before us; but in the last days, God was to call a remnant, in which was to be deliverance, as well as in Jerusalem, and Zion. Now, if God should give no more revelations, where will we find Zion and this remnant? He said that the time was near when desolation was to cover the Earth, and then God would have a place of deliverance in his remnant, and in Zion, &c. He then gave a relation of obtaining and translating the Book of Mormon, the revelation of the priesthood of Aaron, the organization of the Church in the year 1830, the revelation of the high priesthood, and the gift of the Holy Spirit poured out upon the church, &c. Take away the book of Mormon, and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none; for without a Zion and a place of deliverance, we must fall, because the time is near when the sun will be darkened, the moon turn to blood, the stars fall from heaven and the earth reel to and fro; then if this is the case, if we are not sanctified and gathered to the places where God has appointed, our former professions and our great love for the bible, we must fall, we cannot stand, we cannot be saved; for God will gather out his saints from the gentiles and then comes desolation or destruction and none can escape except the pure in heart who are gathered, &c.

[Bro. Sidney Rigdon]

            Bro. Sidney Rigdon then addressed the conference upon certain items lying immediately before the brethren: He said, that on two points hang all the revelations which have ever been given, which are the two advents of the Messiah. The first one is past, and the second one is now just before us, and consequently those who desire a part in this era which the angels desired to look into, have to be assembled with the saints; for if they are not gathered, they must wail because of [p. 44] his coming. There is no part of his creation which will not feel a shock at this grand display of power; for the Ancient saints will reign with Christ a Thousand years. The gathered saints will dwell under that reign, and those who are not gathered may expect to endure his wrath that length of time; for the rest of the dead are not to live again till the thousand years are ended. He said that he could deliver a prophecy to the brethren and sisters, not that he stood before them in the attitude of a prophet any farther then he was warranted by the written revelations of God. He said it was in vain for men in this generation to think of laying up and providing inheritances for their children except they laid it up in the place where deli verance was appointed by the voice of God; for those were to be the days of vengeance, as were in the days of Jeremiah; because, before his eyes were closed in death, the Jews were led captives and the land posessed by another people; and so in this day, while the father was laying up Gold for his son, the destroyer may lay him lifeless at his own feet, and where then is all his treasure? Therefore, if we, the Elders islands of the seas, and all the ends of the earth, desire an inheritance for ourselves themselves and their children and our children, it must be obtained where God has appointed the places of delivera[n]ce. He then noticed the former covenants to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & others of the ancients, which were to be realized in the last days, &c. After which he said there were now three great items which he would proceed to speak upon more particularly at present, which were, The deliverance of Zion. The endowment of the elders with power from on high according to former promises; and the spreading of the word of the Lord to the four winds. He then took up the first, and gave a hint upon the great weight and importance resting upon the saints [p. 45] in the last days, and then gave a statement of the situation of the affairs of the brethren in Missouri, and then took up the revelation given; requireing the saints to go up for the deliverance of those who had been driven from their inheritances, and urged the importance of an obedience to the same by those who could go, & those who could not go, should help those who are going to means for their expenses.

[Bro. Oliver Cowdery]

            Bro. O[liver] Cowdery then occupied a few minutes in giving a relation of the brethren being driven out from their homes, and called upon the brethren and Sisters to open their hearts and contribute to their necessities. Bro. Ambrose Palmer then made some remarks upon contributions, followed by brother Salmon Warner upon the same subject.

[Bro. Joseph Bosworth]

            Bro. Joseph Bosworth occupied a short time in exhortation and instructed the brethren into the propriety of the deliverance of Zion. He said that he had no property, but if necessary for the deliverance of Zion, he would sell his own clothes at auction if he could have left to him as good a garment as the Saviour had in the manger.

            The time was occupied for a few minutes by two or three others upon the same subject. Bro. Joseph Smith Jnr. then deliverd a short prophecy, that if Zion was not deliverd the time was near when all of this church, whereever they might be found, would be persecuted and des troyed in like manner

[Bro. Sidney Rigdon]

            Bro. Sidney Rigdon then took up the second item, viz:— The endowment of the Elders with power from on high. He gave an account of the endowment of the ancient apostles and laid before the conference the dimensions of the house to be built in Kirtland and rehearsed the promise to the elders in the last days which they were to realize after the house of the Lord was built. Bro. J. Bosworth [p. 46] then related a few items of a vision which he gave as a testimony of those things contained in the revelations read by Bro. Sidney, and his remarks upon that part relative to the endowment of the elders with power from on high. Bro. Joseph then occupied a few minutes by way of explanation of the revelation concerning the building of the house of the Lord.

            Bro. S. Rigdon then took up the third item, viz: The spreading of the word of the Lord. After which several brethren spoke.
The case of bro. Thomas Tripp who had been found in transgression, was then called in question. Bro. David Evans was called upon to state what he knew concerning the case, who said that he had been guilty of improprieties with a sister when going home from a meeting by takeing her by the hand. And also committed some other improprieties with another sister by drawing her breasts. He had sought witness against a sister in good standing from a wicked woman in the world. The conference then voted that Thomas Tripp be excluded from this church with the privilege of an appeal to the Bishops council at Kirtland.

            Bro. Joseph then laid hands upon certain children & blessed them in the name of the Lord. The sacrament was then administered by bro. S. Rigdon.

            The number of high priests was—    7.

            " Do " Elders         "—— 13.

            Adjourned to the Monday precedeing the second sunday in September. The conference then closed by singing, “Now my remnant of days,” &c.

Oliver Cowdery} Clerk of conference

[p. 47]


03 May 1834, Conference of Elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 3 May 1834]


Kirtland, Ohio, May 3, 1834.

            MINUTES of a Conference of the Elders of the church of Christ, which church was organized in the township of Fayette, Seneca county, New-York, on the 6th of April, A. D. 1830.

            The Conference came to order, and Joseph Smith Jr. was chosen Moderator, and Frederick G. Williams and Oliver Cowdery, were appointed clerks.

            After prayer the Conference proceeded to discuss the subject of names and appellations, when a motion was made by Sidney Rigdon, and seconded by Newel K. Whitney, that this church be known hereafter by the name of THE CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS. Appropriate re marks were delivered by some of the members, after which the motion was put by the Moderator, and passed by unanimous voice.

            Resolved that this Conference recommend to the Conferences and Churches abroad, that in making out and transmitting Minutes of their proceedings, such minutes and proceedings be made out under the above title.

Resolved that these Minutes be signed by the Moderator and Clerks, and published in The Evening and The Morning Star.

JOSEPH SMITH JR., Moderator.

Frederick G. Williams,


Oliver Cowdery.

[p. 160]


23 Jun 1834, Council of High Priests, Clay County, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 23 June 1834]

Clay County June 23.

            A council of High Priests met according to revelation in order to choose some of the first Elders to receive their endowments.— being appointed by the voice of the Spirit through Br. Joseph Smith jr. President of the Church of Christ.

            Proceeded First:

            Edward Partridge— Is called & chosen, and is to go to Kirtland to receive his endowment with power from on high— And also, stand in his office as Bishop to purchase lands in the land of Missouri.

            William W. Phelps— Is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment with power from on high & help carry on the printing establishment in Kirtland till Zion is redeemed

            Isaac Morley is called & chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment with power from on high in Kirtland and assist in gathering up the strength of the Lords house and preach the Gospel

            John Corrill The same as Isaac Morley

            John Whitmer is called and chosen And it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment with power in Kirtland with power from on high—— And to continue in his office

            David Whitmer Is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive an endowment from on high in Kirtland— And to stand in the office that is appointed unto him.

            A. S[idney] Gilbert— Is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment from on high in Kirtland— And to assist in the gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house and to proclaim the everlasting gospel until Zion is [p. 41] redeemed— But he said he could not do it— And truly he departed his life a few days after this was given.— And we are left to lament his loss.

            Peter Whitmer jr. is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment, in Kirtland with power from on high and assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house and proclaim the Gospel.

            Simeon Carter is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high, and to assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house, and pro claim the everlasting Gospel.

            Newel Knight is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to recieive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high and to assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house, and to preach the Gospel.

            Thomas B. Marsh is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high, and his office made known hereafter.

            Lyman Wight is called and chosen, and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high— And return to Zion and have his office appointed unto him hereafter.

            Parley P. Pratt. is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to to receive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high and assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house and proclaim the gospel.

            Christian Whitmer is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to recieve his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high and to assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house, and preach the the gospel.

            Solomon Hancock is called and chosen and it is appointed unto him to receive his endowment in Kirtland with power from on high and proclaim the everlasting Gospel and assist in gathering up the strength of the Lord’s house.

F[rederick] G. Williams Clerk. [p. 42]


03 Jul 1834, High Priest Council, Clay County, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 3 July 1834]

Clay County July 3. 1834.

            The High Priests of Zion assembled for the purpose of organizing a general Council of High Priests, agreeable to the revelation for the purpose of settling important business that might come before them which could not be settled by the Bishop and his council.

            Proceeded to make choice of the President. It was agreed that David Whitmer should be first President and to be assisted by William W. Phelps and John Whitmer,— and the following High Priests as Councellors,

Christian Whitmer.                                                              Thomas B. Marsh.
Newel Knight.                                                                     Simeon Carter.
Lyman Wight.                                                                     Parley [P.] Pratt.
Calvin Bebee [Beebe].                                                         Orson Pratt.
William E. Mc lellin.                                                           John Murdock.
Solomon Hancock.                                                              Levi Jackman.

            After which the meeting adjourned to meet on monday the 8th inst.

Frederick G. Williams <(Clerk> [p. 43]


~07 Jul 1834, Council of High Priests, [?]. [JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, circa 7 July 1834]

Clay County July 7th 1834.

            Agreeable to adjournment the council of High Priests assembled at the house of Lyman Wight— and opened the meeting by singing,— age after age has rowled away, &c. and prayer by Joseph Smith jun. Present fifteen High Priests,— eight Elders, four Priests, eight teachers, three Deacons,— together with A number of Members

            After which br. Joseph Smith jun proceeded to give the Council such instruction (relative to their high calling) as would enable them to proceed and minister in their office— agreeable to the pattern given heretofore;— also read to them the [p. 43] Revelation speaking on the subject— He also informed them if he should now be taken away that he had accomplished the great work which the Lord had laid before him, and that which he had desired of the Lord, and that he now had done his duty in organizing the High Council, through which Council the will of the Lord might be known on all important occasions in the building up of Zion, and establishing truth in the earth.

            A vote was then taken whether the brethren that were appointed on the 3rd of July should stand according to appointment. The vote was clear in their behalf.

            Br. Joseph Smith jr. then proceeded and ordained the three Presidents. David Whitmer as President and William W. Phelps & John Whitmer assistants and their twelve Counsellors.

            The twelve Counsellors then proceeded to cast lots to know who should speak first, and the order in which they should speak which is as follows:

Simeon Carter                             No. 1             Parley P. Pratt                         No. 2.
William E. Mc.lellin                    " 3.                 Calvin Bebee [Beebe]              " 4.
Levi Jackman                              " 5                  Solomon Hancock                   " 6.
Christian Whitmer                       " 7.                 Newel Knight                          " 8
Orson Pratt                                  " 9.                 Lyman Wight                          " 10
Thomas B. Marsh                       " 11                John Murdock                         " 12

            After which Father Whitmer [Peter Whitmer Sr.] came forward and blessed three of his sons in the name of the Lord Viz: David, John & Christian Whitmer. And also Father Knight [Joseph Knight Sr.] blessed his son Newel Knight in the name of the Lord.

            After the council of High Priests were organized the Bishop, Edward Partridge came forward and stated to the Council that a greater responsibility devolved upon him than before as he had not the privilege of counselling with any of the high council save one of the Presidents and his own Counsellors, and desired to have the prayers of all the Church that he might be able to act in his station in righteousness.

            After which br. Joseph Smith jr. laid the case of William W. Phelps before the council to have their descision whether he should take his family to Kirtland and when it shall be wisdom for him to go. As it has been deemed necessary for him to go and assist in the printing establishment. [p. 44] Nominated voted and carried that four of the Counsellors <shall> speak on the subject, two on each side. Viz: Simeon Carter & William E. Mc.lellin on the side of the plaintif, and Parley P. Pratt & Calvin Bebee in behalf of the Church. After they had said on this subject all th[e]y had to say, the President descided that it is the duty of Br. W. W. Phelps to go to Kirtland to assist in the printing business and that his family remain in this region of country and that he have an honorable discharge of his station in this place for a season (as soon as he can accomplish his business in this place) signed by the President & Clerk.

            Proposed by br. W. W. Phelps that br. David Whitmer the President of the Church in Zion should go to Kirtland as being one of the three witnesses and assist in promoting the cause of Christ.

            The case was argued by br. Levi Jackman & Christian Whitmer in behalf of the Plantiff, and Solomon Hancock & Newel Knight for the church. And after their pleadings it was descided that br. David Whitmer go to the East and assist in the great work of the gathering and be his own Judge, as to leaving his family or taking them with him. And also that John Whitmer and William E. Mc.lellin go to the East. all the above named brethren to prepare and go as soon as convenient

            After all this was done the afore mentioned High Priests, Elders, Priests Teachers, Deacons. & Members covenanted with uplifted hands to heaven that they would uphold Br. David Whitmer as President, head and leader in Zion (in the absence of br. Joseph Smith jr.) and John Whitmer & W. W. Phelps as assistants Presidents and Counsellors, also covenanted to uphold him and one another at the throne of grace.

            Council closed. Prayer by David Whitmer President.

Frederick G. Williams Clerk. [p. 45]


11 Aug 1834, assembly of high priests and elders, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 11 August 1834]

Kirtland August 11th 1834

            This day a number of high priests and elders of the church of the Latter-Day Saints assembled in the new school-house in this place, for the purpose of investigating a matter of difficulty growing out of certain reports or statements made by brother Sylvester Smith; one of High counsellors of this Church, accusing brother Joseph Smith Junr. with criminal conduct during his journey to and from Missouri this Spring & Summer. After coming to order, brother Joseph commenced and spake to a considerable length upon the circumstances of their journey to and from Missouri, and very minutely laid open the causes out of which those jealousies of brother Sylvesters and others had grown. He made a satisfactory statement concerning his rebukes and chastisements upon Sylvester & others, and also concerning the distribution of monies and other properties, calling on brethren present who accompanied him to attest to the same. All of which, was satisfactory to the brethren present as appeared by their own remarks afterward. After brother Joseph had closed his lengthy remarks, brother Sylvester made some observations relative to the subject of their difficulties, and begun to make a partial confession for his previous conduct, asking forgiveness for accusing brother Joseph publicly on the Saturday previous, of prophsying lies in the name of the Lord, and for abusing (as he had said) his (Sylvester’s) character, before the brethren while journeying to the West. Brother Sidney Rigdon made some remarks by way of reproof upon the conduct of brother Sylvester, J. P. Green [John P. Greene], and others, followed by the Clerk, after which by motion of brother S. Rigdon the assembly arranged itself into a council, brother N[ewel] K. Whitney presiding, and proceeded to discuss how this [p. 52] difficulty should be disposed of. Brother John Smith thought that for brother Sylvester, to make a public con fession in the Star would be the way to heal the wound. Brother [Reynolds] Cahoon followed with nearly the same remarks Brother Isaac Hill, thought it ought to be quashed here, and go no farther. followed with the same from brother I[saac] Bishop. Brother Samuel H. Smith said that it was his opinion, that brother Sylvester ought to make a more public confession, and send by letter to those who are in the same transgression, with himself and inform them of this decision, and then if necessary make it public in the Star. Brother Orson Hyde thought that the confession ought to be as liberal as the accusation, or that it ought to be written and published Brother J. P. Green, said that if brother Sylvester would view this thing in its proper light, he would be willing to make a public confession and send forth; and he advised him to do this for the salvation of the Churches abroad. Brother Isaac Story, said that it was his opinion the plaster ought to be as large as the wound, that a proper statement ought to be published abroad. The clerk then proposed that this council send a certificate or resolution, informing the churches abroad, that the conduct of brother Joseph, has been investigated, and that he has acted in a proper manner and in every respect has conducted himself to the satisfaction of the church in Kirtland, and also let brother Sylvester make a proper confession following the same minutes. Brother A[masa] Lyman, P[eter] Shirts, T[ruman] Wait, N. Evans. A[lpheus] Cutler and T[homas] Burdick, made remarks to the same effect. Brother S. Rigdon, made a few remarks upon the attitude in which, he, Sylvester now stands before the world, in endeavoring to preach the gospel. [p. 53]

            Brother O. Hyde moved for a decision, relative to the first question, (viz.) What is to be done to arrest the evil? The moderator then proceeded, after a few remarks, to give a decision according, to a motion previously made, (viz.) that an article be published in the Evening & the morning Star, by the direction of the council, that the church in Kirtland has investigated the conduct of brother Joseph Smith Junr. while journeying to the West and returning, and that we find that he has acted in every respect in the an honorable and proper Manner, with all monies and other properties entrusted to his charge. After which a vote was taken and carried. A. motion was then made by brother O. Hyde and seconded by brother S. Rigdon, that a committee of three, be appointed to write the article for the Star agreeably to the decision.

            Brethren, The Clark, Thomas Burdick and Orson Hyde were nominated and appointed by unanimous vote.

            Brother Sylvester, then made said that he was willing to publish a confession in the Star. A motion was then made by brother J. P. Green, and seconded by the moderator, that the above named committe, be appointed to write letters in the name of the council to bro— Z[erubbabel] Snow, C. Snelling & J.P. Parker.

            Prayer by brother S. Rigdon.

Oliver Cowdery)
Clerk of Council) [p. 54]


23 Aug 1834, council, [?].
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 23 August 1834]

            On the 23d of August 1834 a council convened for the purpose of hearing the resolution designed for the Star which were to be drawn up by brethren O[liver] Cowdery, T[homas] Burdick and O[rson] Hyde on the subject of the difficulty existing between brother J. Smith Junr. and Sylvester Smith. Brother R[eynolds] Cahoon presided in consequence of the ill health of brother N[ewel] K. Whitney

            After prayer the conference proceeded to business. The clerk read [p. 54] the resolutions, after making a short Statment of the proceedings of the council on the 11th. which was sanctioned by vote. The preamble and resolutions were adopted and ordered to be printed. Brother Sylvester objected against abiding by the decision of the former council, and proceeded to Justify himself in his former conduct, after which, and much discussion the following resolution was offered by the clerk and passed by unanimous vote. Resolved that in consequence of the stand our brother Sylvester Smith has taken against the former decision of this council, that we judge him guilty of a misdemea nor unbecoming a man in his high station, and except a humble confession be made, to this council, he stands rebuked and disqualified to act further in his office in the church, until he make proper satisfaction, or till a trial before the bishop assisted by twelve high priests can be had. Carried by unanimous vote.

            Prayer by brother S[idney] Rigdon.

Oliver Cowdery}
Clerk of council} [p. 55]


28-29 Aug 1834, Kirtland High Council, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 28-29 August 1834]

Kirtland Ohio August 28th 1834

            This day the high council of the church of the Latter-Day Saints assembled according to direction of Newel K. Whitney bishop of this church to try brother Sylvester Smith who has been charged with a misdemeanor. Sidney Rigdon complainent

            The following is a copy of the complaint.

            To Newel K. Whitney, bishop of the church of the Latter Day Saints in Kirtland, Sir, I prefer the following charges against Sylvester Smith, a high priest of said Church.

            First, He has refused to submit to the decision of a council of the high priests and elders of this church held in this place on the eleventh of this month given in a case of difficulty, between said Sylvester and Joseph Smith Junr..

            Second: He continues to charge said Joseph, contrary to the decision of the before mentioned council with improper conduct in his proceedings as president of the church of the Latter-Day, Saints during his journey the past season, to the state of Missouri. As these things are exceedingly grievous to many of the Saints in Kirtland, and very prejudicial to the cause of truth in general, I therefore require that you summon the high council of this church, to investigate this case that a final may be had upon the same. I say the high council, because it is a case [p. 58] affecting the presidency of said church.

                                                Kirtland Ohio August 23d}

Sidney Rigdon


Kirtland August 27th 1834

Brother Sylvester Smith,

            Whereas complaint has been made to me by brother Sidney Rigdon, setting forth that you have been guilty of violating the laws of the church of the latter day saints, you are, therefore hereby notified to appear before the High council of High Priests, to be held in the council-house in Kirtland on the 28th. day of August Inst. at 10. o clock A.M. to answer to said charge agreeable to the law of the church.

N[ewel] K. Whitney, Bishop

Kirtland Ohio August 28th. 1834

            This day the high council of the church of the Latter-Day Saints assembled according to direction of Newel K. Whitney bishop of this church, to try brother Sylvester Smith, who has been charged with a misdemeanor. Sidney Rigdon complainant. The names of the counsellors were then called and it was found that four were absent. The Bishop opened by prayer. The presidents, brothers J. Smith Jnr. Sidney Rigdon & F[rederick] G. Williams, then proceeded to make a nomination of a high Priest to fill the vacancy in this council occasioned by the death of our beloved brother John S. Carter. Brother Joseph Smith Junr. then nominated brother Orson Johnson, and brother F. G. Williams seconded [p. 59] the nomination. A. vote was called and carried. Brother Joseph then called upon brother Orson to come forward & receive the ordination of high counsellor. After making a few remarks. he came forward, & brother S. Rigdon then called upon the Lord in prayer, and then ordained brother Orson to the said office. Brother Luke Johnson then said he wished to be excused from sitting on this council, because he had been previously tempted on some matters, and that he had sinned and wished to make a more public con fession than he could make here. After some remarks from the counsellors, it was decided that brother Luke continue in his seat in the council. Brother John P. Green[e] was appointed to act in the place of Sylvester Smith, brother Amos Durfee in the place of Sylvester John Johnson, sen. and Lyman Johnson in the place of Martin Harris. The counsellors were then arranged and the charge read to the council. It was agreed that six counsellors speak on the case before the council The Bishop then gave the council their charge in the name of the Lord to act according to truth and righteousness.

            Brother R[eynolds] Cahoon testified that the testimony given before a council on the 11th. Inst. was that brother J. Smith Junr. had conducted himself in a proper manner, while journeying to and from Missouri; and that the council considered that Sylvester had accused brother Joseph, wrongfully and was entirely in the fault. He further considered, that every thing bearing or relating to this affair was had before the council and from this they gave their decision. Brother J. P. Green concurred in the foregoing statement, and he supposed that brother Sylvester saw the affair in the same light on the 11th inst. in consequence of his saying that he (Sylvester) said at the time, that he was not previously aware of the spirit that possessed him, at the time when he made his charges against brother Joseph. Brother A[lpheus] Cutler said that he considered that the evidence given before the council on the 11th. was [p. 60] sufficient to prove that brother Joseph had conducted himself in an honorable manner, during his late journey to and from Missouri, and that he considered that the evidence there given, was such that it could not be invalidated. Brother J[acob] Bump said that previous to the council on the 11th. his mind had been agitated, and it was in consequence in part, of reports which had been put in circulation respecting brother Joseph’s conduct on his late journey to and from Missouri. But when he heard the case investigated before that council his mind was satisfied that he had been misinformed, and was fully satisfied that brother Joseph had not acted in any respect, contrary to righteousness before the Lord. Brother Asa Lyman, said that previous to the council, his mind had been agitated also, but was satisfied at the council, and he verily believed from the evidences there give, that brother J. had not acted contrary to justice. Brother J. Bump said that his mind was excited still further, after conversing with brother Sylvester previous to the 11th which served in any degree to excite his mind further. Brother E[dmund] Bosley said that he understood the case on the 11th. in the same light as stated by brethren Cahoon & Whitney. Brethren, J. Rudd [John Rudd Jr.], E. Rider and S[amuel] H. Smith viewed the case in the same light. Brother O[rson] Hyde said that he considered that brother Sylvester was to send a confession in the Star, that he himself, had been in the fault. and that brother Joseph had not committed fault as he (Sylvester) had previously stated. Brethren, A. Cutler, J. P. Green, E. Rider J. Bump, S. H. Smith, J. Rudd & F. G. Will iams, concurred. Brother O[liver] Cowdery said, that after listening to all the reports and evidences from the beginning up to the decision on the 11th. Inst. he considered that brother Sylvester was to acknowledge that all the charges previously preferred in public against brother J. were ungrounded, and that he, (Sylvester) was to acknowledge the one, and the only one in the fault, touching all circumstances, transpiring [p. 61] between himself and brother Joseph, and that the other charges indirectly preferred as grievances of others, were also without a foundation. Brother John Smith concurred in the above. Brother C. Durfee, said that he considered that brother J. was acquitted, as being guilty of any misdemeanor before the council on the 11th. Brother O. Hyde said that he accompanied brother Joseph to Missouri, from Mans, field in this State, except leaving him for a short time to visit the Governor of Missouri. He was present when brother [Joseph Smith] reproved brother [Sylvester] Smith, concerning a certain difficulty, arising from a complaint, concerning a certain dog.— That he considered brother Josephs rep roofs were just at the time, as <he> well recollects stating the same in substance to brother Smith. He did not consider this reproof had any tendency to lessen the esteem of the brethren for brother Smith, but if they had, in consequence of a confession in general terms, from brother Smith, about that time, he thought that sufficient to heal every hard feeling then existing against him, or that might exist. He further said, that during his journey to the West, he could not say that he had seen any thing in brother Joseph’s conduct, contrary to the true principles of his profession as a man of God. Brother Luke Johnson said that he fell in company with brother J. at Mansfield Ohio, and accompanied him the most of the way to Missouri, and that during the whole course of the journey, he did not see any thing in his conduct to lessen his esteem of him as a man of God. But he said he heard brother Joseph reprove brother Sylvester concerning a certain something, respecting some bread, he did not hear the whole, and thought at the time the reproofs were rather severe, but had learned since, they were not any more severe than were just. Brother Joseph was then called upon to make a statement, concerning the transactions as they trans [p. 62] pired at the time these reproofs were given. He said that brother J. S. Carter, came to him to know whether brother Sylvester, had conducted right in the affair between him and brother P[arley] P. Pratt, when brother Pratt called upon brother Sylvester for some bread for supper. He learned from brother Pratt’s mouth that brother Sylvester had more bread than he needed at the time, and directed him to some else who, he (brother Sylvester) said had a sufficient. He then went with brethren Pratt & J. S. Carter to brother Sylvester’s tent where bro— Sylvester, justified himself, in not imparting a part of his bread to brother Pratt. He then rebuked brother Sylvester, for con tending that he had done right in this case because if this was so, brethren might frequently retire to rest, without food, and as long as he (brother Sylvester) had bread he had was bound. to impart to those who had none, and that under these circumstances, brother Sylvester, had conducted contrary to the principles of Christ, and that his (Sylvester’s) mind was darkned in consequence of this covetous spirit.

            The Moderator then adjourned the council to 9. o clock tomorrow at this place. Closed in prayer by brother H[yrum] Smith

Oliver Cowdery}..............
Orson Hyde}..............

