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[Last Update - Jan 31, 2016]


And the glory of the Lord shone round about

I have decided to make use of this medium to display the results of some of the various research and studies in which I have been involved on topics relating to LDS Church history and doctrine. I have written and prepared a number of articles, many of which I believe have merit but which remain unpublished. I feel this is an appropriate forum through which to make a few of them available to those who may have similar interests, or who may otherwise be benefited from them.

I will begin with a few items which I feel are of import, and will add to them as I feel the need. Comments or questions may be sent to ewatson@eldenwatson.net.

First, of interest is the topic of Joseph Smith's First Vision, for which I present two articles, for which the following is an introduction:

          Joseph Smith's First Vision, Introduction page.

Second, I have prepared a timeline of the Book of Mormon Translation, which is long, but which will give some valuable insight to those who take the time to read through it:

          Approximate Book of Mormon Translation Timeline, Introduction page.

Third, I have decided to place on this website a number of pamphlets which I have written, which I have collectively called "Different Thoughts." The title is appropriate both because each pamphlet is different from the others, having nothing to associate them, and the major thought or thoughts within each pamphlet is unusual, or different, than what one might consider normal.

          Different Thoughts, Introduction page.

Fourth, I have compiled from published sources Church conference reports from the Church inception in 1830 to 1900.

          Early Church Conference Reports, Introduction page.

Fifth, I have written two reviews which I am going to post here. I reviewed Richard Van Wagoner’s compilation : The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young and I feel that some of my findings may be of interest to others. In 2002 FARMS invited me to review Bob Witte’s book “Where Does it Say That.” I wrote the review, but it did not survive peer review so FARMS decided not to publish it. Although it is certainly not perfect, I feel there are some worthwhile things contained in it, so I am putting it here on my web page.

          Review: The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young.

          Review: Ask and Ye shall Receive.