Kirtland August 29th. 1834

            Council being organized in due form, the testimony was continued, as follows, Brother Luke Johnson said in relation to a circumstance that transpired on the twenty five mile prarie, so called in Missourie. that by a direction from the leader of the camp he had been back to inspect the crossing at a certain creek, that when he came up with the camp he found it moving, and as he was behind, he went on till he came up with brother [Lyman] Wights, & S. company, and found them out of the road building a fire to cook supper, As the teams passed on brother Sylvester [Smith] called to the leaders of companies. (those who were yet behind) and asked them [p. 63] who they were following? whether Gen. White or some other man? Some hesitated for a little and went on. After taking supper he (brother Luke) went on with their company. Whe[n] he came up with the camp from the creek, he found that the ensign or flag, commonly carried ahead for the camp to follow, was then moving forward. He further said that he understood that brother Joseph was appointed to lead the camp, that he always or generally, gave orders when the camp should move forward, and when it should stop. that when on his way to the creek, the second time, he met brother Joseph., who told him that he, (brother J. [Luke Johnson]) should order the camp to move into the prairie. When the camp came to order in the prairie in the evening, brethren, Wight & Sylvester, were called upon to give an account of themselves, why they had sought to divide the camp? They both acknowledged that they had been out of the way by so doing and were reproved for their conduct. Relative to an assertion heretofore made, that brother Joseph, did at the time, throw a trumpet or horn at brother Sylvester, he did not consider at the time that brother Joseph had any intentions [of throwing?] it at brother Sylvester, because he might have hit him with it being so near to him as he was, it only fell to the ground near to them, (him & brother Sylvester) but supposed that he had had it in his hand and only threw it down as usual, or as another man would. He further said that the reproofs given by brother Joseph at the time, were no more severe than he had often heard him give previously. That he did not consider him mad as has been represented. Brother Hyrum Smith said that when the camp first came to the creek himself and brother Joseph were forward, that while [p. 64] the teams were crossing, brother Joseph asked whether it was advisable to move into the prairie to camp. After con sultation, it was first advised to move camp in the bushes near the edge of the prairie. While making preparations to encamp, they were informed that a mob intended to make an attack upon them that night. They further consulted upon their situation and himself and brother [Ezra] Thayer, were requested, by brother Joseph, to go on to the edge of the Prairie where they might encamp. They looked out a place but it was near the bushes, and brother Joseph gave an order to go forward into the prairie. Some complained of the order because they could not find fuel to cook their supper: They were told that it would be advisable to carry wood for that purpose. Some farther remarks were offered on the subject of a visit from a mob, and preparations were made with the guns &c. Some fears were entertained for the teams and families yet crossing the creek, and it was thought advisable to send back a company to guard & assist them over, among whom was brother Luke Johnson. He then took the flag or standard (as he had previously carried it) and gave the word to move for ward, and the teams, immediately began to follow. After the company had come up in the Prairie, himself with brother R[oger] Orton, received an order to call on upon brother L. Wight, to place a strong guard around the camp that night, but he refused doing any thing further, because he supposed that he, (brother Hyrum) supposed he had ordered the camp into the prairie without an order from the commander of the company. He was then informed by brother Joseph’s order <that it was> by his (brother J’s) order) that the camp should move into the prairie. He was present when brother Joseph reproved brothers, L. Wight & Sylvester, Smith [p. 65] and saw the transactions concerning the trumpet or horn and as to brother Joseph’s intention or design to throw it at brother Sylvester, he had no such thought at the time, nor could he have since.— that at the time when he (brother Joseph) had finished his remarks to brothers Wight & Sylvester, that he threw the horn upon the ground. That brother Wight told him that the next day that he had had a jealousy exisiting in his mind against him, (brother Hyrum) for some days, but now his mind was satisfied, and he had now no hardness or jealousy. He further said, that when he received the order for moving the camp into the prairie, that brothers L. Wight & Sylvester were near by.

The council then adjourned to 1. o clock P. M.

Oliver Cowdery}............
Orson Hyde}............

One o clock P. M.}

            met according to adjournment. The Clerk called the names of the moderators, counsellors, complain ant & defendent when business was resumed.

[Brother Brigham Young]

            Brother Brigham Youngs [Young], said that he was in company with brother Joseph from about 27 miles from this place, till they arrived in Clay County Missouri. That at the time the difficulty occurred on the prairie, when the camp was divided, that he concurred in what brother Hiram [Hyrum Smith] had said, and that he could not relate it any more particular than he (brother Hyrum) had done. He further said that he had not seen anything in brother Joseph’s conduct, to justify the charge previously made by brother Sylvester [Smith], that his heart was corrupt. So far from this, he had not seen the least shadow of any thing of the kind. He had not seen any thing in his (brother Joseph’s) conduct, during his journey to the West unbecoming his [p. 66] profession as a man of God. Question by brother Sylvester. Did you not think that my character was injured in the minds of the weaker part of the camp, in consequence of those reproofs and chastisements which were given me by brother Joseph? Answer. I did not. Brother Brigham further said, in relation to a certain difficulty which took place relative to a dog,— that on a certain evening after crossing the Mississippi River, brother Sylvester came up with the remaining part of the camp, when the dog came out and insulted him. he knew not whether he touched him or not. The next morning after hearing considerable complaint and murmuring concerning the dog. Brother Joseph spake to several brethren present and said, I will descend to the spirit that is in the camp, to show you the spirit you are of for I want to drive it from the camp. “The first man that kills that dog, (or my dog) I will whip him!” He thought about this time, that brother Sylvester came up, who said “If that dog bites me I will kill him.” If you do said brother Joseph “I will whip you” If you do said brother Sylvester, I shall defend myself the best way that I can! Brother Joseph then said that he could in the name of the Lord. He, (brother Joseph) asked the brethren if they were not ashamed of such a spirit? Said he, I am. He then proceeded to reprove them for condescending to that spirit,— that they ought to be above it, that it was the spirit of a dog, and men ought never to place themselves on a level with beasts. but be possessed of a more noble disposition. He then said he had decended to that spirit in order to show the spirit which was among them. He further said that this explanation gave general satisfaction, and the most of them saw that he had only made these remarks for the purpose of instructing them, and warning them against such a spirit or disposition. Brethren L. Johnson & H[eber] C. Kimball concurred. Brother D[avid] Elliott said he was not present when these reproofs were given in the mor [p. 67] ning, that the circumstances were related to him afterward, which disaffected his mind and gave him some disagreeable feelings, that at noon. he heard brother Joseph give a further explanation, which perfectly satisfied his mind. He further said that during the forenoon he learned that there <were> many of the brethren dissatisfied with brother Joseph’s remarks, concerning the dog in the morning, that after the explanation at noon was so generally given, he thought that every one in the Camp might have known it. Brother Lorenzo Booth concurred in the statement of brother Brigham Young; though he was not present in the morning when the reproofs were given concerning the dog, that he was with brother Joseph twenty seven miles from this place to Missouri and a part of the way home.— That he did not see any thing in brother Joseph’s character derogatory to a man professing Religion.— That he was present during a certain transaction, which occurred during their journey home, respecting certain articles of beading [bedding]. That he had had heard since his return, that brother Joseph Smith Junr., and Ezra Thayer had fought, that he was present during the whole transaction, and that there was no fighting. He further said in relation to a certain report which had come to his knowledge, since his return from Missouri, that brother Joseph had taken a bed-quilt which was not his property. That while at New-Portage Ohio, on their way to Missouri, one of the brethren gave him (brother Joseph) two bed-quilts, which he (brother Booth) had charge of as he was the individual who drove the team for brother Joseph and had charge of the baggage— That before leaving Clay County Missouri he (brother B.) took them to be washed, and after starting for home, he went and put them aboard of the Wagon, the baggage of which he [p. 68] had the charge during their journey home. That he brought the same back with him,— has seen them since and knows that the one which was said to be the property of another individual, is the one which was given brother Joseph at Norton. Brother F[rederick] G. Williams, said while at Norton, certain articles were handed him to mark, among which were two bed-quilts, which he marked with common ink. Has seen certain bed-quilts since his return, and has no doubt but this one in question, is the one he marked. Brother B. Youngs further said, relative to a certain difficulty arising out of a circumstanc concerning some bread— That brother J[ohn] S. Carter on their journey to Missouri on the line between Ohio and Indiana said to brother Joseph is this thing right? “What thing”? concerning brother P[arley] P. Pratt’s asking brother Sylvester for some bread for supper. He then learned that brother Pratt had asked brother Sylvester for some bread, that brother Sylvester had bread at the time, but directed him to some one else, who he (brother S.) said had a sufficient. that brother Pratt called upon that individual and could not obtain any: That he was present when brother Joseph, told brother Sylvester that he had not conducted right in the matter— that he ought to impart when he had in preference to directing one where he was not certain he could obtain— that by so doing some might be deprived of food at times. He further said that brother S[ylvester] contended he had been right and justified his own conduct in the matter. That brother Joseph reasoned with brother Sylvester to convince him, that he brother S. was in a fault, but he continued to justify his course till brother J. reproved him sharply.— He frequently heard the brethren speak of this circumstance, and all (whom he heard say any thing on the subject) manifested a satisfaction with brother J. and thought his [p. 69] observations correct, and the principles which he advanced to be just. Brother Lyman Sherman said, that he concurred in brother B. Young’s statement concerning the bread. That he thought that it was generally known that brother Pratt, in consequence of brother Sylvester’s <not> furnishing him with bread, was deprived of bread that night.— That at the time when <he> brother Joseph told him that brother Parley did not obtain any bread in consequence of the same. Brother Jacob Bump said that since the Brethren’s return from the West, that he went with brother Sylvester to brother S[idney] Rigdon to advise concerning the adjusting of certain complaints which were in circulation concerning brother Joseph’s conduct to and from Mo. that brother Sylvester told brother Sidney that brother Parley did obtain bread of the individual to whom he sent him. Brother O[rson] Hyde said that he concurred in the statements of brother B. Young concerning the circumstances which transpired at the time the difficulty arose about the bread. Brethren Lyman Johnson & Heber C. Kimball concurred in the same statement. Brother Orson Hyde then exhibited an account current, taken from the receipts of money’s and other properties expended during their late journey to and from Mo. This account was taken from documents kept during the journey by brother F. G. Williams. Brother F. G. Williams said that the account exhibited was correctly taken from his accounts as he had the charge of the monies and attended to paying it out &c. The case was then submitted to the council, and the counsellors severally spake in their turns. After which the Complainant and the accused also spake. [p. 70]

            The Moderator then proceeded to give a decision, That if brother Sylvester Smith will acknowledge the following items of complaint before this council & publish the same in print, that he can remain yet a member of this church, otherwise he is expelled from the same, viz:— First, he is to acknowledge that he has wickedly and maliciously accused our brother J. Smith Jr. with prophesying lies in the name of the Lord, once on the line between Ohio and Indiana, and at another time after crossing the Mississippi River, and at another time after leaving the church in Missouri, at Florida— That he is to acknowledge that in making these charges against brother J.S. Junr. he has himself, willfully and maliciously lied. That he has maliciously told false hoods, in saying that brother J. Smith Junr. has abused him with insulting and abusive language, and also in juring his character and standing before the brethren, while journeying to Missouri, That he further cast out insinuations concerning brother J.S. Junr’s character which was also an evil malicious design to injure brother Joseph’s standing in the church.— That he further acknowledge that he has abused the former councils which have set upon this case, and wickedly and maliciously insulted their just and righteous decisions.— That he has further tantalized this present council, in seeking to excuse himself contrary to the counselling of the counsellors, after acknowledging that it was organized by the direction of revelation. And further, that he has wilfully and maliciously lied, by saying that brother J. Smith Junr had prohibited the liberty of speech on their journey to Missouri. That he also acknowledge that he has wickedly and maliciously lied, by charging brother J.S. Junr. of being possessed of a heart as corrupt as hell. [p. 71]

            The Counsellors were then called upon to give their assent to the foregoing decision, and concurred in the same.

            I hereby certify that the foregoing charges or complaint are just and true, and hereby acknowledge the same, as set forth in the decisions of this council, by signing my own proper name to their minutes with my own hand.

Sylvester Smith.

            The council then proceeded to transact some other business, brother Joseph Smith Junr. the president of the church presiding. It was agreed that the church in Kirtland be instructed on their particular duties &c. on sunday next, by brother Joseph. It was further decided that brother Brigham Young be appointed to take the lead in singing in our meetings.

            The council then closed.— brother Reynolds Cahoon lead in prayer at fifteen minutes before 3 O clock

            A.M. on Saturday the                                         Oliver Cowdery}
                                              1834}                                       Orson Hyde}        Clerks

[p. 72]

N.B. The following pertains to a trial of Sylvester Smith for a misdemeanor before a high council held in Kirtland on the 28th and 29th of August 1834, shows the order in which the Counsellors, the Complainent and the accused spoke and the length of time each occupied. It should have been re corded on the 71st. page previous to the decision of the moderator.

Jared Carter commenced speaking about 15 minutes before 6 O clock  .15
P.M. and closed at 10 minutes past 6—

J[oseph] Smith Sen. commenced speaking at 10 minutes past 6 O           .0.5
clock, closed at 15 minutes past 6 P.M.—

John Smith commenced speaking at 15 minutes past 6 and closed at     10
25 minutes past 6 making

Lyman Johnson commenced at 25 minutes past 6 and closed at 26      01
minutes past 6

O[liver] Cowdery commenced at 28 minutes past 6 o clock closed         2. 12
speaking 20 minutes before nine o, clock

Joseph Coe commenced speaking 20 minutes before 9 and closed 15   0. 0.5
minutes before 9 o clock

S[idney] Rigdon commenced speaking 15 minutes before 9 and             0 -50
closed 25 minutes before 10 o clock

O. Cowdery spake                                                                               0 .07

Sylvester Smith then commenced 18 minutes before 10 and closed       1 . 18
at 11 o clock                            
[p. 73]


08 Sep 1834, conference of the Elders, New Portage, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 8 September 1834]

New-Portage, Ohio Sept 8th. 1834

            Minutes of a conference of the Elders of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, held at New-Portage Ohio. September 8th 1834, After prayer by brother Joseph Smith Junr. he, brother Joseph and Oliver Cowdery, united in anointing with oil and laying hands upon a sick sister, who said she was healed, and requested us to pray that her faith fail not, saying, if she did not doubt, she should not be afflicted any more.
Brother Joseph then made a few introductory remarks upon the subject of false spirits and other items.

[Brother Ambrose Palmer]

            Brother A[mbrose] Palmer made a few observations, and proceeded to present a case which had previously occasioned some difficulty in the church. It was that a certain brother Carpenter had been tried for a fault before the church, when the Church gave him a certain time to reflect whether he would acknowledge or not. Brother Gordon at the time, spake in tongues and declared that brother Carpenter should not have any lenity. He, brother Palmer, wish ed instruction on this point, whether they had proceeded right or not, as brother Car penter was dissatisfied &c.

[Brother Joseph]

            Brother Joseph then proceeded to give an explanation of the gift of tongues: that it was particularly instituted for the preaching of the Gospel to other nations and languages, but it was not given for the government of the Church. He further said, if brother Gordon introduced the Gift of tongues, as a testimony against [p. 49] brother Carpenter, that it was contrary to the rules and regulations of the Church, because, in all our decisions we must judge from actual testimony. Brother Gordon said the testimony was had and the decision given before the gift of tongues was manifested. Brother Joseph advised that <we> speak in our own language in all such matters, and then the adversary cannot lead our minds astray. Brother Palmer then gave a relation of a certain difficulty which took place in a conference. He, brother Palmer presided, when several of the brethren spake out of order, and brother J[oseph] B. Bosworth refused to submit to to order according to his (brother Palmer’s) request. He now wished instruction on this point, whether he, or some one else should preside over this branch of the Church, and also whether such conduct could be approbated in conferences. Brother Gordon then made some remarks on the subject which was at the time before the council.

            Brother Joseph said, relative to the first question, that brother Gordon’s tongues in the end, did operate as testimony, as, by his remarks in tongues, the former decision was set aside, and his taken. That it was his decision that brother Gordon’s manifestation was incorrect, and from a suspicious heart. He approved the first decision, but discarded the second. Brother Joseph Keeler said that in the former decision he had acted hastily himself in urging brother Carpenter to make acknowledgement without [p. 50] having time to reflect. He asked forgiveness wherein he had erred. Brother Gordon said he discovered that he was in an error, and was satisfied with this council, & was willing to ask forgiveness of the brethren and of the Lord. Decision was then given on the second question that brother J. B. Bosworth was out of his place in opposing brother Palmer, when he (brother Palmer) ordered the council. A vote was then taken whether the conference was satisfied with the two decisions. Passed by unanimous vote, A. motion was then made and passed by unanimous vote, that a letter be written to brother J. B. Bosworth informing him of the last decision. That he has acted out of place in opposing brother Palmer in a former council, when requested to take his seat, that the business might proceed according to order, and that such letter be signed by the clerk of this conference, by the direction of the same. The case of brother Milton Stow was then brought up, when it was proven that he had delivered prophecies at two different times, which were not true— at one time in saying that Zion was redeemed, and at another in saying, that brother Carpenter was cut off forever, and also in saying, that sister Carpenter was dead. When it was decided by vote that brother Milton Stow be, and by the decision of this conference is, suspended from the priveleges of the Church of the Latter Day-Saints, and from acting in the authority of an Elder in said Church of the Latter-Day-Saints till he appear before the Bishops council at Kirtland and make proper satisfaction. Conference closed by prayer of the Clerk.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference [p. 51]

N.B. The following decision was given at New Portage Sept. 8th 1834 and should have been recorded on the 52d Page immediately following the trial to which it belongs

Dear Brother Joseph B. Bosworth,

            By a decision of this conference I am directed to inform you that a previous difficulty has been presented to this body, which arose [p. 73] in a former council, between yourself & brother Ambrose Palmer, informing us, that in a council where brother A. Palmer presided, according to the office of his appointment, as president of this branch of the church of the Latter-Day-Saints. You, when requested by him to be seated refused to submit to his decision, but spoke disrespectfully of our brother, while acting in his calling, which has occasioned a wound in this conference. It is the decision of this conference that you come before the church (as you are not present to do it at this conference) and make the proper confession required in the Law of the Lord. Why I say, disrespectfully, is because, when you were requested to be seated and desist speaking, you said that you had as much right to speak as he (brother Palmer) had)

Oliver Cowdery
clerk of conference

To Joseph B. Bosworth}
a high priest in the Church}
of the Latter Day-Saints}
New-Portage Ohio Sept 8th 1834 [p. 74]


24 Sep 1834, high council, [?].
[JSP Documents 1834, minutes, 24 September 1834]

            Minutes of a high council of the church of Latter Day Saints, -Sept. 24th. 1834

Joseph Smith Junr.              Presiding

Sidney Rigdon}                  Assisting                1
Frederick G. Williams.}

Samuel H. Smith                     1                              Luke Johnson                          2 <1>
Orson Johnson                        2                              Sylvester Smith                       3 <2>
John Johnson                          3                              Orson Hyde                            4 <3>
Jared Carter                             4                              Joseph Smith Senr.                 5 <4>
John Smith                              5                              Martin Harris                          5
Oliver Cowdery                      6                              Joseph Coe                              6
Counsellors.— [p. 74]

            The council came to order and the counsellors were called, when it was found that Jared Carter & Martin Harris were absent. After prayer the president made some appropriate remarks, when the counsellors four of their number to Speak. The case of brother Sylvester Smith was called up to inquire whether under existing circumstances he can fill the office of high counsellor. It was decided that four counsellors speak on the case.

(viz.)                                                       Samuel H. Smith                                   Luke Johnson
                                                                Orson Johnson                                       Orson Hyde

            The counsellors severally spoke in their courses, followed, by brother Sylvester, after which the assisting presidents spake, when brother Joseph proceeded to give a decision.— That brother Sylvester stand no longer a high counsellor but that he retain the office of high priest and cont[i]nue to lift up his voice in the name of Jesus, in preaching the Gospel. The names of the counsellors were then called and severally gave their assent to the decision when brother Sylvester gave his own assent with thankfulness.

            The council then proceeded to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of brother Sylvester Smith from the office of high counsellor. Brother Joseph nominated brother Hyrum Smith, to fill the vacant office, which was seconded by the clerk. The counsellors then voted for the nomination, as also the conference present. Brother Joseph then took the lead in prayer, after which he ordained brother Hyrum to the office of high counsellor, pronouncing the blessing of the Lord upon him in his name. After which brother Joseph Smith Senr. proceeded to bless him also in the name of the Lord, confirming the same blessing The counsellors then appointed to fill the vacancies occasioned by the absence of brethren Jared Carter & Martin Harris. Brethren John P. Green[e] and Brigham Young, Elders in this Ch. [p. 75] The council then proceeded to appoint a committee to arrange the items of the doctrine of Jesus Christ for the government of the church of Latter-Day Saints which church was organized and commenced its rise on the 6th of April 1830. These items are to be taken from the bible, book of mormon, and the revelations which have been given to the church up to this date or shall be, until such arrangement is made. Brother Samuel H. Smith then nominated brethren Joseph Smith Junr. Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams, to compose said committee which was seconded by brother Hyrum Smith. The Counsellors then gave their vote, which was also agreed to by the whole conference. The council then decided that said committee, after arranging and publishing said book of covenants, have the avails of the same. The council then decided that a notice be published to the churches and conferences abroad, that high priests be ordained hereafter, in the high council at Kirtland, signed by the clerk of the council. The counsellors decided that brother Newel K. Whitney be privileged to make such arrangements with his store, as he shall deem most advisable considering his present embarrassed circumstances. Closed in prayer by brother S. Rigdon

Oliver Cowdery}
Orson Hyde} Clerks

            The next arrangement for the High council will be as follows.

      John Johnson                          Orson Johnson                       
        Jared Carter                             Hyrum Smith                          Joseph Coe
        John Smith                              Joseph Smith Senr.                 Luke Johnson
        Oliver Cowdery                      Orson Hyde                           
        Samuel H. Smith                     Martin Harris

[p. 76]


28 Nov 1834, council, Kirtland, Ohio. [JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 28 November 1834]

Kirtland Nov. 28th 1834

            A council convened this evening to transact business according to the regulations of the church.

Joseph Smith Junr.}...................
Sidney Rigdon} Presiding
Frederick G. Williams}...................

John Johnson                                                                  Hyrum Smith
Jared Carter                                                                     Joseph Smith Senr.
Oliver Cowdery                                                              Orson Hyde
Orson Johnson                                                                Luke Johnson
                                                                                        Counsellors present

            John Johnson. Hyrum Smith were appointed to speak. A letter from the church in Lewis, Essex Co. N. Y. was presented by brethren John H. Tippits [Tippets] and Joseph H. Tippits [Tippets] and read by the clerk. Said letters contained an account of money and other property, sent by the church in Lewis, in the care of said brethren to carry to Missouri to purchase land. Those brethren wished to know the mind and advice of their brethren here, whether they had better pursue their journey or not.

            The two counsellors then spoke, followed by F. G. W. O. Hyde, and the Clerk; After which brother Sidney Rigdon proceeded to give a decision. That after looking at all parts of the question, it was the decision, that our brethren be advised to tarry in this place during the winter. The voice of the council was taken which concurred with the decision. The two brethren then respectively arose and said they were perfectly satisfied with the decision of the council. The amount donated by the church in Lewis according to their letter, in cash is, $.473.29.

The amount in other property according}
to their said letter, is ——}                                                                                 - 375.11
aggregate                                                                                                               $.848.40

[p. 77]

            The council then decided that Joseph Smith Jur. take such amount of said money as those brethren can part with for the present, by giving sufficient security, to be paid, with interest, by the 15th of April 1835. It was ascertained by the council sister Caroline Tippits held $.149.75 of the money mentioned in said letter, She was accordingly called into the council— and expressed a willingness to loan the same, A Note of $.280. was drawn in favor of John H. Tippits, due April 15th. 1835 and signed by Joseph Smith Junr Oliver Cowdery & F. G. Williams and another in favor of Caroline Tippits of $.150. due April 15th. 1835 signed by Joseph Smith Jn. Oliver Cowdery &. F. G. Williams. The council then closed in prayer by J. Smith Junr.

Oliver Cowdery}
Clerk of Conference}

            The next Counsellors will be arranged as follows.

                                                                                            Jared Carter                Joseph Smith Senr.
                                                                                                                    Oliver Cowdery                Orson Hyde
                                                                                                                     Orson Johnson                Luke Johnson
                                                                                                                 Samuel H. Smith                Martin Harris
                                                                                                                       John Johnson                Joseph Coe
                                                                                                                            John Smith                Hyrum Smith

            The following letter was presented by John H. Tippets and formed the subject of the preceding council.

            Written to brother Joseph & high council in Kirtland by Alvah L. Tippits [Tippets] to be sent greeting.

            Brother Joseph will recollect the time I left Kirtland last winter in order to come for to dispose of the property I had in possession, which I have been striving to do, from that time till about the first of Sept. last. [p. 78] But I have felt very uneasy, while the commandment has gone forth for the Eastern churches to flee unto the West. The first, or about the first of Sept. I with 2 of my brethren, took the revelation concerning the redemption of Zion, and read it, and then we agreed to ask God to enable us to obey the same. as we live in the Eastern States our minds lit over these important lines, therefore a commandment I give unto all the churches, that they shall continue to gather together unto the places which I have appointed, nevertheless, as I have said unto you in a former commandment, let not your gathering be in haste nor by flight, but let all things be prepared before you, & in order that all things be prepared before you, observe the commandment which I have given concerning these things which saith or teacheth to purchase all the lands, by money, which can be purchased for money, in the region round about the land which I have appointed to be the land of Zion. for the beginning of the gathering of my saints; all the land which can be purchased in Jackson County, and the counties round about and leave the residue in mine hand.

            Now verily I say unto you, let all the churches gather together all their monies, let these things be done in their time, be not in haste, and observe to have all things prepared before you, and let honorable men be appointed even wise men and send them to purchase these lands, and every church in the Eastern countries, when they are built up, if they will hearken unto this council, they may by buy lands and gather together upon them, and in this way they may establish Zion. And after further consideration and much prayer, we carried the case before the church in this place which met the approbation of the same. Accordingly we strove to become of one heart and one mind, appointed a day for fasting & prayer, and asked the Lord to enable [p. 79] us to collect all our monies, and appointed a day for the church to come together for council. Accordingly we came together and after consecration chose a moderator & clerk to keep the record of the church, counselled together concerning property owned by the church, and commenced to make sale, and collect pay according to the voice of the church in order to collect all the monies owned by the church & send by the hands of wise men, which were appointed by the voice of the church; one Elder and the other a Priest according to the will of God.

Alvah L. Tippits

 Lewis, County of Essex N. Y.}
                      Oct. 20 1834.}

            A branch of the church of the Latter Day-Saints, agreeable to the requirement of heaven, have strove to unite their hearts and views in order to be found spotless before the blazing throne of the great Jehovah, when he comes to make up his jewels, and for this end do send property by the hands of Wise men appointed by the voice of the church, (agreeable to the revelation concerning the redemption of Zion) for the purpose of purchasing land in Jackson County or counties, round about, for the inheritance of the church. Agreeable to this we give out names with the affix sums annexed.

Alvah H. Tippits)                         Cash                      Property              

Joseph H. Tippits)                     $.98.67   }                  120.37              
Alvah Tippits                                34.63   }                    80.00              
John H. Tippits                         171.05   }                   51.93              
Henry Adams                               11.13   }                     8.75              
David Bragg                                  5.00   }                     1.06              
Zebulon Adams                             1.75   }                                            
Caroline Tippits                          151.06   }                  107.00              
Gustavus A. Perry                      00. 00.   }                      6.00              

One hundred dollars to be left in Kirtland in boots & shoes



The wise men are John H. Tippits Joseph H. Tippits


aggregate $.848.40

[p. 80]


5-6 Dec 1834, assembly, [?].
[JSP Documents 1834, Minutes, 5-6 December 1834]

Chapter 1.

            Friday Evening, December 5, 1834. According to the direction of the Holy Spirit, Pr[e]sident Smith, assistant Presidents, [Sidney] Rigdon and [Frederick G.] Williams, assembled for the purpose of ordaining <first> High Counsellor [Oliver] Cowdery to the office of assistant President of the High and Holy Priesthood in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.

            It is necessary, for the special benefit of the reader, that he be instructed <into, or> concerning the power and authority of the above named Priesthood.

            First. The office of the President is to preside over the whole Chu[r]ch; to be considered as at the head; to receive revelations for the Church; to be a Seer, and Revelator <and Prophet—> having all the gifts of God:— having taking <Moses> for an ensample. Which is

            Second. the office and station of the above President Smith, according to the calling of God, and the ordination which he has received.

            Second. The office of Assistant President is to assist in presiding over the whole chu[r]ch, and to officiate in the absence of the President, according to their <his> rank and appointment, viz: President Cowdery, first; President Rigdon Second, and President Williams Third, as they <were> are severally called. The office of this Priesthood is also to act as Spokesman—taking Aaron for an ensample.

            The virtue of this the <above> Priesthood is to hold the keys of the kingdom of heaven, or the Church militant.

            The reader may further understand, that Presidents <the> reason why President <High Counsellor> Cowdery was not previously ordained <to the Presidency,> was, in consequence of his necessary attendance in Zion, to assist Wm W. Phelps in conducting the printing business; but that this promise was made by the angel while in company with President Smith, at the time they receivd the office of the lesser priesthood. And further: The circumstances and situation of the Church requiring, Presidents Rigdon and Williams were previously ordained, to assist the President Smith.

            After this short explination, we now proceed to give an account of the acts, promises, and blessings of this memorable Evening:

            First. After assembling, we received a rebuke for our former low, uncultivated, and disrespectful manner of communication, and salutation, with, and unto each other, by the voice of the Spirit, saying unto us: Verily, condemnation resteth upon you, who are appointed to lead my Chu[r]ch, and to be saviors of men: and also upon the church: And there must needs be a repentance and a refor[m]ation among you, in all things, in your ensamples before the Chuch, and before the world, in all your manners, habits and customs, and salutations one toward another—rendering unto every man the respect due the office, and calling, and priesthood, whereunto I the Lord have appointed and ordained you. Amen. [p. 17]

            It is only necessary to say, relative to the foregoing reproof and instruction, that, though it was given in sharpness, it occasioned gladness and joy, and we were willing to repent and reform, in every particular, according to the instruction given. It is also proper to remark, that after the reproof was given, we all confessed, voluntarily, that such had been the manifestations of the Spirit a long times since; in consequence of which the rebuke came with greater sharpness.

            Not thinking to evade the truth, or excuse, in order to escape censure, but to give proper information, a few remarks relative to the situation of the chuch previous to this date, is necessary. Many, on hearing the fulness of the gospel, embraced it with eagerness; <yet,> at the same time were unwilling to forego their former opinions and notions relative to church government, and the rules and habits proper for the good order, harmony, peace, and beauty of a people destined, with the protecting care of the Lord, to be an ensample and light of the world. They did not dispise government; but there was a disposition to organize that government according to their own notions, or feelings. For example: Every man must be subjected <to> wear a particular fashioned coat, hat, or other garment, or else an accusation was brought that we were fashioning after the world. Every one must be called by their given name, without respecting the office or ordinance to which they had been called: Thus, President Smith was called Joseph, or brother Joseph; President Rigdon, brother Sidney, or Sidney, &c. This manner of address gave occasion to the enemies of the truth, and was a means of bringing reproach upon the Cause of God. But in consequence of former prejudices, the church, many of them, would not submit to proper and wholesome order. This proceeded from a spirit of enthusiasm, and vain ambition—a desire to compel others to come to certain rules, not dictated by the will of the Lord; or a jealous fear, that, were men called by thier respective titles, and the ordinance of heaven honored in a proper manner, some were in a way to be exalted above others, and their form of government disregarded. In fact, the true principle of honor in the church of the saints, that the more a man is exalted, the more humble he will be, if actuated by the Spirit of the Lord, seemed to have been overlooked; and the fact, that the greatest is least and servant of all; as said our Savior, never to have been thought of, by numbers. These facts, for such they were, when viewed in their proper light, were sufficient, of themselves to cause men to humble themselves before the Lord; but when communicated by the Spirit, made an impression upon our hearts not to be forgotten. [p. 18]

            Perhaps, an arrangement of this kind in a former day would have occasioned some unpleasant reflections, in the minds of many, and at an early <earlier> period, in this church, others to have forsaken the cause, in consequence of weakness, and unfaith fulness; but that the leaders of the church should wait so long before stepping forward according <to> the manifestation of the Spirit, deserved a reproof. And that the church should be chastened, for their uncultivated manner of salutation, is also just. But to proceed with the account of the interview.

            After addressing the throne of mercy, President Smith laid hands up on High Counsellor Cowdery, and ordained him to the Presidency of the High priesthood in the Church, saying:

            Brother, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was crucified for the sins of the world, that we through the virtue of his blood might come to the Father, I lay my hands upon thy head, and ordain thee a President of the high and holy priesthood, to assist in presiding over the Chu[r]ch, and bearing the keys of this kingdom—which priesthood is after the order of Melchizedek—which is after the order of the Son of God— And now, O Father, wilt thou bless this thy servant with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding— give him, by the Holy Spirit, a correct understanding of thy doctrine, laws, and will— commune with him from on high— let him hear thy voice, and recieve the ministries ministring of the holy angels— deliver him from temptation, and the power of darkness— deliver him from evil, and from those who may seek his destruction, — be his shield, his buckler, and his great reward— endow him with power from on high, that he may write, preach, and proclaim the gospel to his fellowmen in demonstration of the Spirit and of power— may his feet never slide— may his heart never feint— may his faith never fail. Bestow upon him the blessings of his fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and of Joseph— Prolong his life to a good old age, and bring him in peace to his end, and to rejoice with thy saints, even the sanctified, in the celestial kingdom; for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

            Presidents Rigdon and Willliams, confirmed the ordinance and blessings by the laying on of hands and prayer, after which each were blessed with the same blessings and prayer.

            Much light was communicated to our minds, and we were instructed into the order of the church of the saints, and how they ought to conduct in respecting and reverencing each other. The praise of men, or the honor of this world, is of no benefit; but if a man is respected in his calling, and considered to be a man of righteousness, the truth may have an influence, many times, by which means they may teach the gospel with success, and lead men into the kingdom of heaven. [p. 19]

            On Saturday, December 6, Presidents Smith, [Oliver] Cowdery, and [Sidney] Rigdon assembled with High Counsellors Joseph Smith, sen. Hyrum Smith, and Samuel H. Smith, in company with Reynolds Cahoon, counsellor to the Bishop, High Priest William Smith, and <Elder> Don C[arlos] Smith.

            The meeting was opened by prayer, and a lengthy conversation held upon the subject of introducing a more refined order into the Church. On further reflection, the propriety of ordaining others to the office of Presidency of the high priesthood was also discussed, after which High Counsellor Hyrum Smith was ordained <to> the Presidency under the hands of President Smith, and High Counsellor Joseph Smith sen. under the hands of President Rigdon. The others present were blessed under the hands of Presidents J. Smith jr. Cowdery, and Rigdon, and the meeting closed, after a happy season, of and a social intercourse upon the great subject of the gospel and the work of the Lord in this day.

            [p. 20]


14-15 Feb 1835, Ordination Blessings, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 14-15 February 1835]

Ordination Blessings

            Kirtland February 14 1835

            This day a meeting was called of those who journeyed to Zion for the <purpose of laying> the foundation of its redemption last season with as many more of the Brethren & Sisters as felt disposed to attend. President Joseph Smith Junr presided over the meeting. After the Congregation assembled. he arose and requested the attention and read the 15th chapter of John and said, let us endeavor to solemnize our minds that we may receive a blessing by calling on the Lord & said let us pray

            After an appropriate and affecting prayer was made the Brethren who went to Zion, were requested to take their seats together in one part of the house by themselves. President Smith arose and stated the reason why this meeting was called. It was this. God had commanded it and it was made known to him by vision and by the Holy Spirit. he then gave a relation of some of the circumstances attending us while journeying to Zion, our trials, sufferings &c &c. He said God had not designed all this for nothing, but he had it in remembrance yet, and those who went to Zion, with a determination to lay down their lives, if necessary, it was the Will of God, that they should be ordained to the ministry and go forth to prune the vineyard for the last time, or the coming of the Lord, which was nigh, even fifty six years, should wind up the scene. He said many things such as the weak things, even the smallest and weakest among us shall be powerful and mighty and great things, should be accomplished by you, even from this hour. He said, you shall begin to feel the whisperings of the Spirit of God, and the works of God, shall begin to break forth from this time. you shall be endowed with power from on high. [p. 147] President Smith then called upon all those who went to Zion to know if they were agreed with him in the statements which he had made, he said if you are arise upon your feet, all arose upon their feet. He then called upon the balance of the congregation to know also, if they would sanction the movement. They all raised the right hand. The names of those who went to Zion are as follows.

Joseph Smith Junr.        1                James L. Thompson                            27                H[azen] Aldrich                  53
F[rederick] G.               2                Henry Shibley                                     28                J. Salisbury [Wilkins          54
Williams                                                                                                                          Jenkins Salisbury]
Hyrum Smith                3                Bur[r] Riggs                                        29                P[eter] Buchanan                 55
Martin Harris                4                Lewis Robbins                                    30                P[arley] P. Pratt                   56
Roger Orton                  5                Darwin Richardson                             31                                                               
J[azeniah] B. Smith       6                Joseph Young                                     32                                                               
William Smith               7                Alexander Badlam [Sr.]                      33                                                               
Harvey Stanley              8                Solomon Angell                                  34                                                               
Jedediah Grant              9                John Parker                                         35                                                               
Lyman Johnson           10                Levi Hancock                                      36                                                               
Lyman Sherman          11                Daniel Stevens                                    37                                                               
Joseph Hancock          12                Bradford Elliott                                   38                                                               
Brigham Young          13                Hiram Stratton                                     39                                                               
Lyman Smith               14                David Elliott                                        40                                                               
H[eber] C. Kimball      15                Luke Johnson                                      41                                                               
Lorenzo Booth            16                Almon Babbit[t]                                  42                                                               
Zera[h] S. Cole            17                Orson Hyde                                        43                                                               
Leonard Rich               18                Sylvester Smith                                   44                                                               
Harrison Burgess        19                David W. Patten                                  45                                                               
Alden Burdick             20                Wm. Pratt                                            46                                                               
Hiram Winters             21                S[olomon] W. Denton                         47                                                               
William F. Cahoon      22                Bates Nobles [Joseph B. Noble]         48                                                               
Harpin Biggs [Riggs]  23                Elias Hutchins                                     49                                                               
Libeus T. Coon [Libbeus Coons]    24                                       Charles Kelly                50                                                           
Nathan B. Bal[d]win   25                Ezra Thayer                                         51                                                               
Benjamin Winchester  26                John Moredock [Murdock]                 52                                                               

[p. 148]

A Hymn was then sung for dismission (viz.) Hark listen to the trumpeters they call for volunteers. President Hyrum Smith closed by prayer and dismissed for one hour.

Met pursuant to adjourment & president Hyrum Smith opened the meeting by Prayer. President J. Smith Junr. and arose and said. The first business of the meeting was for the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon, to pray each one and then proceed to choose twelve men from the church as Apostles to go to all nations, kindred toungs and people. The three Witnesses united in prayer (Viz) Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer & Martin Harris. These three Witnesses were then blessed by the laying on of the hands of the Presidency. They then according to a former commandment, proceeded to make choice of the twelve: The names of are as follows

Lyman Johnson             1
Brigham Young           2
H. C. Kimball                3
Orson Hyde                  4
David W. Patten            5
Luke Johnson                6
Wm. E. McLel[l]in        7
John F. Boynton           8
Orson Pratt                  9
Wm. Smith                  10
Thomas B. Marsh      11
Parley P. Pratt            12

            Lyman Johnson, Brigham Young and H. C. Kimball came forward and the three witnesses laid their hands upon each ones head and prayed separately. The Blessing of L. Johnson was in the name of Jesus Christ, that he should bear the tidings of salvation to nations, tongues and people, until the utmost corners of the earth shall hear the tidings, and that he shall be a witness of the things of God to nations & tongues, and that Holy Angels shall administer to him occasionally and that no power of the enemy shall prevent him from going forth and doing the work of the Lord. And that he shall <should> live until the gathering was accomplished, according to the Holy Prophets. And that he should be like unto Enoch. [p. 149] And your faith shall be like unto his, and he shall be called great among all the living, and Satan shall tremble before thee, and that he shall see the Saviour come and stand on the Earth with power and great glory.

            The blessing of Brigham Young was as follows, That he should be strong in Body, that he may go forth and gather the Elect preparatory to the great day of the coming of the Lord, and that he might be strong and mighty declaring the tidings to nations that know not God, that he may add ten talents, that he may come to Zion with many sheaves. He shall go forth from land to land and from sea to sea. and shall behold Heavenly Messengers going forth, & his life shall be prolonged, and the Holy Priesthood is confirmed upon thee, that he may do wonders in the name of Jesus, that he may cast out Devils, heal the sick, raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind, go forth from land to land and from sea to sea, and that heathen nations shall not even call him God himself, if he did not rebuke them.

            Heber C. Kimball, blessing was in substance as follows. That he shall be made like unto those who have <been> blessed before him and be favored with the same blessing. That he might receive visions, the ministration of angels and hear their voices & even come into the presence of God. That many millions may be converted by his instrumentality that angels may waft him from place to place and that he may stand unto the coming of our Lord and receive a crown over the kingdom of our Lord, that he be made acquainted with the day when Christ shall come, that he shall be made perfect [p. 150] in faith and that the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the blind shall see, and greater things <than> these shall he do, that he shall have boldness of speech before the nations and great power &c.

            A hymn was then sung Glorious things of the[e] are spoken. The congregation was then dismissed by J. Smith Junr.

            Sunday, Feb. 15th at 9 o clock A.M. the congregation again assembled & President [Oliver] Cowdery arose, and made some observations upon the nature of the meeting and then prayed unto the Lord for his assistance &c &c.

            After which a number of certificates were read and accepted from brethren, that recently returned from Zion. Then, President Cowdery called forward Orson Hyde. David W. Patten and Luke Johnson and proceeded to their ordination & blessing.

            Orson Hyde, blessing. Oliver Cowdery proceeded and called upon the Lord to smile upon him and that his faith shall be perfect, and that the blessings pronounced shall be realized. He shall be made mighty and be endued with power from on high, and go forth to the nations of the earth to proclaim the gospel. That he shall escape all the pollutions of the world. The Angels shall uphold him, and that he shall go forth according to the commandment, both to Jew & Gentile and shall go to all nations, kingdoms and tongues and shall All who hear his voice shall acknowledge him to be a servant of God. He shall be equal in holding the keys of the kingdom. He shall stand on the earth and bring souls till Christ comes. We know that he loves thee, and may this thy servant be able to walk through pestilence and not be harmed. The powers of darkness shall have no ascendency over him. He shall have power to smite the earth with pestilence, to divide waters and lead through the Saints. He shall go from land to land and from sea to sea. He shall be like unto one of the three Nephites [p. 151] David W. Patten’s blessing. O God, give this, thy servant a knowledge of thy will; May he be like one of old who bore testimony of Jesus. May he be a new man from this day forth. He shall be equal with his brethren, the twelve, and have all the qualifications of the Prophets before him. May his body be strong and never be weary. May he walk and not faint. May he have power over all diseases, and faith according to his desires. May the Heavens be opened upon him speedily, that he may bear testimony from knowledge, that he may go to nations and isles afar off. May he have a know ledge of thing the things of the kingdom from the beginning and be able to tear down priest-craft like a Lion May he have power to smite his enemies before him with utter destruction. May he continue till the Lord comes. O Father we seal these blessings upon him, even so Amen.

Luke Johnson’s blessing

            Our Father, in Heaven, look down in mercy upon us and upon this thy servant whom we ordain to the ministry of the twelve. He shall be prepared and preserved and be come like those we have blessed before him, The nations shall tremble before him. He shall hear the voice of God: he shall comfort the hearts of the saints, always. The angels shall bear him up till he shall finish his ministry. He shall be delivered and come forth with Israel. He shall bear testimony to the kings of the earth, and hold communion with the Father, with the son and with the general assembly and church of the first born. If cast into prison he shall be able to comfort the hearts of his comrades His tongue shall be loosed and he shall have power to lead many to Zion, and set down with them, and the Ancient of Days shall pronounce this blessing. That you have been faithful. He shall have strength [p. 152] wisdom & power. He shall go among the covenant people and speak all their tongues where he shall go. All these blessings we confirm upon him in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Wm. E. McLel[l]in’s blessing.

            In the name of the Lord, Wisdom & intelligence shall be poured out upon him, to enable him to perform the great work, that is incumbent upon him. That he may be spared until the saints are gathered, that he may stand before Kings and Rulers to bear testimony and be upheld by holy Angels, and the nations of the earth shall acknowledge that God has sent him. He shall have power to overcome his enemies, and his life shall be spared in the midst of pestilance and destruction, and in the midst of his enemies. He shall be a prince and a saviour to God’s people. The Tempter shall not overcome him, nor his enemies prevail against him. The Heavens shall be opened unto him as unto men in days of old. He shall be mighty in the hands of God, and shall convince thousands that God has sent him, and his days may by prolonged until the coming of the son of man. He shall be wafted as on eagles wings, from country to country and from people to people and <be able> to <do> wonders in the midst of this generation, Even so Amen.

John F. Boynton’s blessing

            Thou hast prevailed, and thou shalt prevail and thou shalt declare the gospel unto many nations. Thou shalt be made mighty before God. And although thou shalt be cast out from the face of men, yet thou shalt <have> power to prevail, thou shalt lead the Elect triumphantly to the places of refuge. Thou shalt be like thy brethren who have been blessed before thee. Thou shalt stand in that day of calamity when the wicked shall be consumed, and present unto the Father, spotless, the fruit of his <thy> labor. Thou shalt overcome all the evils that are in the world. Thou shalt have wisdom to put to silence all the wisdom of the wise, and thou shalt see the face of thy Redeemer in the flesh. These blessings were <are> pronounced and sealed upon thee even so Amen. [p. 153]

Williams Smith’s blessing

            That he may be purified in heart, that he may have communion with God. That he may be equal with his brethren in holding the keys of this ministry That he may be kept and be instrumental in leading Israel forth, that he may be delivered from the hands of those who seek to destroy him: that he may be enabled to bear testimony to the nations, that Jesus lives. That he may stand in the midst of pestilence and destruction, he shall be mighty in the hands of God, in bringing about the restoration of Israel. The nations shall rejoice at the greatness of the gifts which God has bestowed upon him, That his tongue shall be loosed, he shall have power to do great things in the name of Jesus. He shall be preserved and remain on the earth until, Christ shall come to take vengeance on the wicked. Confirmed [p. 154]


21 Feb 1835, a meeting, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 21 February 1835]

Kirtland February 21st 1835

            Pursuant to adjournment a meeting of the Church of the Latter Day Saints was held and proceeded as follows. (Viz.) Meeting opened by prayer, of President David Whitmer, President O[liver] Cowdery addressed the congregation briefly and then Elder Parley P. Pratt was called to the stand and ordained as one of the Twelve. by J. Smith Jur. D. Whitmer & O. Cowdery

            Parley P. Pratt’s blessing, as pronounced upon him by O. Cowdery, O. Lord smile from Heaven upon this thy servant, forgive his sins, sanctify his heart and prepare him to receive the blessing. Increase his love for thee and for thy cause, increase his intelligence, communicate to him all that wisdiom, that prudence, and that understanding which [p. 154] he needs as a minister of Righteousness, and to magnify the Apostleship whereunto he is called. May a double portion of that spirit which was communicated to the Diciples of of our Lord & Saviour, to lead them into all truth, rest down upon him, go with him where <he> goes. that nothing shall prevail against him. that he may be delivered from prisons, from the power of his enemies, and from the adversary of all righteousness. May he be able to mount up on wings as an Eagle’s, to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint. May he have great wisdom & intelligence, and be able to lead thine elect through this thorny maze. Let sickness and death have no power over him. Let him be equal with his brethren in bringing many sons and daughters to glory, and many nations to a knowledge of the truth. Great blessings shall rest upon thee. Thy faith shall increase, Thou shalt have great power, to prevail, The viel of the Heavens shall be rolled up, Thou shalt be permitted to gaze within it, and receive instruction from on high. No arm that is formed and lifted against thee, shall prosper, no power shall prevail, for thou shalt have power with God. and shall proclaim his gospel, thou wilt be afflicted, but thou shalt be delivered and conquer all thy foes. Thine office shall never be taken from thee. Thou shalt be called great. Angels shall carry thee from place to place. Thy sins are forgiven, and thy name written in the lambs book of life. Even so Amen.

            The following charge was then given Elder P. P. Pratt by President O. Cowdery.

[Oliver Cowdery]

            I am aware, Dear Brother, that the mind naturally claims something new: but the same thing rehearsed, frequently profits us. You will have the same difficulties to encounter in fulfilling this ministry, that the ancient Apostles had. You have enlisted in a cause that requires your whole attention, you ought therefore to count the cost, and become a polished shaft, to become a polished shaft, you must be sensible, requires the labor of years; and your station re [p. 155] quires a perfect polish. It is required, not merely to travel a few miles in this country, but in distant countries. You must endure much labor, much toil, and many privations to become perfectly polished. Your calling is not like that of the husbandman, to cultivate a stinted portion of the planet on which we dwell, and when heaven has given the former and the latter rain, and mellow autumn refined his fruit, gather it in and, congratulates him self for a season in the remission of his toils, while he anticipates his winter evenings of relaxation and fireside enjoyment, But. Dear Brother, it is far otherwise with you. Your labor must be incessant and your toil great. You most go forth and labor till the great work is done. It will require a series of years to accomplish it. But you will have this pleasing consolation that, your Heavenly Father requires it; the field is his, the work is his, and he will not only cheer you, animate you & buoy you up in your pilgrimage, in yours arduous toils. but, when your work is done, and your labor o[v]er, he will take you to himself. But before this consummation of your felicity. bring your mind to bear upon what will be imperiously required of you to accomplish the great work that lies before you: Count well the cost. You have read of the trials and persecutions of ancient days. Has not bitter experience taught you that they are the same now? You will be dragged before the Authorities, for the religion you profess, and it were better not to set out than to start, look back, or shrink when dangers thicken upon you, or appalling death stares you in the face. I have spoken these things, Dear Brother, because I have seen them in visions. There are strong dungeons and gloomy prisons for you. These should not appall you. You must be called good or bad man. The ancients passed through the same. They had this testimony, that they had seen the Saviour after he rose from the dead. You must bear some testimony, or your mission, your labor, your toil will be in vain. You must bear the same testimony, that there is [p. 156] but one God and one Mediator; he that has seen him will know, him and testify of him. Beware of Pride, beware of evil; shun the very appearance of it, for the time is coming when if you do not hear to <these> things you will have a fall. Among your many afflictions you will have many blessings also. but you must pass through many afflictions in order to receive the glory that is in reserve for you. You will see thousands who when they first see you will know nothing about salvation by Jesus Christ, You shall see a nation born in a day. A great work lies before you & the time is near, when you must bid farewell to your native land, cross the mighty deep and sound the tocsin of alarm to other nations, kindreds tongues and people. Remember that all your hopes of deliverance from danger & from death, will rest upon your faithfulness to God in his cause. You must necessarily serve him with a perfect heart and a willing mind. Avoid strife and vain glory, think not yourself better than your brethren, but pray for them, as well as for your self, and if you are faithful, great will be your blessings, but if you are not your stewardship will be taken from you, and another appointed in your stead.

            Elder Pratt gave his hand to President O. Cowdery and said he had received ordination and should fulfil the ministry according to the grace given him. To which the President replied Go forth and Angels shall bear thee up and thou shalt come forth at the last day bringing many with thee.

            Thomas B. Marsh’s Blessing by O. Cowdery Dear Brother, You are to be a minister of righteousness and to this ministry and Apostleship you are now to be ordained: and May all temporal and spiritual blessings attend you. Your sins are forgiven you, and you are to go forth and preach the everlasting Gospel. You shall travel from kingdom to kingdom [p. [157]] and from nation to nation. Angels shall bear the[e] up, and thou shalt be instrumental in bringing thousands of the redeemed of the Lord to Zion. President David Whitmer sealed the above blessing upon him, even so Amen.

Orson Pratt’s blessing.

            Dear Brother, You are chosen, and set apart to be ordained to this Apostleship and this ministry. You shall go forth and preach the gospel and do a mighty work. You shall be sustained. The Holy spirit shall enlighten thy mind. Thou shalt travel from nation to nation. The Lord God shall preserve thee and return thee safe, with songs of everlasting joy upon thy head. The above was confirmed, by President David Whitmer

[President Oliver Cowdery]

            The following Charge was given to the Twelve by President O. Cowdery.

            Dear Brethren, previously to delivering the charge I shall read a part of a revelation. It is known to you that previous to the organizing of this church in 1830 The Lord gave revelations or the Church could not have been organized. The people of this Church were weak in faith compared with the ancients. Those who embarked in this cause, were desirous to know how the work was to be conducted. They read many things in the Book of Mormon, concerning their duty and the way the great work ought to be done; but the minds of men are so constructed, that they will not believe without a testimony of seeing or hearing. The Lord gave us a revelation, that in process of time there should be Twelve chosen to preach his gospel to Jew & Gentile. Our minds have been on a constant stretch to find who these Twelve were, [p. 158] When the time should come, we could not tell, but we sought the Lord by fasting and prayer, to have our lives prolonged to see this day, to see you, and to take a retrospect of the difficulties through which we have passed. but, having seen the day, it becomes my duty to deliver to you a charge. and first, a few remarks respecting your ministry. You have many Revelations put into your hands. Revelations to make you acquainted with the nature of your Mission. You will have difficulties by reason of your visiting all the nations of the world. You will need wisdom in a tenfold proportion to what you have ever had. You will have to combat all the prejudices of all nations. He then read Revelation, and proceeded to say, Have you desired this ministry with all your hearts, If you have desired it, you are called of God not of man, to go into all the world. He read again, from the Revelation, what the Lord said to the 12 Brethren, you have your duty presented in this revelation. You have been ordained to the Holy Priesthood, You have received it from those who had their power and authority from an angel.— You are to preach the gospel to every nation. should you in the least degree, come short of your duty, great will be your condemnation. for the greater the calling, the greater the transgression. I, therefore, warn you to cultivate great humility, for I know the pride of the human heart. Beware, lest the flatterers of the world lift you up. Beware lest your affections are captivated by worldly objects. Let your ministry be first. Remember the souls of men are committed to your charge, and if you mind your calling you shall always prosper. You have been indebted to other men in the first instance for evidence, on that you have acted. But <it> is necessary that you receive a testimony from Heaven for [p. 159] yourselves, so that you can bear testimony to the truth of the Book of Mormon. And that you have seen the face of God: that is more than the testimony of an Angel. When the proper time arrives, you shall be able to bear this testimony to the world. When you bear testimony that you have seen God. This testimony God will never suffer to fall, but will bear you out. although many will not give heed, yet others will. You will, therefore, see the necessity of getting this testimony from Heaven. Never cease striving until you have seen God, face to face. Strengthen your faith, cast off your doubts, your sins and all your unbelief and nothing can prevent you from coming to God. your ordination is not full and complete till God has laid his hand upon you. We require as much to qualify us as did those who have gone before us. God is the same. If the Saviour in former days laid his hands on his disciples. Why not in the latter Days. With regard to superiority I must make a few remarks. The ancient Apostles sought to be great. but, brethren, lest the seeds of discord be sown in this matter, understand particularly the voice of the spirit on this occasion. God does not love you better or more than others. You are to contend for the faith once deliverd to the saints. Jacob, you know wrestled till he obtained. It was by fervent prayer and diligent search that you have obtained the testimony you are now able to bear. You are as one, you are equal in bearing the keys of the kingdom to all nations. You are called to preach the gospel of the son of God to the nations of the earth. [p. 160] It is the will of your Heavenly Father that you proclaim his gospel to the ends of the earth. and the Islands of the sea. Be zealous to save souls. The soul of one man is as precious as the soul of another. You are to bear this message to those who consider themselves wise. and such may persecute you, they may seek your life. The adversary has always sought the life of the servants of God. You are, therefore, to be prepared at all times to make a sacrifice of your lives, should God require them in the advancment and building up of his cause. Murmur not at God. Be always prayerful, be always watchful. You will bear with me while I relieve the feelings of my heart. We shall not see another day like this. The time has fully come; The voice of the spirit has come to set these men apart. You will see the time when you will desire to see such a day as this, and you will not see it. Every heart wishes you peace & prosperity. but the scene, with you, will inevitably change. Let no man take your bishopric, and beware that you lose not your crowns. It will require your whole souls. It will require courage like Enoch’s. The time is near when you will be in the midst of congregations, who will gnash their teeth upon you. This gospel must roll and will roll till it fill the whole Earth. Did I say congregations would gnash upon you, yea I say nations will gnash upon you. You will be considered the worst of Men. Be not discouraged at this, When God pours out his Spirit, the enemy will rage, but, God, remember is on your right hand and on your left. A man, though he may be considered the worst, has joy who is conscious that he pleases God. The lives of those who proclaim the true gospel will be in danger; this has been the case ever since the days of righteous Abel. The same opposition has been manifest whenever [p. 161] men came forward to publish the gospel. The time is coming when you will be considered the worst by many & by some the best of men. The time is coming when you will be perfectly familiar with the things of God. This testimony will make those who do not believe your testimony, seek your lives. But their there are whole nations, who will receive your testimony. They will call you good men. Be not lifted up when you are called good men. Remember you are young men, and you shall be spared, I include the other three. Bear them in mind in your prayers carry their cases to a throne of grace. Although they are not present, yet you and they are equal. This appointment is calculated to create an affection in you, for each other, stronger than death.

            You will travel to other Nations, Bear each other in mind. If one or more is cast into prisons, let the others pray for him, and deliver him by their prayers. Your lives shall be in great jeopardy, but the promise of God, is that you shall be delivered. Remember you are not to go to other nations, till you receive your endowment. Tarry at Kirtland until you are endowed with power from on high. You need a fountain of wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence such as you never had. Relative to the endowment, I make a remark or two, that there be no mistake. The world cannot receive the things of God. He can endow you without wor[l]dly pomp or great parade. He can give you that wisdom, that intelligence and that power which characterized the ancient Saints and now characterized characterizes the inhabitants of the upper world. The greatness of your commission, consists in this; you are to hold the keys of this ministry. You [p. 162] are to go to the nations afar off; nations that sit in darkness. The [time?] is coming when the work of God must be done. Israel shall be gathered, The seed of Jacob shall be gathered from their long dispersion. There will be a feast to Israel, the elect of God. It is a sorrowful tale but, the gospel must be preached and his <God’s> ministers be rejected. but where can Israel be found, and receive your testimony, and not rejoice? Nowhere. The Prophecies are full of great things that are to take place in the last days. After the Elect is gathered out, destruction shall come on the inhabitants of the Earth; All nations shall feel the wrath of God, after they have been warned by the saints of the Most High. If you will not warn them others will and you will lose your crowns. You must prepare your minds to bid a long farewell to Kirtland. even till the great day come. You will see what you never expected to see. You will need the mind of Enoch or Elijah & the faith of the brother of Jared.

            You must be prepared to walk by faith, however, appalling the prospect to human view. You, and each of you should feel the force of the imperious mandate, “Son go labor in my vineyard” and cheerfully receive what comes, but in the end you will stand while others will fall. You have read in the Revelation concerning ordination. Beware how you ordain, for all nations are not like this nation. They will willingly receive the ordinances at your hand to put you out of the way. There will be times, when nothing but the angels of God can deliver you out of their hand. We appeal to your intelligence, we appeal to your understanding, that we have so far discharged our duty to you. We consider it one of the greatest condescentions of our Heavenly Father in pointing you out to us. You will be stewards over this ministry. [p. 163] We have work to do, that no other men can do. You must proclaim the Gospel in its simplicity and purity. and we commend you to God and the word of his grace. You have our best wishes, you have our most fervent prayers, that you may be able to bear this testimony, that you have seen the face of God. Therefore, call upon him in faith and mighty prayer, till you prevail, for it <is> your duty and your privelege to bear such testimony for yourselves. We now exhort you to be faithful to fulfil your calling, there must be no lack here. You must fulfil in all things, and permit is us to repeat, all nations have a claim on you. You are bound together as the three witnesses were. You, notwithstanding can part & meet & meet and part again till your heads are silvered o[v]er with age.

            He then took them separately by the hand and said, Do you with full purpose of heart take part in this ministry, to proclaim the gospel with all diligence with these your brethren, according to the tenor and intent of the charge you have received, each of which answered in the affirmative. [p. 164]


27 Feb 1835, nine of the twelve, [?].
[JSP Documents 1835, Meeting, 27 February 1835-A]

Kirtland Ohio Feb. 27th 1835

            This evening a meeting of nine of the twelve of the Apostles, who had been chosen and ordained was held at the house of President Joseph Smith Junr. with Presidents Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams and certain others (Viz.) Bishop Newel K. Whitney & Elders John Smith, John Murdock and Even [Evan] M. Greene. It may be well to give, also, the names of those nine who were present. Lyman Johnson, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, David W. Patten Luke Johnson, Wm. E. McLel[l]in, John F. Boynton & Wm. Smith. Parley P. Pratt had now gone to New-Portage and Orson Pratt & Thomas B. Marsh had not yet arrived to receive their ordination After the company were assembled, and the meeting opened by prayer of President J. Smith Junr.

[President Joseph Smith]

he (President Smith) arose and said, he had something to lay before the council, and he thought if he were heard patiently, he could lay before the council an item which they would to be of importance. He had for himself, learned a fact, by experience, which on reflection, always gave him a deep sorrow. It is a fact (said President Smith) that if I now had in my possession, every decision which has been had, upon important items of doctrine and duties, which have been given since the commencement of this work, I would not part with it for any sum of money, but we have neglected to take minutes of such things, thinking, perhaps, that they would never benefit us afterward, which, had we now, would decide almost any point of doctrine, which might be agitated. but, this has been neglected and now we cannot bear record to the church, and to the world, of the great [p. 86] and glorious manifestations which have been made to us, with that degree of power and authority, we otherwise could, if we now had these things to publish abroad. Since the Twelve are now chosen, I wish to tell them a course <which> they may pursue, and be benefitted hereafter, in a point of light of which they are not now aware. If they will, on every time they assemble, appoint a person to preside <over> of over them during the meeting and one or more to keep a record of their proceedings, and on the decision of every question or item, let it be what it may, let such decision be noted down, such decision will forever remain upon record, and appear an item of covenant or doctrine. An item thus decided may appear at the time of little or no worth, but should it be published, and one of you lay hands on it after you will find of infinite worth, not only to your brethren, but it will be a feast to your own souls.

            Here is another important item. If you assemble from time to time, and proceed to discuss important questions, and pass decisions upon the same, and fail to note them down, by & by you will be driven to straits, from which, you will not be able to extricate yourselves. because you may be in a situation not to bring your faith to bear with sufficient perfection or power to obtain the desired information, or perhaps, for neglecting to write these things, when God revealed them, not esteeming them of sufficient worth the spirit may withdraw and God may be angry, and here is or was a vast knowledge of infinite importance, which is now lost. What was the cause of this? It came in consequence of Slothfulness, or a neglect to appoint a man to occupy a few moments in writing all these decisions. Here let me prophesy. The time will come, when, if you neglect to do this thing, you will fall by the hands of unrighteous men. Were you to be brought before the authorities, and, be accused of any crime or Misdemeanor, and be as innocent as [p. 87] the Angels of God, unless you can prove yourselves to have been somewhere else, your enemies will prevail over you: but if you can bring twelve men to testify that you were in a certain place at that time, you will escape their hands. Now, if you will be careful to keep minutes of these things, as I have said, it will be one of the most important records ever seen; for every such decision will, ever after remain as items of doctrine and covenants. I have now placed before you these items, for your consideration, and you are left to act according to your own judgements. The council then expressed their approbation, concerning the foregoing remarks of President Smith, and proceeded to appoint Elders, Orson Hyde & Wm. E. McLelin, to serve as clerks for the meeting. After which the following question was proposed by President Smith (viz.) What importance is there attached to the calling of these twelve apostles different from the other callings or offices of the Church? After some discussion by elders, Patten Young, Wm. Smith & McLelin, President Smith gave the following decision. They are the Twelve Apostles, who are called to the office of traveling high council, who are to preside over all the churches of the Saints among the Gentiles, where there is no presidency established, and they are to travel and preach among the Gentiles, until the Lord shall command them to go to the Jews. They are to hold the keys of this ministry, to unlock the door of the kingdom of heaven unto all nations, and to preach the Gospel to every creature. This is the power, authority and virtue of their Apostleship. The meeting closed by President J. Smith Junr in Prayer

Oliver Cowdery Clerk. [p. 88]


27 Feb 1835, the twelve, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 27 February 1835-B]

            February 27th. of the same year the Twelve met in Kirtland by request of President J. Smith Jun. After the council was opened by prayer, he arose and made the following observations, (Viz)

[President J. Smith Jun.]

“I have something to lay before this council, an item which they will find to be of great importance to them. I have for myself learned— a fact by experience which on reflection gives me deep sorrow. It is a truth that if I now had in my possession every decision which has been given had upon important items of doctrine and duties since the rise of this church, they would be of incalculable worth to the saints, but we have neglected to keep record [p. 1] of such things, thinking that prehaps that they would never benefit us afterwards, wh[i]ch had we now, would decide almost any point that might be agitated; and now we cannot bear record to the church nor unto the world of the great and glorious manifestations that have been made to us with that degree of power and authority whi[c]h we otherwise could if we had those decisions to publish abroad.

            Since the twelve are now chosen, I wish to tell them a course which they may pursue and be benefitted hereafter in a point of light of which they, prehaps, are not now aware. At all times when you assemble in the capacity of a council to transact business let the oldest of your number preside, and let one or more be appointed to keep a record of your proceedings and on the decision of every important item, be it what it may, let such decision be noted down, and they will ever after remain upon record as law, covenant and doctrine. Any Questions thus decided might at the time appear unimportant, but should they be recorded and one of you lay hands upon them afterward you might find them of infinite worth not only to your brethren but a feast als[o] to your own souls.

            Should you assemble from time to time and proceed to discuss important questions and pass decisions upon them and omit to record such decisions, by and by, you will be driven to straits from which you will not be able to extricate yourselves— not being in a sufficient situation to bring your faith to bare with sufficient perfection or power to obtain the desired information. Now in consequence of a neglect to write these things when God reveals them, not esteeming them of sufficient worth the spirit may withdraw and God may be angry, and here is a fountain of intelligence or knowledge of infinite importance which is lost. What was the cause of this? The answer is slothfulness [p. 2] or a neglect to appoint a man to occupy a few moments in writing. Here let me prophecy the time will come when if you neglect to do this, you will fall by the hands of unrighteous men. Were you to be brought before the authorities and accused of any crime or misdemeanor and be as innocent as the angels of God unless you can prove that you were somewhere else, your enemies will prevail against you: but if you can bring twelve men to testify that you were in some other place at that time you will escape their hands. Now if you will be careful to keep minutes of these things as I have said, it will be one of the most important and interesting records ever seen. I have now laid these things before you for your consideration and you are left to act according to your own judgments.”

            The council then expressed their approbation of the foregoing remarks and proceeded to nominate and appoint Elders William [E.] M’cLellin and Orson Hyde to serve as clerks for the ‘twelve’.

            The following question was then proposed by president J Smith Jun. (viz) What importance is attached to the callings of these twelve apostles differrent from the other callings and offices of the chu[r]ch. After some discussion by Elders [David W.] Patten, [Brigham] Young, M’c Lellin and W[illiam] Smith, the following decision was given by President Smith, the Prophet of God.

            “They are the twelve apostles who are called to a travelling high council to preside over all the churches of the saints among the gentiles where there is no presidency established. They are to travel and preach among the Gentiles until the Lord shall shall command them to go to the Jews. They are to hold this the keys of this ministry— to unlock the door of the kingdom of heaven unto all nations and preach the Gospel unto every creature. This is the virtue power and authority of their Apostleship— Amen. It is all important that the twelve should understand the power and authority of [p. 3] the priesthoods, for without this knowledge they can do nothing to profit. In the first place God manifested himself to me and gave me authority to establish his church, and you have receivd your authority from God through me; and now it is your duty to go and unlock the kingdom of heaven to foreign nations, for no man can do that thing but yourselves. Neither has any man authority or a right to go to other nations before you; and you, twelve, stand in the same relation to those nations that I stand in to you, that is, as a minister; and you have each the same authority in other nations that I have in this nation.[”] The council was closed by Elder W. E. M’cLellin.

William E M’c. Lellin} Clerk [p. 4]


28 Feb - 1 Mar 1835, blessings of Seventies, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 28 February - 1 March 1835]

Kirtland February 28th 1835

            The hour for meeting having arrived Pres— S[idney] Rigdon arose and made some observations, relative to the business before the meeting, then proceeded to open by prayer. The following are some of the names and ordination blessings of the Seventy who were called and to be sent forth— [p. 164]

Hiram Winters                                 Nathan B. Baldwin
Elias Hutchin[g]s                            Burr Riggs
Hinry Shibley                                  Lewis Robbins
Roger Orton                                    Darwin Richardson
J[azeniah] B. Smith                         Joseph Young
Harvey Stanley                                Alexander Badlam [Sr.]
Jedediah Grant                                Zebedee Coltrin
Lyman Sherman                              Solomon Angel[l]
Joseph Hancock                              John D. Parker
Lyman Smith                                   Daniel Stevens
Peter Buchanan                               Hiram Stratten [Stratton]
David Elliott                                    Sylvester Smith
Almon Babbitt                                 Wm. Pratt
Levi Gifford                                    Ezra Thayer
Joseph B. Nobles [Noble]               Levi Hancock
Lorenzo Booth                                Salmon Warner
Zera[h] S. Cole                                Israel Barlow
Leonard Rich                                   Willard Snow
Harrison Burgess                            Hazen Aldrich
Alden Burdick                                 Charles Kelly
Wm. F. Cahoon                               [Wilkins] Jenkins Salisbury
Harpin Riggs                                   George A. Smith

R. Orton’s Blessing

            You shall be blessed more than once your heart desired. You shall go forth and preach the ever lasting gospel. You shall be delivered from your enemies. If there be no other way to escape them, you shall walk upon the waters. We ordain you to be one of the Seventy. Your tongue shall be loosed, The Heavens shall be open your head, And you shall say as Paul of old, I have heard things unutterable; [p. 165] You shall have the gift of faith. You shall have power to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind; loose the tongue of the dumb and cause the lame to leap as an heart. You shall escape destruction, and bring to pass much righteousness

J. B. Smith’s Blessing

            You shall be made mighty in the hand of God in doing good. You shall go from land to land and from city to city. And if you shall command the wicked to be smitten they shall be smitten; and you shall turn rivers out of their course if needful. You shall have power over winds and waves, and if you are faithful, you shall see many seafaring men converted and lead them to Zion. You shall go even to the dark Isles of the sea. All your evil propensities shall be taken from you if you are faithful in your calling. The Angels shall have charge over you and bear you up, even so Amen

Harvey Stanley’s Blessing

            You shall receive a part of this ministry to bear Glad tidings to the Gentiles. In the day of pestilence and war you shall be preserved, and no man from this day forth shall despise your youth, but you shall be come a polished shaft before God. Your heart shall expand untill you become a man of great wisdom. You shall see the face of your Redeemer and he shall lay his hand upon you. If all nations shall combine against you, You shall be preserved. You shall be sent for by Kings and they shall hear and dismiss thee with honor You shall be spoken of among all nations as one of the wonders of this generation. You shall [p. 166] be made glad to see your fathers house coming to a knowledge of the truth Even so Amen.

Jedediah Grant’s Blessing

            You shall be made mighty in the name of your Redeemer. Your heart shall be filled with perfect love. You shall be made mighty like Enoch You shall be preserved from the ravages of wild beasts, the roar of lions, and the arm of the destroyer. You shall have power to heal the sick and to smite the waters. And you shall not sleep in the Earth; but do great things in the name of God. You shall teach the Gentiles in their own tongues the peaceable things of the Kingdom. You shall return to Zion in a good old age with an army of Saints composed of many kindreds and tongues You shall be called the son of consolation You shall be a counsellor in the house of God,— amen.

Lyman Sherman’s Blessing

            Your ministry shall be great and you shall proclaim to various nations. Your faith shall be unshaken and you shall be delivered from great afflictions. You shall travel much and have power over evils and evil powers. You are a chosen vessel of the Lord, You shall be called a son of thunder, You shall receive many scourgings from the wicked but they shall not kill you, but they chase and you shall hide from them and be delivered. Your eyes are doomed to see desolations great & wonderful. You shall lead a flock to Zion from the abodes of poverty. You shall return to the society of your family and that shall be a scene of rejoicing. You shall teach in ten different tongues. The wicked shall yet stone you and leave you for dead, but you shall be restored & do great Good. <Amen> [p. 167]

Joseph Hancocks’ Blessing

            You are blessed and shall be above that which your heart has conceived to ask for. You shall wade through much tribulation. Your life shall be preserved, although many shall seek it. You shall speak in many tongues, and hear many speak in your own. You have a great work to perform in a far distant clime from this. You shall see great desolations. You shall see bands of Robbers. like the Gadianton: spoiling and laying waste. Your enemies shall not have power over you. You have to go far East & many shall call you blessed father and look up to such you as such, and you shall be a protector to the innocent. Even so Amen.

Lyman Smith’s Blessing.

            The Lord has raised you up, called & chosen you, and your heart shall be set upon your ministry, you shall stand in it and have power to preach, baptize & heal the sick. From this hour, you must think not of clothing, bread or even life, but your mind mind must be diligent although you have many years to live. You shall be the son of the waters and preach in ships & on ships, and whole crews shall be converted and follow you to Zion. You were chosen from childhood to bring to pass much righteousness You shall hear the voice of the Lord, and answer here am I. and the Lord will reveal unto you great things. even so Amen

            Adjourned till 10 o clock tomorrow

            Prayer by S[idney] Rigdon [p. 168]

Kirtland Febr March 1st 1835

Meeting convened at 3 o clock Pm. after the death funerel of Elder Seth Johnson.

David Elliott’s Blessing.

            You shall be one of the Seventy. Satan has desired to have you that he might sift you as wheat, but the Lord has upheld you. The Lord has chosen you. You shall be an instrument in hands of God of turning Idolaters to the Lord. You shall receive great power from God. You shall have power over darkness & pestilence. God’s power shall be manifested through you. And after you have done great things, you shall return to your family in safety & peace and you shall not be a whit behind those of the same ministry with you. Even so amen.

Bradford Elliot’s blessing

            You are a child, but your Heavenly Father designs to train you up for usefulness. We confirm upon you the Priesthood. We seal upon your head all the blessings of the Ancients. You shall in due time be sent forth among the nations, and be an instrument in the hands of God of doing much good. You shall live to a good old age and see the prophecies fulfilled on the head of Joseph. You shall see the sons of God coming from far. You shall be among that number who shall see the Lord descend, and be among that number. Even so Amen.

Almon Babbitt’s Blessing

            The Lord has accepted your sacrifice. You shall be sent among the Gentiles and preach the gospel from land to land and from Isle to Isle. Your soul shall be compashionate. You shall be a son of consolation. You shall be like John the beloved [p. 169] disciple. You shall have power with God, that no tongue now can describe You shall see many days and have long life. The angels shall guard you and minister to you. You shall go where your heart desires, for you shall have great power with God You shall have power over diseases and plagues and do great good. Even so Amen.

Live [Levi] Gifford’s Blessing

            You are a strange kind a of man. curious spirits trouble you, but in the name of the Lord Jesus we rebuke all the evil Spirits that have troubled you, and say to you that you shall overcome them You shall have power to show the simplicity and truth of the Gospel, and you shall have a peculiar gift to speak in other tongues and convince many. You shall be equal to your brethren in this Ministry, You shall be much persecuted but if your faith fail not, you shall return in peace. Even so Amen.

J[oseph] B. Noble’s Blessing

            You are a chosen vessel, even one of the horns of Joseph. Great things will the Lord require at your hand. for you shall push the righteous to gather from the ends of the earth, in hundreds and thousands. The visions of Heaven shall be opened upon your head. You shall have power over all things in the name of the Lord. Angels saw thee ages since & rejoiced over thee, Amen.

Lorenzo Booth’s Blessing

            Your faithfulness has brought down great blessings upon your head. and you shall continue to receive them, for you shall have liberally, of all the blessings which the spiritual Kingdom can bestow [p. 170] You shall have the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the Dove in proclaiming the Gospel. You shall teach idolatrous nations and converse with their priests and convert many. The Lord has proved you and found you worthy. You shall have peculiar faculty or sagacity in teaching and have great power. And the blessing of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob shall rest upon you. Your life shall be preserved & prolonged and you shall return to Zion leading a company in peace. Amen.

Zera[h] S. Cole Blessing.

            The Lord called you when you obeyed the Gospel and you are one of the Seventy. and he will receive nothing but all your time and talents. You are disposed to be a son of Thunder, but if you are not very faithful you will fall and another will take your crown. But if you are faithful, you shall over come all things, and if so in your old age this pleasing reflection shall be your greatest joy. You shall pass through a scene where you shall hear many cry Hosanna, Hosanna. because they heard the truth at your mouth. <Am[e]n>

Leonard Rich’s Blessing

            Thou hast been ordained an high-Priest, we seal upon thee this ministry. Tho[u] hast approved thyself before God. Thou hast called upon him to make thee an instrument in doing a great work and thou shalt do it. Thou hast longed to do great things and thou shalt do them by going to distant nations. Thy desire shall be granted in gathering up the Lord’s Elect. Thou shalt go and return with many blessings upon thy head, with songs of everlasting joy and no power shall overcome thee. Even so amen. [p. 171]


01 Mar 1835, blessings of Seventies, Kirtland, Ohio/
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 1 March 1835]

March 1st 1835

            The council met this morning (Sabbath) to proceed with the ordination of the 70, There being several who had been recently baptized present, and being expedient that they should be confirmed, and also that the sacrament should be administred to the Church, the business of ordination was suspended for a short time. President Joseph Smith Junr addressed the Church & the council and the church upon the pro priety upon the propriety of attending to this ordinance with pure hearts, and pure desirles. He touched upon the propriety of this institution in the church & urged the vast importance of doing it with acceptance to the Lord, He asked how long do you suppose a man may partake of this ordinance unworthily and the Lord not withdraw his spirit from him? How long will he thus trifle with sacred things and the Lord not give him over to the buffitings of Satan until the day of Redemption? The church should know if they are unworthy, from time to time, to partake, The servants of the Lord will be forbidden to administer it. Therefore our heart ought ought to humble themselves, and we to repent of our sins, and put away evil from among us. some further remarks were made and the sacrament was then administred. The council then proceeded to business and the following names were called (Viz.) Levi W. Hancock, Salmon Warner, and Israel Barlow.

Levi W. Hancock

            A prayer was put up that he might be strong in his mission to the Gentiles, that the Lord would open to him the mysteries of the Kingdom, the he be supported [p. 172] in faith, and that he have strength to withstand all the temptations of the Adversary. That <he> might have wisdom to proclaim the Gospel in different languages, It was prophis[i]ed that he would need much power at times to be delivered from his enemies. That his heart must be steadfast or he would be overcome in executing his commission; But if faithful, should have power over all things that opposed his way, and return with the Lords’ servants and receive the approbation of his Heavenly Father and the plaudits, Well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord, and on thy head we confirm these blessings. Even so Amen.

Salmon Warner,

            Because thou hast offered thy life for the release of thy brethren, who were in affliction. it is the will of thy Heavenly Father that thou shouldst bear the testimony of salvation to many people who have not heard the sound thereof. Thou shalt be a son of consolation. If the Lord commands the[e] to go to the Islands of the seas, his hand will support thee: If he calls the[e] to ride upon ships to proclaim the gospel his power will sustain thee. If thou art faithful, the Lord will make thy mission prosperous. Thou wilt have persecution as well as thy other brethren. When Thou hast executed thy mission, if it please thy God, thou shalt return and enjoy the rest of the Saints, even a thousand years and also in eternity. Even so Amen [p. 173]

Hazen Aldrich

            <Thou> Shalt go forth to the nations which ar[e] afar off even to those who are at the remotest corners of the Earth. and we ask our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, that thy mand [mind] may expand, thy heart be enlarged and be instructed in the mysteries of Godliness. We also ask that no sin be laid to thy charge when thou art called to give an account of thy ministry. We ask the Lord to make thee a swift Messenger to the Nations, and if thou wilt set thy heart to seek and serve the Lord from this time, thou shalt go forth & be greatly blessed in calling the children of men to repentance and the Elect of the Lord to Zion. Thou shalt endure fatigues and Hardships and not be overcome: and thou shalt be a good soldier searching out the honest in heart in the remotest corner of the earth. Thou shalt have this blessing if thou art faithful. Amen

John Murdock

            You are not set apart as one of the 70 but to continue as you have been, To be ready to go at the command of the Lord, where he may see proper to send thee. Tho[u] art blessed. The Lord shall bless thee in thy basket and in thy store Thou shalt have an additional degree of wisdom Thine eyes shall yet be opened to see those <things> which thou hast not seen. Thou art feeble, therefore, pray that thou mayst be made strong. thou mayst be prepared to go forth as may be required of thee. We pray that thou mayst be endowed with power with thy brethren. [p. 174]

            In common with thy brethren thou shalt have mu[c]h joy and also much sorrow. Thy enemies will seek thy destruction We therefore seal upon thee those blessings which have here tofore been pronounced upon thee even in thy patriarchal Blessing. Amen.

Willard Snow— one of the 70

            We confirm your ministry and set you apart as one of the 70. You shall be a witness of the Lord whithersoever you are sent, and testify of the things that are coming on the earth. You shall have the same power as has been confirmed on your brethren, with all the blessings and privileges thereunto belonging. You shall go to distant lands and if you desire it with all your heart you shall return. But if you desire you may be received up into the bosom of your Heavenly Father in Distant lands, from all trouble into the celestial kingdom. Amen

Charles Kelly

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the church of Christ and one of the 70 to be sent forth among the nations, to teach the gospel in the name of Jesus. Unless you seek the Lord with all your heart more than you have ever done, you shall die and not live. If you had not gone to Zion to lay down your life for your brethren you would not now receive this ministry. But if you seek it you shall be comforted of the Lord while you are far distant among the nations. The powers & blessings necessary to fulfil this ministry shall be conferred upon you. and you shall return to be a comfort to your family, although you have wounded and grieved them. Amen [p. 175]

George A. Smith

            Thou shalt go forth and carry the gospel to the nations who sit in darkness. We seal upon thee the power of this ministry; if thou art faithful from this hour Thou shalt receive a fullness of Joy. Thou shalt ask and the Lord will give. Tho[u] shalt ask and he will give again. Thou shalt see the glory of the Lord. Thou shalt see great things and contemplate mighty things. Thy heart shall desire to see the work of God roll on and thou shalt see it. We seal another another blessing upon thee. Thou shalt return with thy brethren hereafter After thou hast labored much and suffered much, & thy coming in shall be greater than thy going out. These blessings we confirm upon the[e] in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

[Wilkins] Jenkins Salisbury

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the Church of the Latter-Day Saints and one of the 70 to go into all the world to preach the gospel to every creature. You shall have the powers blessings and privileges of this ministry, equal to any of your brethren. You shall go forth, but shall return to the embraces of your family, and they shall have much peace with you. Amen.

Peter Buchanan

            We ordain you to be an Elder to go forth and preach the Gospel, baptize & lay on hands. Tho[u] art a vessel chosen of God to bear the news of salvation to the Gentiles. Thou hast long sought this mission Thou shalt go forth according to the desire of thy heart. Thou shalt see the work of the Lord prosper in thy hands. Thou shalt open the plan of salvation to those who know it not. [p. 176] You shall be enabled to proclaim it effectually. You shall speak in all the languages whithersoever the Lord shall send thee. You shall have power over dis eases, if faithful. The right hand of the Lord shall be underneath thee. The Angels shall have charge concerning thee. Thou shalt return to Zion when thy work is done Thou shalt have many visions, and power to call many into the covenant Amen

Alexander Badlam [Sr.]

            We ordain you an Elder and one of the Seventy. The Lord has looked upon you and seen your desires to become an instrument to do good. You shall be sent to the nations afar off, and you shall preach to them of whom now you have no knowledge. You shall go and shall have no rest without you are engaged in your Ministry. You shall go to the remote corners of the earth and teach and preach, and bring multitudes to the truth. You And you shall be an instrument to fulfil an ancient Prophecy to bring in the remnants of Moab, & Elam. Jeremiah saw you in his vision and you shall bring many multitudes to Zion. After you have finished your ministry you shall return and embrace your companion and you both shall rejoice together: And we seal upon you this day, that you shall [have?] part of in the reign of a 1000 years on the earth. Amen.

Zebedee Coltrin

            We seal your ministry anew unto you. and you shall go as far as the Lord shall send you. And if there are Islands not yet found by the world, you are one who shall go and hunt them up and preach to all nations, and you shall have power to fulfil this your ministry. You shall be an instrument changed throughout and prepared to do good. [p. 177] You shall have heavenly visions and the ministry of Angels shall be your lot. You shall have great faith to perform your work. You shall go to Islands that are not troubled with Priests, and convert and depopulate them, and bring them to Zion and join your brethren with great rejoicing. amen.

Solomon Angel[l].

            We ordain you to be one of the 70 and an Elder in the church of the Latter Day Saints. Your tongue shall be loosed and you shall have much knowledge & wisdom to teach all the revelations which you have received through others. You shall, if you diligently seek after wisdom, not be a whit behind your Brethren in this ministry. You shall have power to fill your days with usefulness and have favor in the eyes of God, and men and not be persecuted as some of your brethren. These blessings are for you and your offspring, and finally you shall return and rejoice (if faithful) with your Brethren & family upon this land. Amen

John D. Parker

            We ordain you to be one of the 70 You shall be a messenger to both civilized and uncivilized and you shall be sent and you shall proclaim the gospel to both poor & rich; you shall proclaim from kingdom to kingdom and from land to land and you shall have all the powers necessary to fill this ministry with dignity, with honor and much usefulness, and in the end you shall return to your own land and enjoy the rest of the saints. Amen.

Daniel Stevens

            Tho[u] hast had many patriarchal blessings pronounced upon thee and we confirm them all upon thee, No man can fill this mission [p. 178] unless he be a man of God. You shall (if very faithful) have all the powers necessary to fill this ministry. You shall travel and journey much, and do great things in the name of the Lord and bring many to the New Covenant and return after having done much in the Ministry. Amen.

            This being done Elder Brigham Young arose and in the Spirit of God sung a song of Zion in a foreign tongue. After which he delivered a very animated address to to his brother ministers. Meeting proceeded.

Hiram Stratten [Stratton]

            In the name of the Lord Jesus we ordain you to be and Elder and one of the 70. You shall have part in this ministry because the Lord has proved you, that you would lay down your life for your brethren. If you are faithful you shall have great power, and that which shall be peculiar to yourself. You have a part in this ministry and shall be able to fill it. You shall be sent afar off to preach the gospel to bar barous nations. You shall be preserved while afar off but you shall be drawn in close straits, but nevertheless you shall gather up those who will hear you: and when you return, you shall be al together changed and be a man beloved of the Lord and of the faithful, amen

Sylvester Smith

            We seal your Ministry upon your ministry upon your head, and also ordain you to be one of the 70 and a President among the 70 Your mind shall become pure and chaste, and the importance of your calling shall lie near your heart from this hour. You shall preside with dignity and with honor forever. You shall have great affliction and persecution because of your office. Your enemies shall seek your life with great diligence, but if you dedicate [p. 179] your all to God, you shall be preserved if you keep his covenant and turn away from none of it. You shall have great power and wisdom & do great good before the Lord. You shall travel from land to land and from Kingdom to Kingdom. and you shall stand before and preach to Kings, and have power over great men, and poor men. & show forth signs and wonders to whom signs and won ders will be profitable, and in a good old age you shall return with rejoicing and bring many sheaves with you, Then shall you rest and your last days shall be your best days. Amen.

William Pratt

            We ordain you and set you apart to be one of the 70 to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. If you seek with all your heart you shall go to other lands and preach the gospel to in other tongues & do a good and a great work. You shall have success in your ministry, and convert many in the nations who will hear you and lead the[m] to Zion the Land of your home Amen.

S[olomon] W. Denton

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the Church of Christ. You have seen affliction with the children of Zion. You shall see many days & great events rolling one after another and many scenes rolling together. If you desire it with all your heart you shall stand on the land of Zion when the Lord descends. You shall have much strength. Your mind shall be filled with wisdom. You shall be as those who are raised up from infancy in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. You shall have the ministring of Angels to prepare you for your many duties Amen. [p. 180]

Ezra Thayer

            Blessed thou art and blessed shalt thou be for thou art one of the 70 You shall go to the nations and teach them in their own tongues, the things of the Kingdom. You shall be delivered from all your enemies and go and preach from land to land. and you shall yet have all the promises that the Lord has ever given in this church fulfilled. You shall Lead many to Zion and yet you shall have rejoicings with your family and no man shall take your blessings Even so Amen.

Harrison Burgess

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the Church of Christ and one of the 70. May you be sanctified and filled with light and intelligence. That the importance and duty of your office may be near your heart. You shall go to all the nations afar off and to the Islands of the sea. You shall speak languages that you have never heard even twelve God will prepare you for a great work & you shall do it. You shall have power given you to perform all the duties of your calling, and you shall bear a testimony that shall convince many. And if you are faithful, you shall in the end of your ministry, return to this land with much rejoicing Amen.

Alden Burdick

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the Church of the Latter day Saints. When you did obey the gospel the eye of the Lord was upon you, and you are now called and set apart. You shall go to many land & Islands, where missionaries are now stationed, and some of them shall receive the truth at your mouth. You shall have powers over all weapons formed against you. You shall see the Heavens opened and the spirits of the Just shall min [p. 181] ister to you and you receive great good wisdom from the Lord, and do great good in his name. When you are old you shall return to your native land. And you and your posterity are blessed and shall be to the latest generation, because you will run when the Lord calls & go when he sends. even so Amen.

Wm. F. Cahoon

            We set you apart to be one of the 70. You are young and we pray the Lord to guard you against the follies of youth. That you may be humble and conquer all your evil propensities incident to youth. But if you do not forsake all evil when you go forth among the nations, you shall never return, It is with you death or victory. You shall go to many nations and kingdoms, but you must begin from this very hour to reform. If you do you shall do great good and bring [to] pass much righteousness, because you have desired it. You shall become a polished shaft, and rejoice amidst many converts & return with much joy to your native land. We seal blessings upon you upon condition of your faith fulness— Amen.

Harpen Riggs

            We renew upon you your commission, and also set you apart to be one of the 70. You shall be a witness not only to other nations but also to this. You shall yet declare that you have seen the Heavens opened <& and that the Lord Jesus lives> because you have seen him: And you shall be ministred unto by holy Angels. You shall speak to them in their own language, and you shall have great wisdom to teach and to set in order the things of Jesus. And you shall see good days and many of them. A multitudes of blessings are in the Heavens for you. Finally you shall return to your native land with much rejoicing Amen. [p. 182]

Nathan B. Baldwin

            We ordain you to be an Elder & one of the 70 and because you have been willing to suffer & die for your brethren. You are chosen to go forth and bear good tidings to the nations, even those who are afar off, and although your mission will frequently lead you among rude nations, Yet if you are faithful in all things you shall be blessed among them. They will not seek your life, for you shall be a saviour to them, and bring them rejoicing to Zion in peace. Amen.

Benjamin Winchester.

            You are a child. Your mind is yet tender, therefore, you are not of mature age to go forth, but we secure unto you the holy ministry. You shall yet, if faithful be ordained. You will live in a day of great howling and mourning among the nations. You shall [have?] power to be a comforter of many, and teach them the way of life, and tell them of a land of safety, and will hear you and you shall push many people to Zion. And if you desire it with all your heart you shall stand upon the earth when the Saviour comes and reign with him in glory after he comes. but if you desire it you shall be taken as Enoch Elijah, Even so, Amen.

Burr Riggs.

            We ordain you to be an Elder in the Church of God to go forth and preach the Gospel. May the past history of your life serve as an everlasting lesson to you. For you must go to distant nations and from this hour you must begin to prepare your business, for in temporal labors you shall not be prospered. Therefore, go forth and preach the gospel and you shall live of the gospel. You shall be among the [p. 183] nations that are afar off and you shall speak unto them in their own tongues, and stand before the great ones of the earth and cause them to tremblle before you with the mighty power of God manifested through you. And if you are faithful you shall return and rejoice in this land again.

Lewis Robbins.

            We confirm the ordination of your previous elder ship upon you. You shall be sent among the Nations that are afar off and you shall have visions and knowledge, and not be a whit behind the chiefest of your brethren of the same office, and although your enemies shall be furiously enraged against you and should hunt you, & hunt you, but they shall not harm you. but you shall go back and teach and convince the honest in heart. And you shall have all power that is necessary even over waters, floods, fir[e]s & winds in order to accomplish your ministry. And finally you (after doing much good) shall return, being called the friend of God. Amen

Darwin Richardson

            We ordain you an Elder and one of the Seventy. You have given testimony that you were willing to lay down your life. The Lord will, therefore, from this hour give you great light, understanding and wisdom and power also, for the Lord afar will send you afar off and you shall teach a multitude of nations in their own tongues, and you shall go [to?] the Islands and teach, and even depopulate them for you shall lead them to Zion. Your enemies shall not have power over you, though they may desire it, But when you are a very old man you shall stand on the earth and see the Lord Jesus appear. And if you desire it you shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and enter upon the Millennial reign. Amen [p. 184]

Joseph Young

            We seal your Ministry upon you and also set you apart to be one of the 70 and also to be one of the Presidents of that Mission to preside with thy brethren. You shall magnify this high calling and your heart shall be much expanded to love mankind and desire their salvation. You shall travel much and preach much. work much righteousness and exert all your powers in going forth to do good from nation to nation & from land to land. You shall have much persecution and shall be in perils oft. Your enemies will seek your life much and cunningly. But if you will consecrate your life and your all and be faithful you shall over come and be preserved) and at the end of your ministry you shall return with singing and rejoicing. You shall have power over fire water and all evil, You shall be one of the horns of Joseph to push the nationgs [nations] together from the ends of the earth These blessings we pronounce upon you, and none shall take them from you if you are faithful. Amen.

Hiram Winters

            Being an Elder, in the Church, his office was con firmed upon him and great blessings pronounced upon him. That he should be a consoler and comforter of the poor so long as he should live & that he should have visions of Heaven. &c. Amen

Elias Hutchin[g]s,

            Ordained, but no record of prophecy or blessings

Henry Shibley

            We ordain you to be one of the 70. You shall do great good in your father's family, for they shall listen to your voice. You shall be delivered from prison, into which thou shalt be cast in thy old age. Thou shalt live to a good old age and bring to pass much righteousness. [p. 185]

Hyrum Smith

            If thou desirest to go to the ends of the earth, thou mayest Thy heart shall be enlarged. Thou shalt escape all the calamities which are coming on the earth. and if thou desirest thou mayest bring many souls to Jesus. Thou shalt be able to comprehend all things concerning this Kingdom. Great shall be thy blessing. Thou shalt be able to speak and no man shall gainsay. Thou shalt have power to escape the hand of thine enemies. Thy life shall be sought with untiring zeal, but thou shalt escape; If it please thee, and thou desirest thou shalt have the power voluntarily to lay down thy life to glorify God. Thou shalt be spared to preside over one of the Stakes of Zion, which shall hereafter be appointed. and thou shalt be unto it like one of the seven Angels who were appointed over the seven Churches. Amen

Frederick G. Williams

            Thou art blessed, thou shalt stand before the great men of the earth. Thy mind shall expand, and thou shalt be enabled to waft thyself as upon the wings of the wind. Thou shalt stand according to thy desires and see the face of thy Redeemer. Thy blessings are confirmed upon thee. The Heavenly hosts are rejoicing over thee. Twice thou hast been to the Land of Zion. The Lord has sustained thee for a wise purpose. Thy mind and thy [heart?] shall be enlarged, and thou shalt make known the gospel to the great ones of the earth. And shall yet lead them to Zion. If thou desirest thou shalt rise upon the wings of the morning and not be an inhabitant of the grave, Thou shalt be one who shall preside over Zion. All these blessings we seal and confirm upon thee Amen [p. 186]


7-8 Mar 1835, Meeting of the Church, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 7-8 March 1835]

Kirtland March 7th 1835

            This day a Meeting of the Church of Latter Day Saints was called in this place, for the purpose of blessing in the name of the Lord, those who have heretofore assisted in building, by their labor & other means, the house of the Lord in this place. The forenoon was occupied by Pr. J. Smith Junr in remarks to the Church, upon the propriety and necessity of purifying itself. In the P.M. the names of the several, those who had assisted to build the house were taken and further remarks were made by president J. Smith Junr. He said that those who had distinguished themselves Thus far by consecrating to the upbuilding of said house as well as laboring were to be remembered. That those who build it should own it, and have the control of it. After further remarks he proceeded to call a vote of those who had performed this labor, whether they would still go on and perform the remaining part of the same,

            Passed by unanimous voice.

            The Presidency were blessed.

            President Sidney Rigdon was nominated to officiate in Laying on hands in the name of the Lord to be stow the blessings.
The Presidency were blessed and Reynolds Cahoon Hyrum Smith & Jared Carter, the building Committee. The last were not present but their right in the house was preserved. [p. 192]

            Names of those who were blessed in consequence of their working on the House of the Lord in Kirtland and those also who consecrated to its upbuilding

Sidney Rigdon                                                Giles Cook
Joseph Smith Junr                                           M[arvel] C. Davis
F[rederick] G. Williams                                  Jaman Aldrich
J[oseph] Smith, Senior                                    John Young Senior
Oliver Cowdery                                              Ezra Strong
N[ewel] K. Whitney                                        Joel McWithee
R. Cahoon                                                       Matthew Foy
Hyrum Smith                                                  James Randal [Randle]
Jared Carter                                                     John P. Green[e]
Jacob Bump                                                    Aaron C. Lyon
Artemas Millet                                                Thomas Burdick
Alpheus Cutler                                                Truman Wait
Asa Lyman                                                      Edmund Bosley
Josiah Butterfield                                            William Bosley
Noah Packard                                                  William Perry
Jonas Putman [Putnam]                                  Don Carlos Smith
Isaac Hill                                                         Shadrach Roundy
Edmund Durfee Sen.                                       Joel Johnson
Edmund Durfee Junr.                                      Oliver Higby
Gideon Ormsby                                                                              Sunday P.M. March 8
Albert Miner                                                   Even M. Green [Evan Greene]
Ira Ames                                                         Levi Osgood
Salmon Gee                                                     Alpheus Harmon
Peter Shirts                                                      Joseph C. Kingsbury
Isaac Hubbard                                                 Ira Bond
Horace Burgess                                               Z. H. Brewster
Dexter Stillman                                               Samuel Thompson
Amos F. Herrick                                             John Ormsby
Mahew Hillman                                              Luman Carter
William Carter                                                 John Smith
William Burgess                                              Samuel H. Smith

[p. 193]

Thomas Fisher                                                John Tanner
Sterry Fish                                                      Henry G. Sherwo[o]d
Amos R. Orton                                               Sidney Tanner
Alman Sherman                                              Joseph H. Tippits [Tippets]
Warren Smith                                                  Robert Dugley
Moses Bailey                                                  Erastus Babbitt
Sebe Ives                                                         Samuel Canfield
Andrew H. Aldrich                                         Phineas H. Young
Ebenezer Jennings                                           Samuel Rolf[e]
Oliver Granger                                                Calvin W. Stoddard
Orson Johnson                                                Josiah Fuller
James Lake                                                      Erastus Rudd
Wm. Redfield                                                  Isaac G. Bishop
Cyrus Lake                                                      Roswell Murry
Harvey Smith                                                  Benjamin Wells
Isaac Cleaveland                                              Nehemiah Harmon
Wm. Barker                                                     Oliver Wetherby
Samuel S. Brannon [Brannan]                        Thomas Hancock
John Wheeler                                                  Joshua Grant
Henry Baker                                                    William Draper
Wm. Fisk                                                        Ransom Vanleuwen
Henry Wilcox                                                  Tunis Rappallee [Rappleye]
George Gee                                                     John Reed
Lorenzo Young                                               Samuel Wilcox
David Claugh [Clough]                                   Benjamin Johnson
James Durfee                                                 
Joseph Coe                                                     
Thomas Gates                                                
Loren Babbit                                                  
Blake Baldwin                                                
Joseph B. Bosworth                                       
Gad Yale                                                        
John Johnson                                                 

[p. 194]

            Reynolds Cahoon, Jacob Bump and Artemas Millet were then blessed with the blessings of Heaven and a right in the House of the Lord in this place, agreeably to the labor and expense they have performed on the same. Alpheus Cutler, Asa Lyman & Josiah Butterfield were next called who received the like blessing. The right here spoken of is according to each man’s labor or amount of donations. Noah Packard Jonas Putnam & Isaac Hill were called Elder Packard was promised wisdom and ability to proclaim the gospel in addition to a place in the House. Edmund Durfee Senr. Edmund Durfee Junr and Gideon Ormsby were next called and received promises of a right in the house. Edmund Durfee Junr. was also ordained an Elder. Albert Miner, Ira Ames & Salmon Gee were next called and received like blessings. Peter Shirts Isaac Hubbard & Horace Burgess were then called & blessed Brother Shirts was ordained an Elder. H. Burgess was also ordained Dexter Stillman Amos F. Herrick & Matthew Hillman were called & blessed. M. C. Davis. Giles Cook Junr and Wm. Burgess. Giles Cook Junr. & M. C. Davis were ordained Elders. Wm. Carter Jaman Aldrich & John Young Senior were next called. Wm. Carter who was blind, was promised a blessing of being restored to sight if faithful.

            Ezra Strong, Joel McWithy & Matthew Foy were called. James Randall John P. Green and Aaron C. Lyon were next called.

            John P. Green was ordained a missionary to the Lamanites after others have unlocked the door; with a promise of gathering many to Zion. and of returning at the end of his mission with great joy, to enjoy the blessings of his family. Thomas Burdick, Truman Wait, and Edmund Bosley were called. Elder Burdick was promised a blessing of health (if faithful) Elder Bosley was told that God had a work for him, to go and preach the gospel to the sectarian priests of this age. [p. 195] to call after them, and hunt them up. whereever he could hear of them. To preach the gospel to them whether they will hear or not.

            Wm. Bosley, Wm. Perry & Don Carlos Smith. Wm. Bosley & Wm. Perry were ordained Elders. D.C. Smith was blessed with a promise of having wisdom to proclaim the gospel and also to write in wisdom Shadrack Roundy, Joel Johnson & Oliver Higby, blessed.

Closed by prayer of President S. Rigdon.

Sabbath morning March 8th 1835

            Pursuant to adjournment the Church met for the purpose of further blessing those who had assisted in building the House of the Lord in Kirtland. Even M. Green[e], Levi Osgood and Alpheus Harmon were called to the stand & blessed. Joseph C. Kingsbury Ira Bond and Z.H. Brewster were called next, Samuel Tompkins, John Ormsby Luman Carter John Smith Samuel H. Smith & Thomas Fisher, Blessed Sterry Fisk Amos R. Orton and Almon Sherman.

            Brother Fisk whose family was afflicted was promised a blessing if faithful.

            Amos R. Orton was ordained an Elder and a missionary to the Lamanites. Andrew H. Aldrich, Thomas Baily and Seba Ives Blessed. Ebenezer Jennings, Oliver Granger, Orson Johnson, Warren Smith, James Lake & Wm. Redfield, B. Wm. Redfield was ordained an Elder.

            Cyrus Lake, Harvey Smith, Isaac Cleaveland, Wm. Baker Samuel S. Bran[n]an John Wheeler. Henry Baker Wm. Fisk Henry Wilcox George W. Gee. Lorenzo Young & David Clough— — Blessed. Elder Young was set apart a missionary to the Lamanites. James Durfee Joseph Coe, Thomas Gates Loren Babbit, Blake Baldwin and Joseph B. Baldwin. Blessed.

            Gad Yale, John Johnson & John Tanner called & Blessed. Gad Yale being one who went for the relief of their [p. 196] afflicted brethren in Mo. and received a blessing accordingly.

            Henry G. Sherwood Sidney Tanner, Joseph H. Tippits [Tippets]. Robert Quigley Erastus Babbit[t] and Samuel Canfield. Blessed
Samuel Canefield was ordained an Elder

            Phineas H. Young Samuel Rolfe <&. >Calvin H. Stoddard Phineas H. Young was ordained a missionary to the Lamanites. Erastus Rudd, Josiah Fuller, Isaac H. Bishop Roswell Murry, Benjamin Wells, Nehemiah Harmon Thomas Hancock, Oliver Weatherby, Joshua Grant Junr. Wm. Draper Jur Ransom Vanl[e]uwen & Tunis Rappalee [Rappleye] Blessed. John Reed & Samuel Wilcox Blessed.

            Moses Martin who went to Mo. was set apart to be one of the 70. If thou art not purified thou wilt not be able to execute thy commission. Thou wilt fall into snares and into the hands of enemies who will take thy life Thou must begin to make a complete reformation in thy self.

Oliver Cowdery, Clerk

            The following are few names of such as belong to the Seventy but the time of their ordination cann[o]t be accurately ascertained.

            Milo Andress [Andrus], Joseph Winchester, Zerubbabel Snow. Heem [Heman] T. Hyde Henry Brown Nelson Higgins Hezekiah Fisk, many blessings were pronounced upon his head but he is not one of the 70 James L. Thompson had many blessings but was not ordained. Henry Beaman ordained one of the 70 Jesse Huntsman Jesse Huntsman— — Royal Barney, Zebedee Coltrin Henry Herriman all to be attached to the Seventy.

            Lorenzo Barn[e]s one of the Seventy— — [p. 197]


16 Mar 1835, High Council, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 16 March 1835]

Kirtland Ohio March 16th 1835

A. High Council was called for church business.

                                    Present                                                                                                   Joseph Smith Junr.
                                                                                                                                                                Sidney Rigdon }Presiding
                                                                                                                                                                F[rederick] G. Williams


John Smith                                                      Hyrum Smith
Oliver Cowdery                                              Orson Hyde
Jared Carter                                                     Joseph Smith Senr.
Samuel H. Smith                                             Wm. E. McLellin
John Johnson                                                  Martin Harris
Orson Johnson                                                Leonard Rich
                                                                        Joseph Coe
                                                                        Luke Johnson.

            Opened by prayer of J. Smith Junr. The following charge or complaint against certain brethren therein named was presented by John Smith.

            To the president of the High council of the church of Latter Day Saints in Kirtland. Brother, it having come to my knowledge that there is a difficulty existing between brethren, (Viz.) Alpheus Cutler, Asa Lyman & Reynolds Cahoon, which is injurious to the cause of truth among us. I have made an exertion to reconcile them to each other, but to no effect, I therefore lay the case before the council for decision.

John Smith

<J. Smith Junr.>

           Kirtland March 16               }

            Counsellor John Smith being the Complainant Sylvester Smith, one of the Presidents of the seventy was substituded in his room. It was voted that six Counsellors speak on the case.

Sylvester Smith                   Jared Carter                             Orson Hyde
Oliver Cowdery                  Hyrum Smith                          Joseph Smith Senr.

[p. 84]

            John Smith opened the case in few words stating that the matter being so intricate that he could not bring it as a charge against any one of these brethren particularly, and the brethren severally were called upon to make their own remarks. After this the counsellors severally spoke, and the complainant and the accused made their remarks, when the case was submitted, President Williams being short, President Rigdon spoke one hour When President J. Smith Junr proceeded to give decision After speaking to considerable extent said: The decision is, that brother Lyman as well as brother Cutler be rebuked and stand reproved, until they openly acknowledge before the church, that they have injured Elder Cahoon by speaking evil of his character, and conduct without any just ground or occasion, and that as Elder Cutler has heretofore declared before the Church, that he has not murmured nor complained, because he has not received pay for working on the house, to his satisfaction, and it is known to the contrary, that he be as frank in acknowledging this fact, as he has been in making the declaration. The vote was then taken and passed by unanimous voice, and the council closed by prayer of President S. Rigdon.

The next council will be arranged as follows:

Samuel H. Smith                                                 Martin Harris
John Johnson                                                      Joseph Coe
Orson Johnson                                                    Luke Johnson
John Smith                                                          Hyrum Smith
Oliver Cowdery                                                  Orson Hyde
Jared Carter                                                         Joseph Smith Senr

Oliver Cowdery clerk}
of Council}
[p. 85]


02 May 1835, conference, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 2 May 1835-A]

Kirtland May 2d— 1835

            According to appointment the Presidency, the Twelve a part of the Seventy, and some other Elders of the church met in conference this morning in order to consult the affairs of the church. &c. Conference was opened by Elder Brigham Young by prayer. President J. Smith Junr presiding. After conference was opened and the Twelve took their seats. he stated that it would be the duty of the twelve to appoint the oldest one of their number to preside in their councils, beginning at the oldest and so on until the youngest has presided and then beginning at the oldest again. &c. The Twelve took their seats regularly according to their ages as follows. T[homas] B. Marsh David W. Patten. Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball Orson Hyde, Wm. E. McLel[l]in Parley P. Pratt J[ohn] F. Boynton Luke Johnson William Smith Orson Pratt John F. Boynton & Lyman Johnson. The president then stated that the Twelve will have no right to go into Zion or any of its stakes and there undertake to regulate the affairs thereof where there is a standing High Council. But it is their duty to go abroad and regulate all matters relative to the different branches of the Church. When the Twelve are together, or a quorum of them in any Church, they will have authority to act independently and make decisions, and those decisions, and those decissions are valid. But where there is not a quorum they will have to do business by the voice of the Church. No standing high council has authority his to go into the churches abroad and regulate the matters thereof, for this belongs to the Twelve. No High Council will ever be established only in Zion or one of its Stakes. When the twelve pass a decision it is in the name of the church, Therefore, it is valid. No individual has a right to go into any church [p. 187] and ordain any minister for the Church, unless it is by the Voice of the Church. No Elder has a right to go into any branch of the church and appoint meetings or regulate the Church without the consent or advic[e] of the presiding Elder of said branch. If the first Seventy are all occupied, and there is a call for more laborers it will be the duty of the seven presidents of the first seventy to call and ordain other Seventy and send them forth to labor, in the vineyard until if need be they set a part apart seven times Seventy, even until there shall be one hundred & forty and four thousand. The Seventy are not to attend the conferences of the Twelve unless they are called upon or requested to by the Twelve. The twelve and the Seventy have particularly to depend upon their Ministry for their support and that of their families, and they have a right by virtue of their offices to call upon the Church to assist them.

            Elder Henry Herriman was called forward & ordained to be one of the 70. President Joseph Young’s circumstances were considered relative to his traveling in the vineyard, and it was unanimously agreed & voted, that he should hold himself in readiness to go at the call of the Twelve, when the Lord opens the way. President Sylvester Smith’s circumstances were considered and determined as follows <the former>

President Lyman Sherman              do.
President Leonard Rich—               do.
President Hazen Aldrich                 do.
President Zebedee Coltrin               do.
President Levi Hancock                  do.

            Elder Hiram Winter’s case and circumstances were considered and voted that he hold himself in readiness to travel in the ministry at the call of the president of the 70 when the Lord opens the way. [p. 188] Elder Elias Hutchings Voted that he be called upon when his circumstances will permit

            Elder Henry Shibley Voted that he hold himself ready to go when called upon.

Elder Roger Orton                                   do.
Jeremiah B. Smith–                                 do
Harvey Stanley                                        do.
Jedediah Grant                                        do.
                Joseph Hancock do voted to be called upon when his circumstances will permit.
                Lyman Smith— to go when called upon.
                David Elliott to be called upon when his circumstances will permit
                Almon Babbitt to hold himself in readiness
                Levi Gifford to be called upon when his circumstances will permit.
Lorenzo Booth                                        do.
Zera[h] S. Cole                                        do.
Harrison Burgess                                    do.
Alden Burdick                                         do.
Wm. F. Cahoon                                       do.
Harpin Riggs                                           do.
Alexander Badlam [Sr.]                          do.
Solomon Angell                                      do.
                Bates Nobles [Joseph B. Noble] To hold himself in readiness.
Nathan B. Baldwin                                  "
Burr Riggs                                              "
Lewis Robbins                                        "
Darwin Richardson                                 "
John D. Parker                                        "
Daniel Stevens                                       

            Conference adjourned for one hour met [p. 189]

            Met again according to adjournment with the addition of the High council of Kirtland. The Bishop & and his council from Zion and the Bishop & his council of Kirtland.

            Hiram Stratten [Stratton] to hold himself in readiness

            Ezra Thayer’s case was called up and he was suspended as an Elder and member until an investigation could be had before the Bishop’s Court. A complaint having been entered to the Bishop’[s] court against him by Oliver Granger.

            Wm. D. Pratt, To go when circumstances permit.

[Wilkins] Jenkins Salisbury                            do.
Salmon Warner                                               do
Israel Barlow                                                   do.
Charles Kelly                                                   do
Alexander Whitesides [Whiteside]                  do
Hiram Blackman                                             do
George W. Brooks [Brook]                            do.
Jacob Chapman                                               do.
Stephen Winchester                                         do.
Lorenzo Barnes then came forward and received his ordination as one of the 70
Henry Bennor [Benner] as the former
Michael Griffith                                              do.
Royal Barney                                                  do.
Libbeus T. Coon[s]                                         do.
Zerub[b]abel Snow to hold himself in readiness
Willard Snow                                                  do.
George A. Smith                                             do.
David Evans                                                    do.
Jesse Harmon [Harman]                                 do
Milo Andrus                                                   do
Harry Brown                                                   do
Jesse Huntsman                                              do
[p. 190] Henry Herriman                                do
Lorenzo Barnes                                               do

            These men’s circumstances and cases were considered and they were disposed of as the council directed. The Elders of Kirtland and its vicinity were next called upon, or their circumstances were considered. Their names being enrolled. President J. Smith Junr arose with the list in his hands and made some very appropriate remarks, relative to the deliverance of Zion and so much of the Authority being present, he moved that we never give up the struggle for Zion, even until Death. or until Zion is Redeemed. The vote was unanimous and with apparent deep feeling. Voted that all the Elders of the Church are bound to travel in the World to preach the gospel with all their might mind & Strength when their circumstances will admit of it, and that the door is now opened. Motioned, seconded & voted that Elder Brigham Youngs, John P. Green[e] & Amos Orton are appointed to go and preach the gospel to the remnants of Joseph. <the door to be opened by> Motioned, seconded & voted Elder B. Young and this will open a door to all the house of Joseph.

            Motioned, seconded & voted. that when another Seventy is required, the presidency of the first Seventy, shall choose ordain and set them apart from among the most experienced Elders of the Church.

            Motioned, Seconded & voted, that whenever the labor of other Seventy is required and they are to be set apart & ordained to that office. Those who are residing at Kirtland and the regions round about, who can come to Kirtland, do so and be set apart and ordained. to that office by the Presidency of the church in Kirtland But the Presidency of the 70 are to choose of the most experienced Elders abroad and ordain & set apart to [p. 191] that office but are not to do it at Zion or any of the stakes thereof.

            Conference closed by prayer by President S[idney] Rigdon

Wm. E. McLel[l]in Clerk [p. 192]


02 May 1835, grand council, [?].
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 2 May 1835-B]

            May 2nd, A grand council was held in this place this day, composed of the following officers of the Church (viz) Presidents Joseph Smith Jun. David Whitmer, Oliver Cowd[e]ry, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Joseph Smith Sen. and Hyrum Smith, with their council of twelve men— The travelling high council or twelve apostles (viz) T[homas] B. Marsh, David W Patten Brigham Young [p. 5] Heber C Kimball, Orson Hyde, William, E. Mc.Lellin Parley P Pratt, Luke Johnson, William Smith, Orson Pratt John F Boynton and Lyman Johnson.—

            Bishop Edward Partridge and his two counsellors Isaac Morley and John Corrill, from Zion Mo. Also Bishop Newel K Whitney and his counsellors Reynolds Cahoon and Oliver Granger, and also; some of the Seventy with their presidents (viz) Sylvester Smith, Leonard Rich, Lyman Sherman, Hazen Aldrich, Joseph Young, Levi Hancock and Zebedee Coultrin. (Z. C. was absent.)

            These Authorities were present together with a great many other Elders of the Church from different parts. In the midst of this grand assemblage, President J Smith Jun arose and made many remarks, among which were the following. “It will be the duty of the twelve when in council to take their seats together according to their ages. The oldest to be seated at the head, and preside in the first council, the next oldest in the second; and so on until the youngest has presided”.

            The twelve Apostles have no right to go into Zion or any of its stakes where there is a regular high council established, to regulate any matters pertaining thereunto: But it is their duty to go abroad and regulate and set in order all matters relative to the different branches of this church of the Latter Day Saints.

            When the twelve are all together or a quorum of them in any church, they have authority to act independently of the church and form decisions and those decisions will be valid; but when there is not a quorum of them together, they must transact business by the common consent of the church.

            No standing hig[h] council has authority to go into the churches abroad and regulate the matters thereof, for this belongs to the Twelve. [p.6]

            No standing high council will ever be established except in Zion or one of its stakes.

            When the Twelve pass a decision, it is in the name of the church, therefore, it is valid.

            No official member of the church has authority to go into any branch thereof and ordain any minister for the church unless it is by the voice of that branch. No elder has authority to go into any branch of the church and appoint meetings or attempt to regulate the affairs of the church without the advice and consent of the presiding Elder of that branch.

            If the first seventy are all employed and there is a call for more labourers in the vineyard it will be the the duty of the seven presidents of the first seventy to call and ordain other seventy and send them forth to labour until, if need be, they set apart seven times seventy, and even until there are one hundred and forty & four thousand thus set apart to the ministry. The seventy are not to attend the conferences of the Twelve, unless they are called upon or requested so to do by the twelve.

            The twelve and the seventy have particula[r]ly to depend upon their ministry for their support and that of their families, and they have a right by virtue of their offices to call upon the churches to assist them.

            Resolved in this grand Council; That we never give up the struggle for Zion until it is redeemed altho’. we should die in the contest. The vote was unanimous of all that were in the house.

W. E. Mc.Lellin} Clerk [p. 7]


17 Aug 1835, General Assembly, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 17 August 1835]

General Assembly

            Convened in Kirtland August 17th. A.D. 1835 by the presidency of the Church of the Latter-Day-Saints, for the purpose of Examining a book of commandments and covenants, which has been compiled and written by the following committee, which was appointed by a general assembly of the Church in Kirtland Sept. 24th 1834 & instructing the writers of said Book. This committee was nominated, by the Speaker of the high council, seconded & voted into this office, by the whole body of the church then assembled. The names of the Committe are as follows Joseph Smith Junr. Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery & Frederick G. Williams. This Committee having finished said Book according to the instructions given them, it was deemed necessary to call the general assembly of the Church to see whether the book be approved or not by the Authoroties of the church, that it may, if approved, become a law unto the church, and a rule of faith and practice unto the same. Therefore, this assembly was called to order & organized as follows. First the Presidents of the church in Kirtland, (Viz.)

Sidney Rigdon)
present and took the lead of the meeting
Oliver Cowdery)
Joseph Smith Junr.)             absent
Frederick G. Williams)

            John Smith President also present

The High Council of Kirtland

No. 1          John Smith                                                        Edmund Durfee
 3                Samuel H. Smith                                             Aaron C. Lyon
 5                Jared Carter                                                      Henry G. Sherwood
                    Orson Johnson                                                 Alpheus Cutler
                    M[arvel] C. Davis                                            Willard Woodstock
                    Amos R. Orton                                                 Giles Cook

[p. 98]

Presidents of the High Council from Zion,

Wm. W. Phelps
John Whitmer

High Counsellors

Levi Jackman                                                  Newel Knight
E[lisha] H. Groves                                          Elias Higby [Higbee]
Morris Phelps                                                 Warren Parrish
James Emmit [Emmett]                                   Elias Hutchings
Z[erah] S. Cole                                                Edson Barney
J. B. Smith                                                      Alexander Bodlem [Badlam Sr.]

            The High councils took their seats in regular order according to their appointments.

            Also the seven Presidents of the Seventy Elders.

Leonard Rich                                                   Harpin Riggs
Levi Hancock                                                  Joseph Hancock
Lyman S. Ferman                                            Almon Bab[b]itt
Sylvester Smith

            Also twenty seven of the seventy Elders and sons of Zion.

            The Bishop in Kirtland, Reynolds Cahoon & Oliver Granger acted as counsellors.

The Bishop from Zion

            John Corril[l] acted instead of Edward Partridge (absent) Isaac Higby [Higbee] & Daniel Stanton acted as counsellors

President of the Elders
John Gould,

            Thirty one of the Elders of the church,

President of the priests
Ira Ames and Eight priests,
President of the Deacons,
Wm. Burgess and one deacon
President of the Teachers, and six Teachers.

            Brother Thomas Gates appointed as President to keep order among the members, and prevent disturbance in the House. [p. 99]

            President Levi Hancock appointed to lead in singing,

Sung the following Hymn, Glorious things of thee are Spoken &c.

            Also When I can read my title clear &c.

            President O. Cowdery took the stand and opened the services of the day. by prayer to God, that his spirit might inspire us to do all business in Righteousness before him, after which sung Beyond these earthly scenes in sight &c

            Then Presidents, John Whitmer & Wm. W. Phelps proceeded to ordain Elder Morris Phelps to the High Priesthood of the Holy order of God by the voice of the Presidency. Laying their hands upon him they said, The Lord instruct with all wisdom necessary to fill this important station according to the will of God,s Thou shalt, if faithful be sent to the nations of the Earth, and gather Sheaves from the East & West & from the North & South— with all power necessary to accomplish thy Mission. Then Presidents, S. Rigdon & O. Cowdery, proceeded, by the voice of the 70 to ordain Elder Warren Parrish to the first 70 saying, Dear brother, in the name of Jesus Christ, we lay our hands upon thy head & ordain thee to this ministry, to bear the tidings of the fullness of the everlasting gospel to all nations kindreds, tongues & people: Yea thou shalt have power to go from nation to nation & from Island to Island & proclaim my gospel in all the different languages & tongues of the earth & shall have power over all thy enemies, & shall be a swift herald of the cross. None shall stay thy hand, & if faithful the Lord shall give the[e] power to fill this Mission, also wisdom from Heaven, righteousness & truth, that thou mayest accomplish the same, and in old age return to Zion bringing multitudes with thee having overcome all things and accomplished a good work, to the acceptance of thy Heavenly Father to rejoice in his Kingdom, with songs of Everlasting joy. all these blessings we confirm upon thy head, in the name of Jesus Christ even so, Amen.

            Also Brother Sherman Gilbert to the office of an Elder to bear the glad tidings of the [p. 100] gospel to the inhabitants of the earth. Because thou hast offerd thy life as a sacrifice thou shalt be numbered with the 2d 70 to proclaim the Gospel to the nations of the Earth. The Lord shall bless the[e] with blessing upon blessing & wisdom upon wisdom, also visions and instructions from heaven, until the heart is stored with all wisdom, and thou shalt have an inheritance in the land of Zion, whither thou wentest to lay down thy life for thy brethren, that thou mayest have a place to lay thy head, when thou shalt have accomplished thy mission that the Lord has alloted unto thee and if thou art faithful, all these blessings shall crown thy head, even so, Amen;

            Also Brother James Foster,— blessed in the name of Jesus Christ, in the following manner, because thou didst leave thy family in thy old age and go up to Zion to redeem thy brethren, blessing after blessing shall roll upon the[e] until thou art satisfied, and <thou> shalt know the truth of this Religion that thou dost profess, by the administration of angels, and wisdom from on high shalt rest upon thee. The Lord himself shall be upon thy right hand to uphold thee. And if thou desirest thou shalt go forth to proclaim the fullness of my gospel, with all the qualifications necessary to accomplish a good work, and if thou art faithful, thou shalt come down to thy grave in peace, having over come all things, even so, Amen.

            Also Brother Dean Gould was blessed in the following manner.— In the name of Jesus Christ we pray that blessings may rest upon thee because thou wentest to Zion to lay down thy life for thy brethren, Thou art young but shalt, if faithful, be called to the ministry in maturer age, and proclaim the gospel to many people, and live to the coming of the son of man. Waters shall not drown thee, fire shall not burn thee, Enemies shall not prevail against thee if faithful & if not thy end shall be in darkness & bitterness for ever. [p. 101] If faithful, thou shalt receive all these blessings even so, Amen.

            Also Benjamin Gifford, blessed as follows. In the name of Jesus Christ we ask our heavenly Father to bless thee in thy youth, & cleanse the[e] from sin, and prepare the[e] to receive an inheritance with the sons of Zion, after the scourges are over. If thou art faithful the Lord, shall give the[e] Wisdom after Wisdom, grace after grace, until thou be prepared to take in the ministry with thy brethren, and go forth and do a great work in company with them, and. be equal to them in all things, & do much good in proclaiming the gospel & if faithful thou shalt return, with Joy to Zion, even so amen.

            Also Elder, Elisha H. Groves, Blessed as follows, in the name of Jesus Christ, we seal the blessings of the High Priesthood upon the[e] which thou hast already received. Thy head is already beginning to blossom for the grave, but the Lord shall give the[e] vigor of youth. Thou shalt see thy hearts desire in the redemption of Zion. Thy prayers have reached the heavens in her behalf, and thou shalt see her in her glory, and leap & praise God upon her land, Thy God hath looked upon thee and preserved thee and thou shalt gather many sons and daughters to Zion, who shall be as stars in the crown of thy rejoicing. And if thou art faithful, thou shalt receive all these blessings, even so, Amen.

            Also Brother Joseph Hartshorn blessed as follows. Our aged brother, with peculiar feelings we lay our hands upon thy head, and ask our heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ to bless thee. Our hearts are full of blessings for thee Thou hast despised the infirmities of age and gone with thy younger brethren to the redemption of Zion. The Lord shall give the[e] blessing upon blessing, grace after grace and lead thee gently like a child & if it be wisdom, thy [p. 102] hearing shall be restored, if faithful angels, shall minister unto thee around thy death bed, and bear thy departing spirit like Lazarus to rest in Abraham’s bosom. to inherit all the glory of the celestial Kingdom, even so Amen.

            Singing at intervals how precious is the name, &c.

            Adjourned one hour. The blessings of the spiritual Kingdom pronounced by President S. Rigdon

            Met again according to adjournment and proceeded to business. Called the names of all the Presidents of the several departments of the assembly and found their quorums full. Sung the praise of God as follows, All hail! the power of Jesus <Jesus>, President S. Rigdon arose & rebuked some of the Authorities for not being in their seats at the time appointed

            President O. Cowdery then arose with the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, (284 pages) contain[in]g the faith articles and covinants of the Latter Day Saints, then proceeded to take the vote of the whole House commencing with the Presidents of Zion. President Wm. Wm. Phelps arose & spoke in high commendation of the book aforenamed & said, That he had examined it carefully, that it was well arranged and calculated to govern the church in righteousness, if followed would bring the members to see eye to eye. And further that he had received the testimony from God, that the Revelations and commandments contained therein are true, wherefore, he knew assuredly for himself having received witness from Heaven, & not from men. President John Whitmer testified also that he was well acquainted with the work & knew it to be true and from God. President John Smith arose and testified his joy that we have at length received the long wished for document to govern the church in righteousness and bring the Elders to see eye to eye: and further that he was present when some of the revelations contained therein were given, and was satisfied [p. 103] they come from God. President John Smith then called the Vote of the Presidency which was carried as follows That they would receive the Book as the rule of their faith & practice, and put themselves under the guidance of the same and also that they were satisfied with the committee that were chosen to compile it, as having discharged their duty faithfully. The vote of the High council was then called and carried in confirmation of the above Counsellor Levi Jackman, then arose and said that he had examined as many of the revelations contained in the book as were printed in Zion. & as firmly believes them as he does the Book of Mormon or the Bible and also the whole contents of the Book, he then called for the vote of the High Council from Zion, which they gave in favor of the Book and also of the committee. President Phelps, then arose and read the written testimony of the 12 Apostles in favor of the Book and the Committe who compiled it. the Presidents of the 70 Apostles were then called upon to give their decision on the said Book. President Leonard Rich who was appointed to speak for the 70, on this occasion took the Book & said that he had examined the Lectures and many of the Revelations contained in it, and was perfectly satisfied with the same, and further, that he knew that they were true by the testimony of the Holy Spirit of God given unto him; he then called for the vote of as many of the 70 as were present, which was unanimously given in favor of the Book, and also that they were perfectly satisfied with the committee that compiled it. The Book was then presented to Newel K. Whitney Bishop of Kirtland, who received it & testified that he had examined the Lectures that were contained in it, and that he believed them beyond a doubt, and the revelations contained in it he knew were true, for God had testified to him by his holy Spirit, for many of them were given [p. 104] under his roof & in his presence through President Joseph Joseph Smith Junr. the Prophet of Lord. He then called for the vote of his counsellors, which was given in favor of the Book and also of the Committee that compiled it. as having discharged their duty faithfully. The Book was then handed to counsellor Carrill [John Corrill], who acted in the place of Edward Partridge Bishop in Zion (absent). He said that he received it with great Joy, and was perfectly satisfied with the same, and most cordially received it as a rule of faith and practice, and also his entire satisfaction with the labors of the Committee. He also stated that he knew the work. to be true, then called for the vote of his council which was given in favor of the book and of the committee. Elder John Gould then took the Book and said that he knew it was true and also the Book of Mormon, because he had received the testimony of the Spirit in favor of them, and that he was well satisfied with the committee He called for the voice of the Elders which was given in favor of the work & <that> they were satisfied with the committee: Priest Ira Ames took the Book and said, he was present in the general assembly which appointed the committee, And that he was well satisfied with the fruit of their labors. He then took the Vote of the Priests, who gave their voice to receive it, being satisfied with the labors of the committee The book being handed to Teacher Erastus Bab[b]itt; He arose and said, he had been present when one of the revelations contained in it was given, and that he received it at the time, as coming from God, and that he was willing to be governed by the rules contained in the book, for he verily believed them to be good, & he was well satisfied with the labors of the committe. He also obtained the voice of all the Teachers present in favor of the work and the Committee. [p. 105] Deacon Wm. Burgess took the Book into his hands stating that he fully approved of the matter contained in it, & gave his voice in favor of the committee There being only one Deacon present beside himself, he called upon him to give his voice concerning this book, & he said he received it with Joy and was satisfied with the Committee Brother Tho. Gates Then took the Book and expressed his satisfaction with it, and also called a vote of all the members present, both male & female, & They gave a decided voice in favor of it & also of the committee. There being a very large portion of the church present. All of the above testimonies and votes were voluntarily & unhesitatingly given with the utmost freedom of conscience on part of the Assembly. President Wm. W. Phelps then arose & read a chapter of Rules for Marriage among the saints: And the whole church voted to receive it, It is therefore to be attached to the book. President O. Cowdery, then arose and read an instrument containing certain principles or items upon laws in general & church government,

            Vote of the whole house called for & unanimously given by the usual sign of uplifted hand in favor of the same.

            The services of the day closed by prayer, the congregation then arose & sung a hymn precious is the name, &c. President. S. Rigdon then dismissed the assembly by invoking the blessing of heaven with uplifted hands.

Thomas Burdick)..............
Warren Parrish) Clerks
Sylvester Smith).............

[p. 106]


16 Sep 1835, literary firm, [?].
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 16 September 1835-A]

September 16th 1835
The presidency of the church assembled and appointed David Whitmer and Samuel H. Smith a committee and general agents to act, in the name of and for the literary firm. [p. 108]


16 Sep 1835, high council, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 16 September 1835-B]

            Minutes of a high council held in Kirtland Sept. 16th 1835

            Sidney Rigdon, Oliver Cowdery, & F[rederick] G. Williams Presidency

Samuel H. Smith                                             Levi Jackman
John Smith                                                      Joseph Smith
Orson Johnson                                                Joseph Coe
Wm. W. Phelps                                               Hyrum Smith
Newel Knight                                                  David Whitmer
John Whitmer                                                  Giles Cook


            Council sit in order and opened by prayer by the presidency. Complaint preferred by President J. Smith Jr. against Brother Henry Green, for accusing President Joseph Smith Junr of rebuking Brother Aldridge wrongfully & under the influence of an evil spirit. Brother Greene being absent, The presiding President, Sidney Rigdon, arose & said, that it was the decision of the Presidency, that the [p. 108] council proceed to examine the charge preferred, because brother Green had been regularly summoned by himself.

            The council appointed that one should speak on each side of the council. After which testimony was examined as follows, Elder Sylvester Smith testified that brother Green (on monday morning last) said that brother Aldridge was justified in what he said, and that President Joseph & Hiram Smith were wrong in abusing the old man, and after Elder Smith explained the matter to him, said that if any man should do so by him, he should call him a scoundrel, and that he should say that any man who should talk as Joseph did must have the Devil in him. Elder Lorin Bab[b]it said he was present when the above conversation took place & heard a considerable part of it and fully concurred in the statement of Elder Smith. And he heard brother Green say previous to the above talk that although they accused brother Aldridge of having an evil Spirit, yet if the truth was known the Devil was in them. (Viz.) Presidents Joseph & Hyrum: for if any man should ask my opinion and then abuse me in this way, I should call him a scoundrel or a knave[.] President O. Cowdery said before the council that brother Aldridge was not called upon to give his opinion concerning the Book but said what he did without being called upon to speak, for the book was only handed to him and others, to look at, that they might see its quality and goodness. President Joseph S. arose and stated that knew brother Aldridge was under the influence of an evil spirit and had been for a long time. And Counsellor Orson Johnson also said that he knew that this thing was so. by what he had seen and learned, & that he had heard from credible Authority that the old man had been in the habit for a long time of neglecting prayer & family worship. [p. 109] Counsellor Samuel then arose and spoke of the Doctrine of Christ and the duty of the Servants of God in preaching the gospel, & building upon the church of Christ, to reprove error and wickedness whenever they should see them, especially in the church, and that President Smith was in the lines of his duty when he reproved <bro> Aldridge for his evil, and consequently brother Green must have been wrong in opposing him, and saying that he acted like a scoundrel and that the Devil was in him.

            Counsellor Levi Jackman arose and said, that he conceived that brother Green could not be justified in opposing the servant of the Lord while in the actual discharge of his duty, and that it is evident that Satan hath sought to make divisions in the church and hath taken the advantage of the occasion of pre senting the Book to do this.

            President F. G. Williams arose & said, that he was disposed to exercise all the charity for brethren that he could, yet at the same time he did not feel willing to justify wickedness nor cover or hide iniquity in the church but rather to expose it and rebuke it. that it may be brought to light: And that the wickedness of brother Green in condemning President Smith is evident from the testimony, and that brother Aldridge also did act foolishly and by the influence of a wrong Spirit in questioning the integrity of the heads of the Church in the purchase of the Book, &, that President Smith was and, is, justifiable in doing as he has done, in this matter, & should not be censured as has been done in this matter by brother Green.

            President O. Cowdery then arose and showed, by a few very plain remarks, how Satan, had sought from the beginning to destroy the book of Mormon, and in order to do this, had been continually leveling his shafts [p. 110] against the Servants of God who were called to bring it forth, and bear testimony of it to the world, And now hast sought occasion against the Servants in tempting brethren to say they had quivocated in the price of the record book, which was presented last sabbath and that brother Aldridge & per haps others fell under this evil— influence, & brother Green justifies them in this thing & condemns, President Smith and is not and ought not to be justified in so doing. He went on further to show that the Book was purchased as cheap as it could be and was actually worth what was given for it, (Id.) $.12. Elder [Reynolds] Cahoon requested leave to interrupt President Cowdery a moment to inform the council, that a moment before, that brother Green had passed the house and when he told him the council was considering his case and requested him to come in, he said that he should go about his own business, and so went on his way regardless of the council. President Cowdery continued showing still further that the design of brother Aldridge or at least of the Spirit that was in him, was to destroy the character of the heads of the church, & showed that we intended to speculate out of the brethren. & extort from them more than the cost of the Book. And now instead of regarding our feelings, he disregards us alltogether, and shows that he has no faith in the high council. Soon after brother Green came in and said that he had been detained longer than he intended, having been to Chagrin on business & had to deliver the horse and harness to the owner before he could attend to the council,

            President Rigdon then arose and decided that brother Green should not have been hindred from being here by any other business, and if so, he should have notified the council and requested an adjournment [p. 111] President Cowdery then observed that he thought the case sufficiently brought before the council, and would say no more.

            And President Rigdon, proceeded to give his decision as follows. That brother Green should, (if he were aggrieved with President Smith) have gone and told him of his difficulty and not have said any thing about it to his neighbor. And again, that Mr. Al dridge as has been shown, has been guilty of neglecting his prayers before God, & therefore, has not had the spirit of God, to preserve him from the temptation of Satan, & has fallen into evil, and actually did do wrong in raising objections to the price of the book; presented last sabbath, and was under the influence of an evil spirit. Brother Green fellowships the evil spirit in Br. Aldridge and says he is justifiable in what he has done & therefore it is evident that an evil spirit is reigning in the heart <breast> of brother Green, And it is also <as> evident that President Joseph Smith Junr. was justified in rebuking that evil spirit & it was not only justifiable in President Smith, to rebuke that evil Spirit but also his duty as President and first high Priest in the church of Christ appointed of God to lead the same into all righteousness; The decision then of the Presidency of the High council is in short that brother Green be & is now excluded from this church, and shall be a member no more until he come in by the ordinance of baptism, as appointed by the Gospel, to be done in the church. This was agreed to by all the counsellors except Counsellor Coe, whether Mr. Green should not have the privilege of confessing his faults and still be retained in the Church. He, therefore, thought it was the privilege of brother Green, to have a reorganization of the council and a rehearing. This was about to be [p. 112] granted, and the council to be adjourned till tomorrow but Counsellor Coe requested some explanation from the President, and was instructed as follows. When a heinous crime is committed & indignity offered to the high council then it is the privilege of the Presidency of the High council to stamp it with indignation under foot & cut off the offender as in the case just decided.

            Counsellor Coe, then withdrew his objection to the decision of the Presidency, which was acknowledged by the whole house.

            After prayer By President O. Cowdery council adjourned

Sylvester Smith Clerk [p. 113]


19 Sep 1835, High Council, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 19 September 1835]

            High Council held in Kirtland Sept. 19th 1835

            J. Smith Junr O[liver] Cowdery. D[avid] Whitmer F[rederick] G. Williams S[idney] Rigdon & Wm. W. Phelps, Presidents were present.


John Smith                                                                            Joseph Smith Senr
Orson Johnson                                                                     Joseph Coe
Newel Knight                                                                        Hyrum Smith
John Whitmer                                                                       Levi Jackman
Samuel H. Smith                                                                 Noah Packard
John Johnson                                                                       Roger Orton.

            Object of the council stated by President J. Smith Jur as follows: Some weeks since Elder Jared Carter preached on the sabbath in the church, and some of the brethren found fault with his teachings, and this council was called by him (J. S. Junr) to decide this matter and to see who was in fault. Prayer by the first President and the council organized according to order, and 6 appointed to speak, [p. 113] Elder Carter proceeded to speak pretty largely & ex plain his design in teaching as he did, saying he believed that God directed him by his spirit. & afterwards being rebuked by the Presidents, Cowdery, Rigdon & Phelps, he called upon the Lord & received again a Witness of the Spirit that he was right & the Presidents were wrong. Elder Carter taught in his concluding remarks, that God had shown him by laying his hand upon him in Judgement & delivering him therefrom, that he was thus rebuked by Heaven for his iniquity, and that he was made an example to the whole church. and God would curse them if they did not hold up the Committee: for he was made an example in this thing. President Rigdon arose and said, that he attended the meeting in which Elder Carter Spoke, and was certain and is certain that he did not have the spirit of wisdom to direct, and after he sat down and Elder Samuel Smith had occupied some half an hour, filled with the spirit, he arose again and said, that if any man spoke against the Committe, God would curse him, and set the Committee away up from the common brethren, and said that God would take care of the Committee & God had the brethren had nothing to do with them, for their station was appointed them of God and not of man, therefore, God will curse any man or woman in the church, who shall speak evil of the Com. That he told Elder Carter at the time in private that he did wrong, and in Co. with other of the Presidents advised him, after he should fill a certain mission to the West East, that he should make a confession to the Church, in order to satisfy many of the brethren, who were agrieved with him. [p. 114] Wm. W. Phelps then arose and said that President Rigdon had truly related the matter as far as he gone, but one thing more. Elder Carter commanded the brethren to pray for the committee and demanded it in the name of the Lord with an authoritative voice & gesticulation which are not according to the meekness of the spirit of Jesus.

            President O. Cowdery arose & said, I do not intend to occupy much time in speaking, for those who have spoken have expressed pretty much my mind & feelings on the subject, that in the advise and talk which he & the other two Presidents had given & had with Elder Carter, they did have the Spirit of meekness & only desired to do him good. & had no personal feelings, did not express any but the contrary.

            President John Whitmer concurred in the statement of the above, and said that he did not believe that God had made an example of Elder Carter, for he is not before the Church as such, and God hath not so revealed it to the Saints. And again that Elder Carter should, command the Saints to pray for the Committe, for in so doing if they did not fellowship him. they must pray for his removal, & so all his designs would be frustrated. Several others were called upon, and all testified that these things which have been expressed above are true, and as they understood them. And one thing further, Eld. Carter did say that even the faults of the Committe might be charged back upon the brethren, if they neglected to pray for them The testimony being heard, the six counsellors proceeded to speak and the sum of their conviction upon the matter, is as follows, (Viz.) Councellor John Smith said he thought that Elder Carter did not express the feelings of his heart so as to be understood, & perhaps his heart was not so [p. 115] hard as his words. Father Joseph Smith Senior said that Elder Carter was exalted and did receive the admonition of the Presidents, & in consequence lost the true spirit & so has erred since the time of his discourse, and needs admonishing.

            Counsellor O. Johnson agreed with the above. Counsellor Coe, That Elder Carter had a small degree of the Spirit in his discourse & a greater degree in his re marks afterwards, but was awkward in expressing his views, not having much of the spirit, and that the feelings of his heart were not as expressed by his words,

            An appeal was made to the Court whether this counsellor was correct in appealing to the feelings of mens hearts, and not to the words and actions, as they appeared. The Court decided that the council must be confined to facts, words and actions and not go into feelings & designs which were not expressed.

            The other counsellors concurred in the above.

            Counsellor Hyrum Smith. That Elder Carter had been blessed of God & by the prayer of faith the sick had been healed under his administration, yet he doth not always have the Gift of God and wisdom to direct. so in the case before the court. Pride had engendered in his heart a desire to excell, and the spirit of meekness was with drawn and he left to err, as has been shown by the testimony, be cause he is not yet perfect. But he erred in understanding and his words were wrong, yet the spirit of his heart or the integrity of the same might be good in the main. Elder Carter then arose and said that he was willing to acknowledge his faults, and that he lacked wisdom. He went on to explain how he had erred and why, being seized with the Cholera, while at the East after leaving Kirtland, he called upon God for deliverance, & finally received the spirit of God which healed him. & he then [p. 116] thought & he then thought it was the same spirit which he had when preaching in Kirtland. When he was through President O. Cowdery arose and said that the others (Presidents Rig don & Phelps) had requested him to speak and they would say nothing as it was getting late and the case was already plain before the Court. He showed that a man might be highly excited, and yet within have the spirit of God or of Satan but it came by his own spirit or judgement, therefore, some things may be of God, others of man & others from the Adversary. And Eld. Carter had in his sermon, some of the spirit of God, but in his last remarks he had it not, but his own spirit of self justification & pride, commanding in the name of Jesus and not by the spirit of Jesus, or of meekness, & was very wrong in this thing. Also in exalting the Committee above the brethren, is if they might not be touched by the brethren. And again when Eld. Carter was healed. it came in answer to his earnest prayers before God, but his impressions about being made an example to the church, were not an answer to prayer, and might be wrong.

            President F. G. Williams arose and gave his decision as follows. That brother Carter did err with his lips in speaking.

            And also erred in understanding the Presidents who labored with him for it, & misinterpreted their admonitions, which led him into what has followed, and finally has brought him before this council.

            President David Whitmer then arose and said that according to the testimony it is plain that Elder Carter has lacked in humility and also in confidence in his brethren and erred as expressed by President Williams.

            President Joseph Smith Junr. then arose and said that the decision of his mind is that brother Jared erred in judgement in not understanding what the brethren desired of him when they labored with him. and he erred in spirit when he taught in the church, the things testified of here. [p. 117] And that the hand of the destroyer was laid upon him because he had a rebelious spirit. from the beginning, and the word of the Lord, had been spoken by <my> mouth— that it should upon him and this council should see it and now that he has been seized by the destroyer comes in fulfilment of his word. and God required him to bear testimony of it before the church and warn them to be careful & not do as he had done. But instead of doing this, he said he would prove the Book of Mormon, and one thing or another not being sufficiently humble to deliver just the message that was required, and so he stumbled and could not get the spirit. and the brethren were not edified, and he did not do the thing that God required. but erred in choosing words to communicate his thoughts. Such as commanding the prayers of the church instead of soliciting them: and also of ma king himself an example for the Church, when it, was only the things which he suffered which were to be as a check upon transgressors. His rebeling against the advice and counsel of the Presidents was the cause of his falling to the hands of the Destroyer, again as he had done before when he rebelled against the counsel that was given him by the Authorities of the church. And that in all this Elder Carter has not designed to do wickedly, but he erred in judgement and deserves reproof. And the decision is that he shall acknowledge his errors on the morrow before the congregation, and say, brethren, I am fully convinced, that I have erred in spirit in my remarks before you, when I spoke here a few sabbaths since & now I ask your forgiveness, and if he do this in full faith and is truly humble before God. Then God will bless him abundintly as he hath not been wont to do. Eld. C. arose and justified the decision of the court and promised to comply with the same.

            Closed by Prayer of J. Smith Junr,

Sylvester Smith Clk. [p. 118]


24 Sep 1835, high council, [?].
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 24 September 1835]

            September 24th 1835 This day the high council met at my house to take into conside[r]ation the redeemtion of Zion and it was the voice of the spirit of the Lord that we petition to the Governer that is those who have been driven out <should> to do so to be set back on their Lands next spring and we go next season to live or dy to this end so the dy is cast in Jackson County we truly had a good time and Covena[n]ted to struggle for this thing utill [until] death shall desolve this union and if one falls that the rest be not discouraged but pesue [pursue] this object untill it is acomplished which may God grant u[n]to us in the name of Christ our Lord

            September 24th 1835

            This day drew up an Article of inrollment for the redemtion of Zion that we may obtain volenteers to go we next Spring <to Mo [Missouri]> I ask God in the name of Jesus that we may obtain Eight hundred men <or one thousand> well armed and that they may acomplish this great work even so Amen—— [p. 2]


28 Dec 1835, High Council, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 28 December 1835]

            At a meeting of the High Council of the Church of the Latter Day Saints held in Kirtland December 28th 1835

President Sidney Rigdon presiding


W. E. McLelin [William E. McLellin]                             Orson Hyde
D[avid] W. Patten                                                           Lyman Johnson
John Smith                                                                      Samuel H. Smith
Orson Johnson                                                                Martin Harris
Jared Carter                                                                     Brigham Young
Luke Johnson                                                                  Parley P. Pratt

            Prayer by President Rigdon. [p. 131]

            The following complaint was presented by J. Smith Junr.

To the Presidents of the High Council,

            Brethren, Almon Babbit[t] has been misrepresenting me to certain of the brethren. I therefore prefer a complaint to the council that the subject may be investigated, that my character and influence may be preserved as far as it can in righteousness.

            Yours in the bonds of the New & everlasting covenant— Joseph Smith Junr.

            It was decided that three should speak on each side. Elder L[yman] Wight was called and stated what led to the affair was a difference in opinion respecting keeping their meeting. Elder Babbit said J. Smith Junr. got mad because he got overpowered in argumint as Babbit had remarked before L. Wight, said men would get over the mark, in advocating error. Babbit said a man must be a very weak man if he could not argue against the truth without being swerved Babbit said he (Smith) got mad because he was overpowered in argument. There would have been no disturbance if he had not got mad. Elder [Roger] Orton agreed with what L. Wight had stated. Dont know whether the conversation was heard by any one else. Babbit said he could read Tho. Paine or any other work without being swerved. B. Said this by the door of the House, and appeared dis satisfied with J. Smith’s bad spirit. Elder L. Wight thought Babbit showed a bad spirit against J. Smith.

            Elder L[yman] Sherman called. Has not heard Babbit say anything against J. Smith Junr Council asked Sherman if he had seen Babbit exhibit a restless or a dissatisfied spirit Says, that on the Flats one or two days after the transaction at the debate, Babbit said of his party. If it was not able one way, it was another, by knocking down. Sherman understood, that if they could not [p. 132] overpower by arguement, they would by knocking down. but said in a jesting way. Babbit said we would not have had any difficulty, if J. Smith— had not have got mad. Babbit has a singular Spirit. Babbit gave him an idea that he had a difficulty with J. Smith. Benj Johnson called said <he> thought J. Smith was riled and Wm. Smith was mad. Brigham Young called. said that Eld. B. agreed with Bishop. respecting being swerved when debating questions, must be weak minded. Babbit said Smith would not have wanted the school broke up, if they had not got defeated Young did not hear any thing from Smith at school that was calculated to hurt feelings and character, he also thinks he Babbit cast reflections on the whole Presidency, as well as J. Smith Junr. and that what Babbit said was calculated to hurt J. Smith. Babbit said that Smith was against the school.

            Elder O. Hyde knows Babbit wants the school to continue and said Smith had tended school till the disturbance & had it not been for this circumstance he (Smith) would have been willing for it to continue heard this statement from Eld. Bishop and not from Babbit respecting reading Tho. Paine without having his faith shaken.

            Eld. Sherman thinks if Babbit means all he says he is a singular man. & Babbit said if it had not been for J. Smith’s getting mad there would have been no difficulty Eld. Rich called. stated that from what he heard from Babbit, he thought he had nothing against J. Smith Junr. Elder Orton stated that Babbit said the school would have continued if J. Smith Junr. had not got mad. He also thought that Babbit and Bishop had the spirit of the debating school.

            Counsellors spoke to the case

            President H[yrum] Smith addressed the council [p. 133] President [Frederick G.] Williams then addressed the council

            President S. Rigdon then rose and delivered the decision. That Eld. Babbit shall confess that for the want of conformity to the spirit of God he has let the adversary get the possession of his heart, in consequence of which, he has spoken things falsely to the injury of J. Smith Junr, and by injuring him he has insulted the feelings of the church of Christ And that he shall confess publicly to the satisfaction of his brethren.

            This decision was confirmed by the whole council. Elder Babbit rose and confessed that he was to blame, for speaking about Brother Smith as he did, & that he said him them in anger, And that he never meant to rise up in rebellion against the church government of the church. And that in a bad spirit he said what was proved and sees it. was wrong to talk as he did about Brother J. Smith, and that he thought he would give B. J. Smith as good as he sent, as he did.

            Elder Babbit confesses that he had injured J. S. character and is sorry for it, but is not willing to confess that he lied, and cannot confess all that President Rigdon has said in his speech Says he knows this council says he has done wrong and is willing to confess it. The decision is correct, Brother Babbit confessed to all present, the charges above stated to the satisfaction of most of the brethren present, [p. 134]


29 Dec 1835, charges against Wm. Smith, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1835, Minutes, 29 December 1835]

Kirtland Decr. 29th 1835

            To the honorable Presidency of the Church of Christ of the Latter Day-Saints

            I prefer the following charges against Elder Wm. Smith

            1st . Unchristian like conduct in speaking disrespectfully of President Joseph Smith Junr. and the revelations & commandments given through him.

            2d. For attempting to inflict personal violence on President J. Smith Junr.

Orson Johnson [p. 135]


02 Jan 1836, conference, [?].
[JSP Journals 1:145]

Conference Minutes

            at a conference held at the School house on Saturday the 2d Jan 1836 the following individuals were appointed by the voice of the conference to be ordained to the office of Elders in the church of the latter day saints under the hands of President Joseph Smith jr

Sidney Rigdon Clerk—

Vincent [Vinson] Knight
Thomas Grover
Elisha [Elijah] Fordham                          Elders
Hyram Dayton
Samuel James
John Herrott [Herritt]213


30 Jan 1836, conference of the Presidency, temple, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Journals 1:178 and note348]

            ...in the evening went to the upper rooms of the Lord’s house & set the different quorums in order*—instructed the Presidents of the seventy concerning the order of their anointing & requested them to proceed & anoint the seventy ...

            [* Oliver Cowdery’s minutes call this a “conference of the Presidency.” The minutes record resolutions that Harvey Whitlock be “restored” to “full fellowship,” that all Kirtland ordinations be preapproved by assembled quorums, and that elders quorum president Alvah Beman give the church presidents a list of all elders living in Kirtland. Several weeks earlier, JS wrote Whitlock that if he would repent and return to Kirtland, he would be received into church fellowship. The resolution for approving ordinations was clarified 12 February 1836. From the list of elders, the church presidency selected men for a Second Quorum of the Seventy in early February 1836. (Minute Book 1, 30 Jan. 1836; JS, Journal, 16 Nov. 1835; 3 and 7 Feb. 1836; Minutes, 12 Feb. 1836.)]


22 Dec 1836, Conference, Temple, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1836, Minutes, 22 December 1836]

Minutes of a Conference, held in the House of the Lord, on the 22d day of December, 1836.

            The authorities of the church being present; viz: the first Presidency, the High Council of Kirtland, the quorum of the Twelve, the Presidents of the Seventies, the President of the Elders and his counsellors, and many other official members, such as Priests, Teachers, Deacons, &c.:—The house was called to order, and the following motions were made, seconded, and carried by the unanimous voice of the Assembly.

            1st. That it has been the case, that a very improper and unchristian-like course of conduct, by the Elders of this church, and the churches abroad, in sending their poor from among them, and moving to this place, without the necessary means of subsistence: where as the church in this place being poor from the beginning, having had to pay an extortionary price for their lands, provisions, &c.; and having a serious burthen imposed upon them by comers and goers from most parts of the world, and in assisting the travelling Elders and their families, while they themselves have been laboring in the vineyard of the Lord, to preach the gospel; and also having suffered great loss in endeavoring to benefit Zion: it has become a serious matter, which ought well to be considered by us—

            Therefore, after deliberate discussion upon the subject, it was motioned, seconded and unanimously carried, that we have borne our part of this burthen, and that it becomes the duty, henceforth, of all the churches abroad, to provide for those who are objects of charity, that are not able to provide for themselves; and not send them from their midst, to burthen the church in this place, unless they come and prepare a place for them, and means for their support.

            2nd. That there be a stop put to churches or families gathering or moving to this place, without their first coming or sending their wise men, to prepare a place for them, as our houses are all full, and our lands mostly occupied, except those houses and lands that do not belong to the church, which cannot be obtained without great sacrifice, especially when brethren with their families, are crowding in upon us, and are compelled to purchase at any rate; and consequently are thrown into the hands of speculators, and extortioners, with which the Lord is not well pleased. Also, that the churches abroad do according to the revelation contained in the Book of Commandments, page 238, commencing at section 10, which is as follows:

            “Now verily I say unto you, let all the churches gather together all their moneys; let these things be done in their time, be not in haste; and observe to have all these things prepared before [p. [443]] you. And let honorable men be appointed, even wise men, and send them to purchase these lands; and every church in the eastern countries when they are built up, if they will hearken unto this counsel, they may buy lands and gather together upon them, and in this way they may establish Zion.”


Warren Parrish, Clerk. [p. 444]


29 May 1837, Conference of high Councel, temple, Kirtland Ohio.
[Wilford Woodruff Journals 1:148]

            May 29th I met in the house of the Lord to attend an important Conference or meeting of the high Councel to attend to some important business of the Church. Let memory speak upon this subject. Two <of the presidency> two <of the Twelve and> one <of the seventy were stood before the Council for [agression?]>. It was considered not <lawful to> try <the president> before the high Council but before the Bishop. The Presidents withdrew. The council closed without transacting business.


03 Sep 1837, conference, temple, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1837, Minutes, 03 September 1837]

            Sunday 3rd. Sept 1837 Minutes of a conference assembled in the house of the Lord, in committee of the whole at 9 O clock A. M. G[eorge] W. Robinson was requested by Joseph Smith Jr to take the proceedings of this meeting, The meeting was opened by prayer by S[idney] Rigdon who then introduced Joseph Smith Jr to the congregation to know if he should still act as their Pres. as the presiding officer of the church, was chosen by a unanimous vois [voice] of the same. Pres. Smith then introduced Sidney Rigdon & Frederick G. Williams for councillors to Pres. Smith and together with him to constitute the three first presidents of the church, carried by a unanimous vote, Pres. Smith then introduced O[liver] Cowdery J[oseph] Smith Sen. Hyrum Smith, [p. 234] & John Smith for assistant councillors & carried by a unanimous voice of the church these last four are allso, together with the first three to be concidered the heads of the Church Voted that N[ewel] K Whitney continue to act as Bishop of this Church in Kirtland Voted that R[eynolds] Cahoon & Vincon [Vinson] Knight be councillors to the Bishop The question was then asked the church if the Twelve apostles should hold their office of Apostleship They were named by the President individually Voted that Thomas. B. Marsh David W. Patten Brigham Young Heber C. Kimble [Kimball] Orson Hyde P[arley] P. Pratt Orson Pratt William Smith Wm E. McLellin should retain their office of apostleship; Luke Johnson, Lyman Johnson John F Boyngton [Boynton], were rejected from serving in that office Privilege was given to those that were rejected of making their confession if they had any to make. Elder Boyngton {which was the only one present at the time} arose and parsailly [partially] confessed his sins and partly justifying his conduct by reason of the failure of the bank, his acknowledgments appeared not to be satisfactory, his conduct was strongly protested against, by Elder Brigham Young in a plain and energetick manner stating various reasons why he could not receive him into fellowship untill a hearty repentance was manifested, the Elder <Young> was followed by Elder Marsh who acquiesed in testimony, and allso dis fellowshiped the conduct of Elder Boyngton [p. 235] President Rigdon then arose, & made an address of conciderable length, Showing the starting point or cause of all the difficulty of Elders Boyngton & Johnson, he allso cautioned all the Elders, concerning leaving their calling to persue any occupation derogatory to that calling, assuring them that if persued, God would let them run them selves into difficulties, that he may stop them in their career, that Salvation may come unto them, Elder Boyngton then arose and still attributed his difficulties & conduct to the failure of the bank, stating that the bank he understood was instituted by the will & revilations of God, & he had been told that it never would fail let men do what they pleased Pres. Smith then arose, and stated that if this had been published, it was without authority, at least from him, he stated that he allways said that unless the institution was conducted upon righteous principles it could not stand, The church was then called upon to know whether they were sattisfied with the confession of Elder Boyngton, Voted in the negative Adjourned for one hour.

            Congregation assembled at 2 o'clock P.M. & called to order by the Pres. & meeting opened by prayer, by Elder [Henry G.] Sherwood, the Pres. then arose and said he should next call upon the church to know if they were satisfied with the high Council & next proceeded to name them individually [p. 236] John Johnson, Joseph Coe, Martin Harris, & Joseph Kingsbury, were objected to, allso John P. Green[e], but his case was put over till he should be present, Noah Packard Jared Carter & Samuel H. Smith were voted to stand in their office previously conferred upon them. Samuel James was dropped from the council in consequence of his being absent and his situation such that he could not attend to the duties of the office. Oliver Granger, Henry G. Sherwood, William Marks, Mahew Hillman, Harlow Redfield, Asa[h]el Smith, Phineas Richards, & David Dort, were chosen to fill the place of those objected to, and the seats in the Council which were vacated by reason of Thomas Grover having moved to the west John Smith having been chosen one of the Presidents of the church, & Orson Johnson being excluded from the Church, all having belonged to the high council, The Pres. then called upon the church to know if the new Presidents of the Seventies should stand in their calling. Voted that John Gaylord, James Foster, Salmon Gee, Daniel S. Miles, Joseph Young, Josiah Butterfield, should retain their office, John Gould, was objected to and on learning that Levi Handcox [Hancock] one of the former presidents of the Seventies was not an high priest, he was chosen in the place of John Gould. The Pres then arose & made some remarks concerning the former presidents of the Seventies, their calling the authority of the priesthood &c.

            Voted that the old or former presidents [p. 237] of the Seventies, be refered to the quorum of high priests, those which were previously ordained to the high priesthood.

            Closed by Singing an hymn & a short prayer by Pres. Smith

G. W. Robinson Clerk [p. 238]

[JSP Journals 1:241-244]

            Minuits of a Conference assembled in committee of the whole Church on the 3rd. of Sept. 1837 9 o clock A.M. G[eorge] W. Robinson was called upon to take the minuits of the conference, S[idney] Rigdon then presented Joseph Smith Jr to the Church to know if they still looked upon & would still receive & uphold him as the Prest. of the whole Church And the vote was unanymous in the affirmative: Prst. Smith then presented S. Rigdon & F[rederick] G. Williams for his councilors and to constitute with himself the three first Prest. of the Church. Vote unanymous in the affirmative, Prest. Smith then introduced O[liver] Cowdery, J[oseph] Smith Sen. Hiram Smith & John Smith for assistant Councilors.25 These last four together with the three first are to be concidred the heads of the Church, Carried unanymously. Voted that N. K. Whitny [Newel K. Whitney] hold his office as Bishop & continue to act as such in Kirtland & that R[eynolds] Cahoon & V[inson] Knight continue to act as councilors to the Bishop The Twelve Apostles were then presented one by one When T. B. Marsh D[avid] W. Patten B[righam] Young H. C. Kimble [Heber C. Kimball] O[rson] Hyde P[arley] P. Pratt O. Pratt [Orson Pratt] Wm Smith Wm E McLellin, were received unanimously in their Apostleship Luke & Lyman Johnson & J[ohn] F. Boynton were rejected & cut off though privileged with conffesing and making sattisfaction, Elder Boynton (which was the only one present at the time) arose and endeavoured to confess, Justifying himself in <on> <in> his former conduct by reason of the failure of the Bank &c his conduct was strongly protested by Elder [p. 20] Brigham Young in a plain and energetic manner, Stating verious reasons why he would or could not receive him into fellowship until a hearty conffession and repentance was manifested, He was followed by Elder Marsh who acquiesed in testimo[n]y & resolutions26 Elder Boynton again arose & still attributed his difficulties to the failure of the Bank, stating that he had understood the Bank was instituted by the will of God, and he had been told that it never should fail let men do what they would Prest. Smith then arose and stated that if this had been declared, no one had authority from him for so doing, For he had allways said unless the institution was conducted on richeous [righteous] principals it would not stand, A Vote was then taken to know if the congregation was sattisfied with Boyntons confession Voted in the negative27 Conf— Adjourened for one hour——

            Conferance assembled at 2 o clock P M. Op[e]ned by reading singing & prayer, The Prest. then arose & said he would call upon the church to know if they were sattisfied with their High Council and should proceed to name them individualy John Johnson Joseph Coe Joseph Kingsbury & Martin <*>28 Harris wire [were] objected to, also John P Green[e] but this case put over untill he should be present, Noah Packard Jared Carter Samuel H Smith, These were voted to retain their office Oliver Granger Henry G. Sherwood Wm Marks Mahue [Mayhew] Hillman Harlow Readfield [Redfield] Asa[h]el Smith Phinehas [Phineas] Richards & David Dort were chosen to fill the place of those objected to,29 The Prest. then called upon the congregation to know if the recent appointed presidents of the seventies should stand in their calling Voted that John Gaylord James Foster Salmon Gee Daniel S Miles Joseph Youngs [Young] Josiah Butterfield [p. 21] & Levi Handcock [Hancock] should retain his <their> office as Prests of the Seventies John Gould was objected. The Pres then arose and made some remarks concerning the formers Prests of the Seventies, the callings and authorities of their Priesthood &c. &c. Voted that the old Presidents of the seventies be refered to the quorum of High Priests, And also that of if any of the members of the quorum of the seventies should be dissattisfied & would not submit to the Present order, and receive these last Presidents that they Should have power to demand their Lisence & they should no longer be concidered members of the church30

Conferance Closed by Prayer by the President

Joseph Smith Jr Prest          George W. Robinson Clerk

G[eorge] W Robinson Clk                 Joseph Smith Jr Prest


17 Sep 1837, temple assembly, temple, Kirtland, Ohio.
[JSP Documents 1837, Minutes, 17 September 1837]

            Sunday 17th Sept. 1837 In an assembly of the Saints in the house of the Lord, the following business was transacted by the Church, N[ewel] K. Whitney the Bishop of the Church in Kirtland, stated to the Saints that the time had now arraved when it was necessary for him to have an agent, agreeable to the provisions made for him in the revelations, he proceded to nominate Elder William Marks, and then Called upon the Church to know if it was their minds that Elder Marks should officiate as Agent to the Bishop, Voted in the affirmative. by the unanymous voice of the Church,

            Pres. [Sidney] Rigdon then stated that it was necessary that the Church should have a general recorder & Clerk, to fill the place of O[liver] Cowdery who had lately removed to the west, George W. Robinson was nominated & elected by a unanymous voice of the Church, to act in that office as General Clerk & recorder of the whole Church. Pres. Rigdon made some remarks upon the duties responsibility &c. of the Bishop his Agent & Councilors, & the nesessity of their standing forth immediately to dignify their office, After some remarks by Presidents Smith & Rigdon and others upon the disipline of Children, &c. the administration of the Lords Supper being attended to, the meeting Closed by a benediction from the Bishop.——

            G.W. Robinson.} Clerk of the— (Church [p. 242] <Sunday Evening Sept. the 12th 17th 1837>
Minuits of a conference of Elders held in the house of the Lord this evening Pres. Joseph Smith Jr presided, the conferance was op[e]ned by prayer by Pres <S[idney]> Rigdon after which the conferance was addressed by from the Chair, on the subject of the gathering of the Saints in the last days and the duties of the of the different quorums relations thereto, It appeared manifest to the conference that the places appointed for the gathering of the saints <were> at this time crowded to overflowing & that it was necessary that there be more Stakes of Zion appointed in order that the poor might have a place to gather to, wherefore it was moved seconded & carried by vote of the whole that Presidents J Smith Jr & S. Rigdon be requested by this conference to go & appoint other Stakes or places of gathering and that they receive a certificate of this their appointment signed by the Clerk of the Church, Elder William Marks who had been appointed, in the after part of the day to be the Bishops Agent was called upon to know if he would accept the appointment he arose and said that he would comply with the request of the Church & the Lord being his helper he would discharge the duties thereof to the best of his abilities, After which the Elders present who were in a situation to travel were called upon [p. 243] to number themselves, beginning on the South Side of the house, & so pass to the north, it appeared that there were one hundred & nine Elders present who wished to travel, they were then divided into eight companies in the following manner, Beginning with No 1 to No 13 formed the first company They were appointed to travel East, The next company was from 13 to 26 They were appointed to travel South East, The next was from 26 to 39 They were appointed to travel South, The next from 39 to 52 They were to travel South west, The next from 52 to 65 They were to go directly West The next from 65 to 78 Their course was North west, The next from 78 to 91 They were to travel North, The next from 91 to 104 They were to travel North East It appeared after this division that there 5 left Nos 105,-6-7-8 and 9 No 105 was appointed to travel with the company that go South East, 106 with the Com’y South, 107 to travel with the South Com’y, 108 with the East Company <&> 109 North. It was farther appointed that those who might desire to travel a different course from the one which was appointed to the division to which They belonged, might have the privilege of changing with one of another division. And lastly it was appointed that the different divisions appoint a meeting for themselves to make [p. 244] such arrangments as they shall think proper in relation to their journeying and after prayer by President S. Rigdon the conference adjourned

G[eorge] W. Robinson. Clerk of— (Church [p. 245]


06 Nov 1837, a number of members, Far West, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1837, Minutes, 6 November 1837]

Far West Mo. Nov. 6. 1837.

            A number of members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints met to take into consideration some of the affairs of said Church; consisting of the Presidency of the Church here, and President J. Smith jr. Sidney Rigdon & Hyrum Smith. With Elders T[homas] B. Marsh, Wm. E. Mc.lellin, L[yman] E. Johnson, [p. 80] Wm. Smith & Vinson Knight (from Ohio.) The High Counsellors of the church here, and some other Elders.

            Opened by prayer by W[illiam] W. Phelps—

            Several topics were discussed, where it was unanimously voted, that it be reccommended to the proprietors of the Corporation of Far West, to petition the Trustees of said corporation, to alter the streets or lessen them so as to make each block contain four acres of ground and each block be divided into four lots.


            Voted unanimously, that it is the opinion of this Council, that there— is sufficient room in this country; for the Churches to continue gathering from abroad.


            Voted unanimously that the building of the house of the Lord in this place be postponed till the Lord shall reveal it to be his will to be commenced.

            On motion of S. Rigdon the meeting was adjourned until early candlelight.

            Council met according to adjournment.

            Remarks by John Corrill, Isaac Morley, W. W. Phelps and John Whitmer, and Edward Partridge, Thomas Grover, John Murdock, Wm. Smith, T. B Marsh, Hyrum Smith, Joseph Smith jr. Sidney Rigdon, upo[n] the previous disposition of the Town plot and the purchase of land &c. &c.

            All difficulties were satisfactorily settled except a matter between J. Smith jr. Oliver Cowdery and T. B. Marsh, which was refered to themselves with the agreement [p. 81] that their settlement of the affair should be sufficient for the Council.

W. W. Phelps

Oliver Cowdery, Clerk. [p. 82]


07 Nov 1837, general assembly at Far West, Far West, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1837, Minutes, 07 November 1837]

            Far West. Mo. Tuesday Nov 7 1837

            At a general assembly of the Church of Latter Day Saints, assembled at Far. West, to take into consideration and transact the business of said Church.

            Elder Thomas B. Marsh was chosen Moderator; and Oliver Cowdery Clerk.

            After, singing, the Moderator addressed the throne of grace in prayer, after which Prest. Sidney Rigdon explained the object of the meeting, giving a relation of the recent re-organization of the Church in Kirtland; the minutes of said meeting were read by the Moderator, who also nominated Joseph Smith jr. the first President of the whole Church to preside over the Same. All were requested (males and females) to vote— who was unanimously chosen. He then made a few remarks. accepting the appointment requesting the prayers of the Church in his behalf.

            President Smith then nominated Pres’t. Sidney Rigdon to be one of his Counsellors— who was unanimously chosen.

            He then nominated Frederick G Williams to be his next councillor who was objected to by Elder Lyman Wight in a few remarks refering to a certain letter written to this place by the said Frederick G Williams Also Elder Marsh objected to Prest Williams Elder James Emmet[t] also objected to Pres’t Williams [p. 82] Bishop Edward Partridge said he seconded Pres’t. William’s nomination and should vote for him; and as to said letter, he had heard it, and saw nothing so criminal in it.

            President David Whitmer also made a few remarks in Pres’t. Williams’ favor.

            Elder Marsh made further remarks.

            Elder Thomas Grover also objected to Pres’t. Williams.

            Pres’t S. Rigdon then nominated Pres’t. Hyrum Smith to take Pres’t. Williams’ place. He then called for a vote in favor of Pres’t. Williams’ who was rejected. He then called for a vote in favor of Pres’t. Hyrum Smith, which was carried unanimous.

            Some few remarks were made by Pres’ts. David Whitmer and S. Rigdon.

            David Whitmer was then nominated as the first President of this branch of the Church, and was objected to by Elder Marsh. Bishop Partridge said he should vote for Prs’t. Whitmer— also Elder King Follet[t].

            Elder Caleb Baldwin spake against pres’t. Whitmer: also Elder Seymour Brunsen [Brunson].

            Elder Elisha H. Groves spake in favor of Pres’t. Whitmer. Further remarks from Elder [William E.] Mc.lellin, by request of Pres’t. Whitmer, who made satisfaction for him. Remarks from Pres’t. Joseph Smith jr. who called for an expression, which was carried by almost a unanimous vote.

            Pres’t. Joseph Smith, jr. then nominated John Whitmer for an assistant President, who was objected, to and Elder Marsh spake in opposition to him, and read a list of charges from a written document against [p. 83] him and Pres’t. [William W.] Phelps. Pres’t. John Whitmer then spake a few words by way of confession, and was followed by Elder Isaac Morley.

            The vote was called and carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned for one hour.

            Meeting convened according to adjournment, a hymn was sung and a prayer offered up by the Moderator. Wm. W. Phelps was nominated for an assistant President. for this Church, by Pres’t. Joseph Smith jr. He rose and made certain remarks on the subject of the charges refered to above, by way of confession also. when the vote was put by Pres’t. S. Rigdon, and passed unanimous.

            Elder John Murdock, Solomon Hancock, Elias Higbee, Calvin Bebee [Beebe], George Moery [Morey], Thomas Grover, and Simeon Carter, were unanimously chosen high counsellors, and Lyman Wight was objected by John Anderson, who went aside to converse. Newel Knight was unanimously chosen. George M. Hinkle was nominated and was objected by Elder James Emmet[t], because he was too noisy— By King Follet[t] because of his military office, and by James Durfee because he was a merchant— Elder H. made a few remarks, the vote was called and was unanimous. Levi Jackman and Elisha H. Groves were unanimously chosen. John An derson then took the stand and made his objections to Lyman Wight, after which Elder Wight also spake the vote was called and he unanimously chosen.

            The twelve were then called viz: Thomas B. Marsh, David W. Patten, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde, Wm. E. Mc.Lellin, Parley P. Pratt, William Smith, Luke Johnson, Orson Pratt, John F. Boynton and Lyman E. Johnson. [p. 84] and were unanimously chosen.

            Bishop Edward Partridge was then nominated to still act as Bishop, and was unanimously chosen. Who then nominated Isaac Morl[e]y and Titus Billings for his counsellors who were unanimously chosen.

            Elder Isaac Morley was then unanimously appointed Patriarch of this Branch of the Church.

            Elder John Corrill was chosen to be keeper of the Lord’s Storehouse.

            Elder Isaac Morley was <then> ordained to the office of Patriarch under the hands of Pres’ts. Joseph Smith, jr. Sidney Rigdon and Hyrum Smith.

            The congregation then after a few remarks from Pres’t. Rigdon, unanimously voted not to support Stores and Shops selling spirituous liquors, Tea, Coffee or Tobacco.

            A vote was called on the subject of the Presidents of the Seventies— and those who have been recently appointed to that office, were unanimously recieved.

            The congregation then united with Pres’t. Rigdon, who, in the closing prayer, called upon the Lord to dedicate this land for the gathering of the Saints, and their inheritances.

Thomas B. Marsh, Moderator.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk [p. 85]


10 Nov 1837, general meeting, Far West, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1837, Minutes, 10 November 1837]

Far West. Tuesday, Nov. 10. 1837.

            At a general meeting of the ordained members of the Church of Latter Day Saints in this place, Elder Thomas B. Marsh opened the meeting by prayer, and Pres’t. S[idney] Rigdon read the memorial of the Bishop of Kirtland, and his counsellors, to the churches abroad of Sept. 18th. 1837. He then laid before the meeting the subject of laying off Cities, of consecrating for public purposes, and for remunerating those who appoint and lay them off, &c. When it was unanimously voted that all city plotts, hereafter laid off, after remunerating those for their labors who may be engaged in appointing and laying off the same, shall be consecrated for the public benefit of the church— for building houses for public worship, or such other purposes as the church shall say.

            President Rigdon then read the prospectus of the “Elders’ Journal,”— which was unanimously received. It was then also unanimously voted that the persons present use their exertions to support said paper.

            It was then voted that the town of Far West be enlarged so that it contain four sections— that is, two miles square.

            Voted, that Bishop Edward Partridge and his counsel lors be appointed a committee to appraise the land adjacent to the present Town Plott, see that it is enlarged according to the above vote, provided the present holders of the lands will take such a price for the same, as the above appraisers shall think worth, and that the same be then disposed of as is voted above.

            A call was then made for those whose circumstances were such as to permit, to go out to preach, to present themselves. These were twenty-three who arose.

            Sylvester H. Earl, Henry Jackson, Harrison Sagers and John W. Clark, were ordained Elders, and William J. Lemans was ordained a Priest.

            President Rigdon then closed the meeting by prayer.

Oliver Cowdery Clerk—. [p. 86]


06 Apr 1838, assembled saints, Far West, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1838, Minutes, 6 April 1838 (from Elder's Journal p 47)]

Far West, April 6th 1838.

            Agreeable to a resolution passed the high council of Zion, March 3rd 1838, the saints in Missouri assembled at this place, to hold the anniversary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to transact Church business.

            The meeting was opened by singing and prayer by David W Patten—After which president Joseph Smith Jr read the order of the day as follows:—

            Doors will be opened at 9 o’clock A M and [p. 46] the meeting will commence by singing and prayer.

            A sexton will then be appointed for a door keeper and other services in the house of the Lord.

            Two historians will then be appointed to write and keep the church history.

            Also a general recorder to keep the records of the whole Church, and be the clerk of the first presidency.

            And a clerk will be appointed for the high Council, and to keep the Church records of this stake.

            And three presidents will be appointed to preside over this Church of Zion.

            After which an address will be delivered by the presidency:

            Then an intermission of one hour will take place;

            When the meeting will again convene and open by singing and prayer;

            The Sacrament will then be administered and the blessing of infants attended to;

            The meeting then proceeded to business George Morey was appointed sexton and Dimick Huntington assistant;

            John Corrill and Elias Higbee were appointed historians;

            George W Robinson was appointed general Church Recorder and Clerk for the first Presidency;

            Ebenezer Robinson was appointed Church Clerk and Recorder for this stake of Zion and Clerk for the high Council;

            Thomas B Marsh was appointed President pro tempore of the Church in Zion, and Brig ham Young and David W Patten his assistant Presidents:

            The meeting adjourned for one hour—and again opened by David W Patten—After which the bread and wine was administered, and 95 infants were brought forward and blessed—When on motion the meeting closed.


            E. Robinson Clerk. [p. 47]


[History of the Church 3:13-14]

Minutes of a General Conference of the Church At Far West.

Far West, April 6, 1838.

            Agreeable to a resolution passed by the High Council of Zion, March 3, 1838, the Saints in Missouri assembled in this place to celebrate the anniversary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and to transact Church business, Joseph Smith, Jun., and Sidney Rigdon, presiding.

            The meeting was opened by singing, and prayer by David W. Patten, after which President Joseph Smith, Jun., read the order of the day as follows: Doors will be opened at 9 o'clock a. m., and the meeting will commence by singing and prayer. A sexton will then be appointed as a door keeper, and other services in the House of the Lord. Two historians will then be appointed to write and keep the Church history; also a general recorder to keep the records of the whole Church, and to be the clerk of the First Presidency. And a clerk will be appointed for the High Council, and to keep the Church records of this Stake. Three presidents will be appointed to preside over this Church of Zion, after which an address will be delivered by the Presidency. Then an intermission of one hour, when the meeting will again convene, and open by singing and prayer. The Sacrament will then be administered, and the blessing of infants attended to.

            The meeting proceeded to business. George Morey was appointed sexton, and Dimick Huntington assistant; John Corrill and Elias Higbee, historians; George W. Robinson, general Church recorder and clerk to the First Presidency; Ebenezer Robinson, Church clerk and recorder for Far West and clerk of the High Council; Thomas B. Marsh, President pro tempore of the Church in Zion, and Brigham Young and David W. Patten, his assistant Presidents.

            After one hour's adjournment, meeting again opened by David W. Patten. The bread and wine were administered, and ninety-five infants were blessed.

Joseph Smith, Jun., President.

Ebenezer Robinson, Clerk.


7-8 Apr 1838, quarterly conference, Far West, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1838, Minutes, 7-8 April 1838 (from the Elders'Journal)]


            Agreeable to a resolution of the high council, assembled at Far West, on Saturday the 3rd of March 1838, the general authorities of the church met, to hold the first quarterly conference of the Church of Latter Day Saints Zion, at Far West on the 7th of April 1838. Presidents J. Smith jr, S[idney] Rigdon, T[homas] .B Marsh, D[avid] W. Patten, and B[righam] Young took the stand; after which the several quorums, the high council, the high priests, the seventies the elders, the bishop, the priests, the teachers, and deacons, were organized by their Presidents.

            President J. Smith jr. made some remarks, also gave some instruction respecting the order of the day. The conference was then opened by singing, “O God our hope in ages past” and prayer by President B. Young.— Also a hymn was sung “how firm a foundation”. After which, President J. Smith, Jr. arose and addressed the congregation at considerable length, on some important items.— President Rigdon continued the subject for a length of time, after which, on motion, the meeting adjourned for the space of twenty minutes.

            Pursuant to adjournment the conference convened, and opened by prayer by D. W. Patten who also made a few remarks respecting the twelve apostles. He spake of T. B. Marsh, Brigham Young, Orson Hyde, Heber C. Kimball, P[arley] P. Pratt, and O[rson] Pratt, as being men of God, whom he could reccommend with cheerful confidence. He spake somewhat doubtful of William Smith from something which he had heard respecting his faith in the work. He also spake of William E. McLellin, Luke Johnson, Lyman Johnson, and John F. Boynton as being men whom he could not reccommend to the conference.

            President John Murdock, then represented the high council. The report was favorable. He stated that the seats of Elisha H. Groves, Calvin Bebee [Beebe], and Lyman Wight was vacant in consequence of their having moved away so far that they could not attend the council.

            Thomas B. Marsh then nominated Jared Carter to fill the seat of Elisha H. Groves who was received unanimously.

            He then nominafed John P. Green[e], to fill the seat of Calvin Bebee, who was received unanimously.

            Also George W Harris, to fill that of Lyman Wight, who was received unanimously— The presidency then ordained him to the office of high priest.

            On motion the Conference adjourned to the 8th at 9 o’clock A M.

            Sunday April the 8th;——Pursuant to adjournment the Conference convened, and opened by singing and prayer by President B. Young.

            President Joseph Smith Jr. made a few remarks respecting the Kirtland Bank—Who was followed by Brigham Young, who gave a short history of his travels to Massachusetts and New York.

            President Charles [C.] Rich, who is the president of the high priests in Zion; represented his quorum; he read the names of those who belonged to his quorum, the principal part of which were in good standing.

            The seventies were represented, by presidents Daniel Miles, and Levi Hancock.

            The quorum of Elders were represented by president Harvey Green—Their number was 124, in good standing.

            President Joseph Smith Jr, next made a few remarks on the word of wisdom, giving the reason of its coming forth, saying it should be observed. On motion, the Conference adjourned for one hour.

            The Conference convened, agreeable to adjournment, and opened by singing and prayer, after which Bishop [Edward] Partridge, represented the lesser priesthood, and his council. — He gave an account of the incomes and outgoes of Church property which had passed through his hands.

            It was then motioned and seconded, and carried that the first presidency be appointed to sign the licences of the official members of the church—After which on motion, the Conference adjourned until the first Friday in July next


            Ebenezer Robinson, Clerk. [p. 47]


28 Jun 1838, conference of Elders and members, Adam-ondi-ahman, Missouri.
[JSP Documents 1838, Minutes, 28 June 1838 (from the Elders' Journal)]

For the Elders Journal.

            A conference meeting of Elders, and members, of the church of Christ o[f] Latter Day Saints, was held in this place, this day, for the purpose of organzing this stake of Zion, calle[d] Adam-ondi-ahman. The meeting convened at 10 o’clock A. M. in the grov[e] near the house of elder Lyman Wight[.] President Joseph Smith Jr. was calle[d] to the chair, who explained the objec[t] [p. 60] of the meeting, which was to organize a Presidency, and High Council, to preside over this stake of Zion, and at tend to the affairs of the church in Daviess county. It was then motioned, seconded and carried, by the unanimous voice of the assembly, that Pr’s John Smith, should act as President of the stake of Adam-ondi-ahman. Renolds Cahoon was unanimously chosen 1st and Lyman Wight 2nd counsellors. After prayer, the Presidents proceded to the ordination of elder Wight as 2nd assistant counsellor. Vinson Knight was then chosen acting Bishop pro tempore by the unanimous voice of the assembly. President John Smith, then proceded to organize the high council. The counsellors were chosen according to the following order, by a unanimous vote. John Lemon 1st, Daniel Stanton 2nd, Mayhew Hillman 3rd, Daniel Carter 4th, Isaac Perry 5th, Harrison Sagers 6th, Alanson Brown 7th, Thomas Gordon 8th, Lorenzo Barnes 9th, George A. Smith 10th, Harvey Olmstead [Olmsted] 11th, Ezra Thayer 12th.

            After the ordination of the counsellors, who had not previously been ordained to the high priesthood. President J. Smith Jr. made remarks by way of charge to the Presidents and counsellors, instructing them in the duty of their callings, and the responsibility of their stations; exhorting them to be cautious and deliberate, in all their councils, and to be careful to act in righteousness in all things. President John Smith, R. Cahoon and Lyman Wight, then made some remarks. Lorenzo Barnes was unanimously chosen clerk of this council and stake; and after singing the well known hymn Adam-ondi-ahman, the meeting closed by prayer by Pres. Cahoon, and a benediction by Pres. J. Smith Jr.

Adam-ondi-ahman, Mo.)
Daviess Co. June 28 1838.)

J. SMITH Jr. Chairman.

Lorenzo Barnes)
Isaac Perry.)

[p. 61]


4-6 May 1839 general Conference, Presbyterian campground, two miles north of Quincy, Illinois.
[Wilford Woodruff Journals 1:330]

            May 4th A general conference commenced this morning on the Presbyterian camp ground 2 miles north of Quincy. Joseph Smith jr. was President of the Conference. It was an interesting time. Much business of consequence was accomplished during the day. It truly gave us great Joy to once more sit in conference with Br Joseph. Brothers Albert Smith Isaac Ouderkark & J. H. Hale spent the night with me in Quincy. 4 miles.

            May 5th Sunday I attended Conference. We had a vary interesting day. Joseph address the congregation & also Sidney & was followed by the Twelve. At the Close of the day a Collection was taken up for the poor.  I wrote a letter to Br Nathaniel Thomas.

            6th I met with the quorum of the Seventies in the morning & after some Council their was about sixty ordained Elders & members of the Seventies. I then met Brother Joseph in Company with the Twelve & Bishops at the house of Bishop Partridge. We again had an interesting time with Brother Joseph. This was the end of the conference.

[Wilford Woodruff Journals 1:336-337]

            Minutes of a general Conference held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the presbyterians camp ground near Quincy Adams County Illinois on Saturday the 4th of May 1839:

            At eleven oclock the meeting was called to order and President Joseph Smith jr. appointed Chairman. A hymn was then sung when President Smith made a few observations on the state of his own peculiar feelings after having been so long seperated from his brethren &c &c & then proceded to open the meeting by prayer when after some preliminary remarks by Elder J.P. Green & President Rigdon Concerning a certain purchase of land in the Iaway Territory made for the Church by the Presidency.

            The following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

            1st Resolved that Almand Babbit, Erastus Snow, & Robert B Thompson be appointed a traveling [p.336] committy to gather up & obtain all the libellious reports & Publications which have been circulated against our Church as well as the historical matter connected with said church which they can possibly obtain.

            2d Resolved that Bishop Knights be appointed or received into the Church in full Bishopric.

            3d Resolved that this conference does entirely sanction the purchase lately made for the Church in the Iaway Territory as also the agency thereof.

            4th Resolved that Elder Granger be appointed to go to kirtland & take the charge and oversight of the house of the Lord and preside over the general affairs of the Church in that place.

            5th Resolved that the advice of this conference to the brethren living in the eastern states is for them to move to kirtland and vicinity thereof and again settle that place as a stake of Zion provided that they may feel so inclined in preference of going further west.

            6th Resolved that George A Smith be ordained to the place of Thomas B Marsh as one of the twelve /acknowled[ged] as one of the Twelve Apostles/.

            7th Resolved that this Conference are entirely satisfied with and do give their Sanction to the procedings of the conference of the Twelve and their friends held on the Temple Spot at Far West Missouri on friday the 26th of April last.

            8th Resolved that we also Sanction the act of the Council held Same date at Same place in cutting off from the Communion of said Church certain persons mentioned in the minutes thereof.

            9th Resolved that Elder Orson Hide & Wm. Smith be allowed the privilege of appearing personally before the next general Conference of the Church to give an account of their Conduct & that in the /mean/ time they be both suspended from exercising the functions of their office.

            10th Resolved that the Conference do sanction the mission intended by the Twelve to England and that they will do all in their power to enable them to go.

[p.337] 11th Resolved that the subject of Elder Rigdon's going to Washington be adjourned untill tomorrow.

            12th Resolved that the next general Conference be held on the first Saturday in October next at Commerce at the house of Elder Rigdon.

            13th That we now adjourn untill tomorrow at 10 oclock.

Joseph Smith jr. President
J. Mulholland Clerk

            Sunday the fifth Met according to adjournment at 10 AM. Meeting or conference opened as usual by prayer Singing &c. when it was resolved that this Conference do send a delegate to the City of Washington to lay our case before the general Government and that President Rigdon be appointed to that office.

            2d Resolved that Almond Babit be sent to Springfield Ill. clothed with authority & required to set to rights the Church in that place in every way which may become necessary according to the order of the Church of Jesus Christ.

            3d Resolved that Col Lyman Wight be appointed to receive the affidavits which are to be sent to the City of Washington, after which the afternoon was spent in hearing instruction from the Presidency & those of the Twleve present when at 5 oclock P.M. conference adjurned according to the resolution of Saturday viz untill the first Saturday in October next at Commerce Illinois.

Joseph Smith jr Chairman
James Mulholland Clerk

[JSP Journals 1:338]
4 May 1839 • Saturday
                Saturday 4 th May presided at general Conference near Quincy Ill.*
[*The church held the three-day conference, 4–6 May 1839, at the Presbyterian campground two miles north of Quincy. The conference minutes, in James Mulholland’s handwriting, report that JS “addressed a few observations on the state of his own peculiar feelings, after having been so long separated from his brethren.” The conference temporarily suspended apostles Orson Hyde and William Smith from acting in their office; they regained standing by the end of June. The conference also ratified the actions of other members of the Quorum of the Twelve on 26 April 1839 at the temple site at Far West, Missouri, where they ordained new apostles to fill vacancies in their quorum and officially commenced their mission to Europe.]


5-9 Oct 1839, general Conference, Commerce, Illinois.
[Times and Seasons, vol. 1 November, 1839, p.30-31]

            Proceedings of the general Conference, held at Commerce, Hancock County. Illinois, on Saturday the 5th day of October, 1839.

            The meeting was opened by prayer, by President Joseph Smith Jr. after which he was appointed president and James Sloan, Clerk of the Conference, by the unanimous voice of the meeting.

            The President then spoke at some length upon the situation of the Church, the difficulties they had had to contend with, and the manner in which they had been led to this place; and wished to know the views of the brethren whether they wished to appoint this a stake or not, stating that he believed it to be a good place and suited for the saints.

            It was then unauimously agreed upon, that it should be appointed a stake and a place of gathering for the saints. The following officers were then appointed viz:

            William Marks to be President.

            Bishop Whitney, to be bishop of Middle Ward.

            Bishop Patridge, to be bishop of Upper Ward.

            Bishop Knight to be bishop of Lower Ward.

George W. Harris,          Thomas Grover,
Samuel Bent,                  Newel Knight,
Henry G. Sherwood,      Charles C. Rich,
David Fulmer,                David Dort,
Alpheus Cutler,              Seymour Brunson,
Wm. Huntington,             Lewis D. Wilson,

to be high Council; who being respectfully called upon, accepted of their appointment.

            It was then voted, that a branch of the Church be established on the other side of the river, in Iowa Territory; over which Elder John Smith was appointed President:

 Alanson Ripley, Bishop, and

Asahel Smith,                  David Pettegrew,
John M. Burke,               Elijah Fordham,
A. Owen Smoot,             Edward Fisher,
Richard Howard,             Elias Smith,
Williard Snow.                John Patton,
Erastus Snow,                 Stephen Chase,

Were elected high council.

            Don C. Smith, was elected to be continued as President of the high Priesthood.

            Orson Hyde to stand in his former office, and William Smith to be continued in his standing.

            Letters were then read respecting the absence of Members, from ill health.

            It was voted, that Harlow Redfield be suspended until he can have a trial, and in the meantime that he should not act as President of a branch, or preach.

            Voted, that John Daley, James Daley and Milo Andrus retain their station in the church.

            Voted that Ephraim Owen's confession, for disobeying the word of wisdom be accepted.

Edward Johnson             William Allred,
Benjamin Johnston,         Wm. B. Simmons,
Samuel Musick,              Wm. W. Edwards sr.
John S. Fulmer,               Wm. H. Edwards jr.
Jabez Lake,                      Hosea Stout,
Benjamin Jones,              Thomas Rich,
Henry Our Bough,          Allen J. Stout,
Reddin Allred,                 Esiaias Edwards,
George W. Gee,              John Adams,
Jesse M'Intire,                 Daniel Miller,
James Brown,                 Simson I. Comfort,
Henry Miller,                  Graham Coltrin,
Artemus Johnson            William Hyde,
Joseph G. Hovey,           Andrew Hendry,
Robert D. Foster,            Redick N. Allred,
Fields B. Jacamey,          Eli Lee,
Zadock Bethers,              Hiram W. Maxwell,
and Thomas S. Edwards,

were appointed Elders of the church, who all accepted of their appointment with the exception of Thomas S. Edwards.

            John Gaylord, was admitted into the church upon his confession.

            Abel Casto was confirmed by the laying on of hands.

The meeting then adjourned until Sunday morning after which six were baptized by Joseph Smith Jr.

Sunday morning October the 6th.

            The Conference met pursuant to adjournment at 8 o'clock, A. M.

Samuel Williams,            Reuben Foot,
Orlando D. Hovey,         Junis Rappleyee,
Sheffield Daniels,            Albert Miner,
David B. Smith,              Ebe'r Richardson,
Pleasant Ewell,                William Helm,

            Were appointed Elders of the church and were ordained under the hands of Reynolds Cahoon, Seymour Brunson, Samuel Bent and Alpheus Cutler.

            After some remarks from the President respecting observing order andecorum during conference, Elder Lyman Wight, spoke as to the duties od Priests, Teachers, etc.

            President J. Smith, Jr. then spoke as to appointing a Patriarch and other matters connected with the well being of the church. Having now got through the business matters, the President proceeded to give instructions to the Elders respecting preaching the gospel, and pressed upon them the necessity of getting the spirit, so that they might preach with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven, to be careful in speaking on those subjects which are not clearly pointed out in the word of God, which lead to speculation and strife.

            Those person who had been baptized were then confirmed, and several children received blessings by Elders Bent, Cutler and Brunson. Elder Lyman Wight then addressed the meeting, on the subject of raising funds by contribution, towards paying for the lands which had been contracted for, as a settlement for the church, after which contributions were received for that purpose.

            Judge Higbee, was appointed to accompany Presidents J. Smith, Jr. and S. Rigdon, to the City of Washington.

            The meeting then adjourned until Monday morning.

            Monday morning October the 9th.

            Conference met pursuant to adjournment.

            The President spoke at some length to the Elders, and explained many pass ages of scripture.

            Elder Lyman Wight spoke on the subject of the resurection, and other important subjects. When he offered the following resolution, which passed unamimously:

            Resolved, That a new edition, of Hymn Books be printed immediately, and that the one published by D. W. Rogers, be utterly discarded by the church.

            Elder Ezra Hayes was then put upon trial for teaching doctrine injurious to the church, and for falsehoods; which having been proved against him his license was withdrawn and he required to give satisfaction to those whom he had offended.

            Charges having been prefered against Brother Rogers, it was agreed that the case be handed over to the high council.

            Asahel Perry made application to be received into fellowship, and was voted into his former standing.

            After having referred the business not gone into, to the high council; the president then returned thanks to the conference for their good attention and liberality; and having blessed them in the name of the Lord, the conference was dismissed.

            The next conference was appointed to be held on the 6th day of April next.